How To Create An App Like myAster?

How To Create An App Like myAster?

Create An App Like myAster

Technology is becoming more and more important in the Middle East’s quickly developing healthcare system for both managing and caring for patients. In this regard, myAster stands out as an innovative model that is transforming the availability and delivery of medical services.

MyAster is a complete healthcare system, handling everything from appointment scheduling to medication management to maintaining safe channels of communication between physicians and patients. The several aspects of developing a healthcare app for the Middle Eastern market are examined in this blog.

It will go into essential features, monetization techniques, and—most importantly—how much it costs to develop a healthcare app such as myAster, which may run up to $300,000 or more. Keep checking back as we delve further into the challenges of developing highly advanced healthcare software specifically for the Middle East.

What Are The Business Opportunities In Creating An App Like MyAster?

The healthcare sector is one that is growing quickly and presents much potential for innovation. The need for healthcare apps is growing as a result of cell phones and the internet being integrated.

MyAster is one of the applications that is essential to this digital revolution. It makes finding doctors, making appointments, and keeping track of medical records easier for patients. On the other hand, improved patient involvement and reduced administrative duties are advantageous to healthcare practitioners.

For entrepreneurs, creating an app similar to myAster presents exciting opportunities. The telehealth market in the Middle East and Africa was valued at USD 2.6 billion in 2017 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.3% between 2022 and 2030. These figures suggest that the Middle East area offers a ripe environment for investment and innovation in the healthcare technology sector.

Creating a healthcare app can transform the way patients interact with providers and bring in a sizable profit for business owners prepared to put money into this quickly expanding industry.

What Is The Cost Of Creating An App Like myAster?

 Cost Of Creating An App Like myAster

The stakes are always high when it comes to healthcare. A number of factors come into play when estimating the cost of developing a healthcare app such as myAster, and these factors can have a big impact on the budget. The main elements that will help you comprehend the cost of developing a myAster app more deeply are listed below.

Compliance and Security Measures

The healthcare sector is highly regulated, and adherence to regulations like GDPR in Europe and HIPAA in the US is mandatory. Strong encryption and safe data storage are necessary to guarantee the security of patient data. Third-party security audits are an important expense to consider. Therefore, even though it may raise the price of creating an app similar to myAster, cutting corners on compliance and security measures is not an option.

Specialized Features

The cost of developing a healthcare app like myAster is also directly impacted by feature complexity. For example, it will cost more to deploy telemedicine for remote consultations or AI-driven algorithms for individualized health advice than it will to create a basic appointment scheduling tool. The cost of development increases with the level of specialized features.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrations with payment gateways, electronic health record (EHR) systems, and other specialty healthcare software are frequently needed for healthcare apps. The time and experience needed for each integrator has an impact on the cost of developing a myAster app. Assume that in order for your software to automatically upload test results, it must interact with lab management systems. If so, you will have to budget for this additional level of complexity.

Geographic Location of Development Team

The cost of developing an app like myAster might be significantly impacted by the location of your development team. Around the world, developer rates can differ significantly. For instance, developers with headquarters in North America usually charge more than their Asian counterparts. Outsourcing to a less expensive location may allow you to save money up front, but be aware that there may be trade-offs due to time zone variations.

Platform and Technology Stack

The technological stack and the decision between native and cross-platform development can also have an impact on the price of developing a healthcare app like myAster. Although native apps have superior performance, they can be more expensive because they need different coding for iOS and Android. However, single codebases are possible with cross-platform development tools like React Native or Flutter, which can save costs and development time.

User Experience and Design

To ensure that it fulfills the demands of patients and healthcare practitioners alike, an app for healthcare must be easy to use. Designing a user interface that is easy to use is just as important as making something aesthetically pleasing. The cost increases with design sophistication. But while figuring out how much it will cost to construct a myAster app, don’t forget that user experience is important too.

A healthcare app’s development is influenced by a wide range of intricate aspects. Each factor—from third-party integrations and compliance to specialized features and the development team’s location—contributes significantly to the final cost.

The price to design an app like myAster might vary from $30,000 to $300,000 due to the large number of factors involved. You can better plan and budget for your project by gaining a better grasp of the app development cost, such as that of myAster, by carefully evaluating these elements.

Features To Have In An App Like myAster

There is more to developing a healthcare app than just figuring out how much it will cost to create something similar to myAster. It necessitates carefully considering the elements that would satisfy user requirements and provide a seamless, safe experience. If you want to create an app similar to myAster, you should take into account these essential features.

User Authentication

When it comes to developing apps for healthcare, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a must. By forcing users to supply additional information, usually in the form of a second verification mechanism like an SMS code, MFA strengthens security. Ensuring the safety of confidential patient information requires a strong security layer.


For a healthcare app such as myAster, the dashboard is the brains. It provides customers with an overview of all of their appointments, health information, and crucial alerts. An attractive dashboard improves user experience by making important information quickly accessible and encouraging interaction.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

An essential feature of a healthcare app like myAster is EHR integration. Prescriptions, diagnostic results, and medical histories of patients can all be easily accessed and securely stored thanks to it. Simplifying this data guarantees regulatory compliance while simultaneously improving patient care.

Appointment Scheduling

One essential component of a healthcare app similar to myAster is effective appointment scheduling. Patients may easily arrange, reschedule, or cancel appointments with its assistance. It streamlines the schedules of healthcare personnel, lowering the number of no-shows and guaranteeing a seamless workflow, thereby improving the general patient experience.

Prescription Management

One of the most crucial functions of the myAster app is prescription management. Users can safely access and manage their prescriptions with the help of this tool. It improves drug compliance and facilitates easy contact with medical professionals.Developing an app similar to myAster requires taking into account important factors such as encouraging adherence to medical recommendations and improving health outcomes.

Secure Messaging

Secure texting is an essential feature to have in any software that aims to be similar to myAster. It makes it easier for patients and healthcare professionals to communicate in confidence while protecting sensitive data. It is imperative that you include this function in your healthcare app because it improves both user experience and privacy overall.

Lab Results Integration

Lab Results Integration is essential in a comprehensive healthcare software such as myAster. With the use of this functionality, lab test results can be seamlessly integrated, giving patients and medical professionals instant access to vital information. Including this capability ensures that your app’s worth in providing effective and educated healthcare is taken into consideration when evaluating the cost to construct an app similar to myAster.

Payment Gateway

Developing an app similar to myAster requires having an integrated payment gateway. It makes financial transactions within your healthcare app safe and easy. Convenient payment options for services and prescription drugs improve user happiness. Building a strong payment gateway into a healthcare app is expensive, but it’s an essential investment in user experience.

Health Metrics Tracking

Robust Health Metrics Tracking is essential in an app like myAster. With the ability to track important health data, this feature increases users’ involvement in their own well-being. Integrating thorough health metrics tracking assures your app’s relevance and value in encouraging better lifestyles, which is important to consider when evaluating the cost of producing an app like myAster.


Notifications are essential in a complete healthcare app such as myAster. They notify users of important information such as lab results, prescription reminders, appointments, and more. Ensuring that your notifications are pertinent and timely improves user engagement and your healthcare app’s overall efficacy.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is essential to the development of apps like myAster. Patient data can be securely and scalable stored with it, guaranteeing accessibility from any location. This functionality improves data backup, makes it easier for medical experts to collaborate seamlessly, and makes your healthcare app more dependable and efficient overall.

API Integration

API integration is a crucial part of creating an app that is comparable to myAster. It facilitates smooth communication with other healthcare systems, opening the door for functions like data sharing, interoperability, and telehealth consultations. You can build a healthcare app that provides a thorough and integrated user experience by integrating strong API integration.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition can be a huge help when creating a healthcare app. With the help of voice commands, users may search for information, write notes, and navigate the app hands-free thanks to this functionality. Including strong voice recognition improves accessibility and user convenience, which increases the effectiveness and user-friendliness of your healthcare software.

Activity Logs

Activity logs are essential for developing a comprehensive healthcare app, such as myAster, in bespoke healthcare app development. These logs document user activities and exchanges, offering insightful information to patients and medical professionals alike. Activity log analysis allows you to monitor progress, improve usability, and maximize user experience.

AI-Based Symptom Checker

For a healthcare software like myAster, integrating AI is a game-changing development. Users can enter their symptoms into an AI-powered symptom checker to get precise health information. This feature contributes to a more knowledgeable and involved user base by strengthening self-assessment, enhancing triage, and guaranteeing users have access to trustworthy health information.

Health Data Analytics and Reports

Developing a healthcare app requires having strong analytics and reporting capabilities if you want to create anything similar to myAster. These features give medical practitioners comprehensive insights into patient health data so they may make well-informed judgments. This translates to improved patient care, improved diagnostics, and data-driven healthcare solutions for an app like myAster.

How To Monetize An App Like myAster

A healthcare app’s monetization strategy should take into account a variety of approaches that satisfy user demands and maintain the viability of the business. Here are a few successful methods for making money off of your healthcare app.

Subscription Models

Profit from subscriptions is a popular and successful monetization technique. You may make the fundamental elements of a healthcare app, such as myAster, free of charge, and reserve the more complex functions for premium users. For instance, the premium edition can contain individualized consultations with experts, whereas the free version might just provide basic health advice. As you construct a healthcare app, this technique gives scalability and produces recurring revenue.

In-App Purchases

An additional revenue stream may be added through in-app purchases. You can offer high-end consultations, medical supply sales, or even cutting-edge health monitoring systems. A user may, for example, buy a glucose-tracking module from within the app if they’re searching for specialist diabetic control. In addition to improving user experience, this would create a new source of income. But keep in mind that it would also affect the price of developing an app for healthcare, similar to myAster.

Advertisement Partnerships

Advertising can be a reliable source of revenue, particularly if you work with pharmaceutical companies to show relevant material. One company that makes allergy medications, for instance, would wish to run advertisements inside your pollen tracking tool. Planning for this type of monetization is crucial for developing a healthcare app since it may be particularly lucrative if your user base is sizable.

Sponsored Content

Charging healthcare providers for a premium listing in your app is another workable tactic. You might also include sponsored content and wellness advice. For example, a physiotherapy clinic may immediately contact your user base with useful, tailored content by sponsoring an article on back pain management. When estimating the cost of developing a myAster app, this may also be a contributing service to take into account.

Combining various monetization techniques can result in several revenue streams and give users beneficial services. It all comes down to striking the ideal balance for your target market and business model.

How To Create An App Like myAster?

The process of creating a healthcare app, such as myAster, entails a number of crucial processes that increase in complexity and ultimately impact the overall cost. It is essential to investigate the many stages included in the myAster app development process in order to comprehend the financial component.

Market Research and Planning

Comprehending the market and making appropriate plans are essential initial measures. This entails figuring out who your software is intended for and what issues it seeks to address. This preparatory work will serve as the foundation for your project and is essential to the development of the myAster app.

Design Phase: UI and UX

Next are the designs for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). It is crucial for a healthcare app to have an intuitive design that guarantees complete accessibility. This is a crucial step in the creation of the myAster app since failure here could jeopardize the entire program.

Core Development

The majority of the coding takes place here. The front-end and back-end architecture of the program will be worked on by your development team. Since this phase takes the longest, it frequently accounts for the largest portion of the development costs for medical apps like myAster.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Your program will undergo extensive testing following development in order to find bugs, performance problems, and other potential vulnerabilities. A critical component of every healthcare app is security testing, which is done with great attention to safeguard sensitive medical data.

Deployment and Post-Launch Management

The app is prepared for release after it has undergone significant testing and revision. However, the job is not done yet. Long-term success depends on maintaining user engagement and updating the app in response to feedback and new developments in healthcare technology.

Gaining a deeper grasp of each of these stages can help you estimate the total cost of developing a healthcare app similar to myAster.

How Appic Softwares Can Help You Create An App Like myAster?

Appic Softwares is a leading Healthtech software development company that can help you create an app similar to myAster. We have an experienced team of developers that have previously worked and developed several applications related to Healthtech.

Moreover, you can even hire dedicated developers from us and let them manage your development.


Q.What is the price of the myAster app?

There is a wide range of possible financial investments needed to develop a healthcare app similar to myAster. In general, the price range to be anticipated is between $30,000 and $300,000. This cost covers a number of components, including app development, design, and functionality.

Q.How much time does it take to create an app similar to myAster?

Developing an application with features akin to those of myAster is a complex undertaking. The amount of features, backend complexity, and design intricacy are just a few of the many factors that could affect the timeline. These projects usually take several months to complete.

Q. How safe is an app such as myAster?

Because healthcare applications handle sensitive personal data, security is a top priority. To guarantee high levels of data security, technologies like multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and secure cloud storage are frequently used.

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