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A Complete Flutter Developer Hourly Rate Guide 2024

Flutter Developer Hourly Rate

The market for mobile apps is growing very quickly, and there are many platforms that can be used to make good apps. From these, Flutter has become the most popular choice among developers and companies. It is known for its smooth user experience, quick development time, and ability to work on multiple platforms. 

This growing desire has caused more people to want to hire Flutter developers, which has changed how much they charge per hour. Businesses that want to make flexible, fast apps are looking to hire specialized Flutter developers more and more, which is driving up market rates.

This piece goes into great detail about how much Flutter developers get paid per hour right now. We will look at how these rates are affected by things like location, developer experience, app complexity, and subject expertise. Our goal is to give people who want to know how much it costs to hire specialized Flutter developers in the current market a complete guide.

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What does Flutter mean?

It’s important to know what Flutter is before looking at the hourly rates. The open-source UI software creation kit Flutter was made by Google. From a single source, you can make apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web. Flutter uses the computer language Dart and comes with a lot of pre-made widgets that make it easy to make dynamic user interfaces quickly.

What Affects Flutter Developer Hourly Rates

What Affects Flutter Developer Hourly Rates

The pay for Flutter workers depends on a number of things, such as:

1. Address

Most of the time, developers in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe charge less than those in North America, Western Europe, and Australia. Living prices and market changes in different areas are often to blame for this difference.

2.Level of Experience

Someone who has been a developer for a long time and has a good portfolio is likely to charge more than someone who is new to the field.

3.How hard the project or app is

When projects or apps are very complicated, they take a lot more time and skill, which changes the hourly rate.

4.Demand in the market

Over the years, the rates of Flutter writers have gone up because more people want them.

5.Time for Development

An important part of figuring out the hourly rate is how long it takes to finish a job or app. You can usually expect to pay more for developers who can do good work in less time.

6.Mastery of the Domain

If the project needs specific knowledge about a certain field or business (like Fintech, E-commerce, Healthcare, etc.), developers with that kind of experience may charge more.

Taking all of these things into account will help you get a better idea of how much it will cost to hire a Flutter developer. But remember that you shouldn’t skimp on quality to save money. In the long run, a worker who costs more might be more cost-effective if they do better work, are more efficient, or have specific knowledge in the field involved.

From East to West: Hourly Rates for Flutter Developers Around the World

The rates are usually the highest in North America. This is probably because of the high cost of living and demand there. Even though the rates are lower in South America, they are still higher than in many other places. This shows that the tech scene there is growing and that living costs are lower there.

The rates in Western Europe are very close to those in North and South America, which shows that the tech business is strong. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, has a lot of skilled developers and much lower prices. It can offer cost-effective options without sacrificing quality.

Australia’s rates are about the same as those in Western Europe because of its well-established tech business and high cost of living. Asia and Africa, on the other hand, have smaller rates, even though their tech talent pools are growing quickly. This is shown by their lower cost of living and, in the case of Africa, a growing tech economy. 

Region Average Hourly Rate
North America $80 – $200
South America $50 – $90
Western Europe $60 – $150
Eastern Europe $25 – $60
Australia $60 – $120
Asia $25 – $50
Africa $20 – $50

The lowest rates are for entry-level developers, who usually don’t have as much work experience and exposure. Since they are still building their resumes and skills, the prices for their services are more reasonable. 

Mid-level developers get paid more than entry-level developers because they have more work experience and a wider range of skills. This shows how much better they are at what they do and how much more worth they bring to projects.

The rates are highest for senior developers who have a lot of knowledge and often very specific skills. The reason they get paid more is because they have a lot of experience, can handle difficult jobs, and can lead and manage projects.

The amount of experience a developer has has a big effect on their rate. This is because as they move up in their job, they bring more value and expertise to a project.

Experience Average Hourly Rate
Entry-level $30 – $60
Mid-level $40 – $80
Senior-level $50 – $100

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates Depend on How Hard the App Is to Make and How Long It Takes to Make

A Flutter developer’s rates depend a lot on how complicated an app is and how long it takes to build. 

It usually takes 4 to 8 months for developers to make simple apps like Uber or exercise apps, so they charge less for them. This is because these apps are simple, with fewer features and functions that are hard to understand.

Apps with a medium level of complexity, like Netflix or YouTube, need more time to be built, about 6 to 12 months. Because they are more complicated and have more features, developers charge more for them than for simple apps.

Lastly, the rates are highest for apps that are hard to use, like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Instagram. Because they have so many complex features and need a deep understanding of the problem domain, these apps usually take the longest to create, between 12 and 18 months.

The rates of Flutter developers are directly related to how complicated the app is and how long it takes to create. This is because more skill, time, and knowledge are needed as the app gets more complicated.

Increasing the complexity of an app Types of Apps for TimeHow much a Flutter developer makes an hour on averageThe cost of making a Flutter app is low.

App Complexity Development Time Type of App Examples Average Hourly Rate of Flutter Developer Flutter App Development Cost
Simple 4 – 8 Months Uber, Lyft, Fitness Apps $30 – $60 $40,000 – $65,000
Mid-level 6 – 12 Months Netflix, YouTube $40 – $80 $60,000 – $90,000
Complex 12 – 18 Months Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram $50 – $100 $75,000 – $120,000

The Need for Flutter Developers in the Market

More and more people want to hire Flutter coders. With Google’s support, Flutter has quickly grown its community of developers, making it a reliable and useful tool for mobile programming. As the community grows, there is more information, help, and tools available, which makes more developers want to use Flutter.

When it comes to value for money, Flutter usually beats out competitors like Xamarin, especially when it comes to making software for large businesses. Because it’s so cheap, businesses like to use it, which makes developers want to build on it. Plus, Flutter’s user interface is better than options like React Native, which is another reason why programmers love it.

Strong community support, low cost, and a better user experience are some of the things that have made the need for Flutter developers grow. It’s likely that this desire will keep going up as Flutter keeps getting better and changing.

After a while, interest

In the Stack Overflow annual developer poll, Flutter got a very high score of 75.4%, making it one of the Most Loved Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools. In the coder community, this shows a strong preference for Flutter. The results of the poll show how developers all over the world feel, and Flutter’s high ranking shows how much more people want and like it. 

The platform’s strong features, ease of use, and fast speed are reflected in the high percentage. Developers’ love for Flutter shows that it’s becoming more and more popular in the industry, proving that it’s not only popular but also highly valued for making apps.

Hourly rates for Flutter developers based on their level of experience

A Flutter developer’s hourly rate can be greatly affected by how much they know about the subject. Another way to look at it is this way:

1. E-Commerce:

E-Commerce is a complicated field that needs a deep understanding of user experience design, security standards, and transaction systems. 

2. FinTech: 

FinTech is another area that is very complicated and regulated. Developers need to know about finance systems, security, and rules and regulations. 

3. HealthTech: 

If you want to work on HealthTech apps, you need to know about health standards like HIPAA and how to handle health-related data. 

4. EdTech: 

This is a new area that is growing quickly and has its own problems, like how to make interesting learning materials and figure out how to use different learning management systems. 

5. Social Media: 

If you want to make apps for social media, you need to know a lot about real-time systems, user interface design, and maybe even Machine Learning for recommendation systems. 

Note that these are just rough estimates. The actual rates may be different depending on where you live, your specific expertise, the number of years of experience you have, the complexity of your job, and other factors.

Domain Average Hourly rate
E-Commerce $50 – $120
FinTech $60 – $130
HealthTech $55 – $115
EdTech $40 – $100
Social Media $45 – $110

Hourly Rates for Flutter Developers vs. Other Fields

While the hourly rates for Flutter developers are more or less average, the rates for developers of other technologies vary more and often hit higher levels. For example, developers who are experts in native systems (like Swift/Objective-C for iOS or Kotlin/Java for Android) can charge more because they know a lot about that platform. 

Rates for developers using other cross-platform frameworks, such as React Native or Xamarin, may be similar to Flutter’s because those frameworks are also complicated and have similar features. But the choice between these technologies shouldn’t just be based on price. It should also take into account things like the needs of the project, the developer’s skill level with that technology, and their taste for a certain platform.

Technology Average Hourly Rate
React Native $40 – $110
Xamarin $30 – $90
Swift $50 – $140
Objective-C $60 – $150
Kotlin $40 – $120
Java $30 – $100


Because Flutter is becoming more and more famous, the rates for developers who work with it have been steadily going up. Setting a fair hourly rate, on the other hand, isn’t easy and needs careful thought because there are many things that can affect it. When companies are looking to hire Flutter developers, they need to fully understand these factors and know what the going rates are in the market.

With this deeper knowledge, you can be sure that when you hire dedicated Flutter developers, you’re making a choice that fits the needs of your project and your budget. The goal of our guide is to help businesses find skilled Flutter developers by going into detail about these factors and current market rates.

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