How To Create An App Like Carousell?

How To Create An App Like Carousell?

Create An App Like Carousell

A mobile software called Carousell allows users to submit ads for buying, selling, and exchanging new or used items. Due to its ease of use and popularity in Southeast Asia, the platform. This post will teach you how to copy the functionality and some of the design of Carousell in order to construct a similar mobile application. If you want to create an app like Carousell and are looking for ways to create one then you are at the right place. 

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Carousell’s business model

The core of Carousell’s business is a marketplace where anybody can buy and sell items and services, which is usual for client-to-client applications. Advertising registration and publishing are both free. This software is unique in that it is both regional (centered on Southeast Asia) and simple to use. On Carousell, selling is as simple as taking a picture and buying is as simple as chatting.

The management of the business does not, however, aspire to grow into a global behemoth like AliExpress or Alibaba. Instead, the business focuses on neighborhood markets, allowing its customers to trade unwanted items or sell them to one another through traditional barter.

The following is the monetization technique used by Carousell and comparable applications:

Fees for delivery. When a delivery person needs to be selected, the platform can serve as a middleman between the parties. Such delivery typically entails extra promises from the parties. For instance, the product must match the image and description.

Fees for transactions. Even if they take place with the aid of built-in payment options, routine trade transactions on the site are free to utilize the Carousell app for. The buyer can send cash to the application’s account, and they will be held there until he receives the products. However, the program also provides a feature to reserve funds within Carousell. For these services, the service levies a little cost.

Partnerships. The platform has started actively collaborating with neighborhood businesses in recent years, marketing various services inside the program. These primarily include financial services, video games, car sales and maintenance, travel insurance, and other things.

Advertisements. Ads are promoted within the app by being displayed first in the listing, having a brighter look, being included in recommendations, being displayed on the title screen, etc.

Main functions of the application


You do not need to come up with unique functionality for your trading platform when creating a clone software. It only needs to be duplicated and, on occasion, slightly altered to meet the requirements of the specialty and region. You may reduce your costs and save time by using this technique.

Additionally, since Carousell uses common features, making a copy will be easy. The option to reserve cash is the only item that can provide problems, and even then, it’s only because this feature isn’t used all that often on these platforms. However, this feature is almost standard for blockchain platforms and is done via smart contracts.

So, if you want to create a program similar to Carousell, look for a technical partner who is knowledgeable with these platforms. In the article titled “Smart Contract Development: How to Choose a Company and Platform,” finding such a partner is covered in great length.

Additional app functions

The standard function set is sufficient if you want to build a Carousell clone to introduce a trade platform in a market with little competition. However, if you intend to enter a highly competitive market, your application must somehow differentiate itself from the rivals. This can be accomplished by putting into practice a number of extra features:

  • identifying a user. To combat fraud (which was highly prevalent on Carousel), Carousell added fingerprint identification in 2019. Carousell now bans scammers based on their fingerprints rather than their IP address. The same identifying function can be used with a face scan, bank account, or e-passport in addition to a fingerprint scan (Face ID).
  • Product identification with a picture. The LetGo application has such a feature in place: after the user takes a photo of the item, the system recognizes what it is and then generates a sale ad with the item’s description. The use of artificial intelligence makes this possible.
  • videos used to showcase products. Most online forums and marketplaces simply utilize images and text to describe products, which is sometimes insufficient. For instance, a video will be far more helpful than a picture when purchasing a used vacuum cleaner or fan. LetGo recognized this and provided the option to include a brief film showcasing a good or service.
  • integrating post office services. Similar to delivery service applications, you can include the option to track delivery status in your application. To do this, you must consent to this integration with the most well-liked delivery providers in the chosen location, perhaps in exchange for a partnership or integration of advertising.
  • Referrals from individuals. The application presents him with things that he is likely to find useful or merely like based on search queries and user behavior. Recommendations are popular with consumers, according to surveys, although they are rarely used in online message boards like Carousell, OLX, OfferUP, or LetGo.
  • The potential for barter. Carousell is concentrated in Asia, a region with a large population of low-income individuals who may not always have the ability to make a cash purchase. As a result, everyone on the platform quickly came to terms with bartering: exchanging one good for another (with or without a premium). Currently, this occurs through chat, but you can add a barter feature to control and support such exchanges.

Attractive and comfortable design

The design of Carousell features many clever solutions, including the usage of red and white, a clear user route, intuitivity, and more. You can save time and money by copying this application instead of creating the UX and UI from scratch. You can simply duplicate it and make minor adjustments.

Follow these three guidelines to prevent destroying your original design:

  • Avoid modifying UX design. Platforms with a wider user base and resources have more alternatives for UX design that works, where often even a single pixel can make a big difference. It is therefore advisable to just replicate their designs. Since everyone, including eBay and Amazon, follows this, the structure of all websites and applications has become uniform.
  • Make a different color choice. Selecting it depending on the specialty is preferable. For instance, black and white are appropriate for technology, but blue is a more respectable color for insurance and eco-friendly and plant-based items. You can find the ideal color scheme with the aid of Adobe Color.
  • Ad units must be taken out. Although users dislike advertisements, they are ready to put up with them on huge trading platforms since there are so many offers, buyers, and sellers. You won’t have this advantage when you establish a Carousell competitor, so you need to reduce user-repelling features. As the user audience and listing expand, it is worthwhile to add ad units.

Built-in payment service


Like Carousell, the majority of online forums do not provide its subscribers any kind of cash compensation. People determine how to transfer items and make payments using the chat. Although this is user-friendly and can save app development expenses, it can occasionally lead to issues.

Consequently, this has increased the amount of fraud in the case of Carousell. And even if the proportion of fraudulent transactions to total transactions was low (0.1%), this nevertheless posed a serious challenge for the business because of the huge reputational damage and user complaints.

The platform keeps the buyer’s money until the products are delivered as part of the Carousell Protection function, which was added to the service to address this issue. If there are issues with the purchase, the customer can request arbitration and receive a refund.

The number of frauds fell by 40% right away following the implementation of Carousell Protection, and they continued to decline as more people took advantage of the new option.

This illustration demonstrates the value of the in-app payment option, particularly when a fund reservation is present. Additionally, the possibility to charge a commission on each transaction makes such a feature advantageous for both the program and the users (who are protected from fraud).

Carousell App Development Cost




Typically, designing an application like Carousell entails creating the application’s framework and testing the finished product. This requires between 352 and 789 hours of development time, or between 17.6 and 39.5 thousand dollars at a rate of $50 per hour, depending on the functionality and complexity.

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