Create An App Like Trading View

Create An App Like Trading View

Create An App Like Trading View

The financial technology business is undergoing explosive expansion and looks to have a bright future ahead of it. The use of blockchain technology, robo-advisors, and digital payment solutions is becoming increasingly widespread, according to recent trends. The ease, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness that fintech businesses provide are causing a disruption in the traditional financial services industry. The future of the sector may provide opportunities for more innovation, such as personal financial solutions driven by artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized finance (DeFi), and improved cybersecurity measures. Changes to regulatory frameworks and collaboration with well-established financial institutions will influence the business’s future. Check out this blog to learn more about how to create an app like Trading View.

What Is Trading View?

For traders and investors, Trading View is a well-liked mobile app and web platform. It offers a plethora of features and tools for assessing financial markets and choosing which trades to make. With TradingView, you can:

Charting: Users can create and customize interactive price charts for a wide range of financial assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, money, commodities, and more.

Technical Analysis: To assist traders in analyzing market movements and coming to well-informed judgments, the platform provides a large selection of technical indicators and sketching tools.

Social Features: Users of TradingView may communicate with other traders in the community by exchanging trading ideas and analyses. It also allows you to follow and communicate with other traders.

Watchlists: To keep track of their preferred assets and set up price alerts for particular circumstances, users may build and maintain watchlists.

Trading Integration: Using integrated broker connections, certain TradingView versions provide direct trading, allowing users to place and execute trades directly from the platform.

Market Data: It offers historical and current market data from many exchanges.

Both novice and seasoned traders frequently utilize TradingView for financial market tracking, idea sharing, and technical analysis. It is a flexible platform for traders and investors, providing both free and paid membership plans with different features and capabilities.

Features Of An App Like Trading View

Typically, an app such as TradingView would have the following features to offer traders and investors extensive tools:

Interactive Charts of Prices

For a variety of financial instruments, users ought to have access to both historical and real-time price charts, with the option to scroll, zoom in, and switch between different timeframes.

Tools for Technical Analysis

For assessing price changes, the app should have a broad variety of technical indicators (such as moving averages, RSI, and MACD) and drawing tools (like trendlines and Fibonacci retracements).


To fit their trading style and preferences, users ought to be able to alter charts and indicators.

A watch list

To keep track of and keep an eye on their favorite assets, traders might make and maintain watchlists.

Cost Alerts

Users should be able to set up price alerts on the app so they may be informed when an asset hits a particular price threshold.

Social and Community Elements

Provide tools that allow users to follow their favorite traders or financial gurus, communicate with other traders, and exchange trading ideas.

Current Market Information

Real-time data on a variety of asset types, such as equities, cryptocurrencies, FX, commodities, etc., is accessible.

Integration of Trading

The software could allow for trade execution straight from the platform through connectivity with brokerage accounts for more experienced users.

Updates and Interpretations

Give consumers access to economic calendars, financial news, and analysis to aid in decision-making.

Accessibility Across Platforms

Make sure the app is accessible through desktop programs, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and web browsers.

Resources for Education and Learning

Provide consumers with instructional materials, webinars, and tutorials to assist them in becoming more knowledgeable and proficient traders.

Adaptable Layouts

Permit users to design several workstations with various combinations and layouts.

Privacy and Security

Put strong security measures in place to safeguard user information and trading accounts.

Plans of Subscription

Offer both premium and free membership options, with extra benefits reserved for those who pay.

Customer Service

Provide customer service channels to help consumers with inquiries or technical problems.

Multilingual Assistance

Give the app numerous language options to make it accessible to a worldwide user base.

Several Device Sync

For a smooth experience, allow users to synchronize their preferences and settings across several devices.

In order to meet the objectives of traders and investors, developing an app like TradingView necessitates a strong focus on user experience, real-time data accuracy, and a responsive and intuitive design. Keeping abreast of market developments and regulatory changes is also crucial in the fintech sector.

Create An App Like Trading View

A group of developers, designers, and financial specialists are needed to work on the intricate and resource-intensive project of developing a full-fledged program like TradingView. This is a condensed list of the actions you would have to do:

Market Research:

  • To comprehend the requirements and inclinations of your intended audience, carry out in-depth market research.
  • Determine who your rivals are and research their advantages and disadvantages.

Business Plan:

  • Establish your price policies, income sources, and company strategy.
  • Make a thorough business strategy that includes an overview of your aims and objectives.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Make sure that the financial rules in the areas where you intend to run your app are met.

Development Team:

  • Put together a group of knowledgeable developers, designers, and financial specialists with expertise creating fintech apps.

Technology Stack:

  • Select the databases, frameworks, and programming languages that will make up your application’s technological stack.

Design and User Experience:

  • Provide a dynamic and user-friendly interface with technical analysis tools and interactive charts.

Real-Time Market Data:

  • Create data streams from several financial exchanges so consumers may get real-time market data.

Charting Tools:

  • Use technical analysis tools including indicators and sketching tools, as well as interactive price charts.

Community and Social Features:

  • Provide tools that let users engage with the community, follow others, and exchange trade ideas.

Alerts and Watchlists:

  • Provide tools that let users add assets to watchlists and set up price alerts for the assets they choose.


  • Give security measures a priority in order to safeguard user data and financial information.

Trading Integration:

  • Integrate with brokerage partners if appropriate to let consumers make trades right from the app.

Teaching and Interpretation:

  • Offer users research, market news, and instructional materials to assist in making wise selections.


  • Make sure the app is functioning, performing, and secure by giving it a thorough test.

Beta Testing:

  • To get user input and make the required changes, release a beta version.

Launch and Marketing:

  • Introduce the app to app stores and use marketing and advertising efforts to spread the word about it.

User Assistance:

  • Provide customer service channels to help people with their questions.

Monitoring and Updates:

  • Maintain a close eye on user feedback and the app’s functionality, and update and enhance it frequently.

Regulations and Compliance:

  • Keep abreast of evolving rules to guarantee your app stays compliant.


  • Scale your services and infrastructure to keep up with the growing user base.
  • Creating an application such as TradingView is a big project that needs a lot of money and experience. To compete in the cutthroat fintech industry, you need to have a clear vision, a strong development strategy, and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Cost Of Creating An App Like Trading View

An app like TradingView may be developed for a very different price based on a number of variables, such as the complexity and features of the app, the location of the development team, and the amount of time needed for development. Following are some cost factors to give you a ballpark estimate:

Team for Development

The experience and location of developers, designers, and other specialists will determine the cost of employing them. greater salary demands are typically made by skilled developers in areas with greater cost of living. You could require front-end and back-end developers, UI/UX designers, web developers, mobile app developers, and financial specialists.

Qualities and Intricacy

Your app’s complexity and feature count will have a big effect on how much it costs. Development expenses will rise with the implementation of sophisticated features including social features, technical analysis tools, and real-time data integration.


If you want to create the app for the web, iOS, and Android, you will need to do extra development work for each platform, which will raise the cost of development.

Costs of Infrastructure and Data

The platform’s hosting and real-time market data feed maintenance might be costly. It is important to account for the price of hosting services and data subscriptions.

Adherence to Regulations

Regulatory compliance might be expensive if your software serves the financial industry. It could be necessary for you to set aside funds for legal advice and compliance initiatives.

Examining and ensuring quality

The development expenses may increase if extensive testing is required to guarantee the app’s functioning, security, and user experience.

User Upkeep and Assistance

Consideration should be given to ongoing expenses for app maintenance and user support.

Promotion and Marketing

Spending money on app promotion is another need in order to get consumers. Expenses for marketing and advertising might differ greatly.

One-time vs. continuous costs

Keep in mind that the original development cost is only one component of the total cost. Budgetary planning is necessary for ongoing costs related to upkeep, upgrades, and user support.

Without comprehensive project specs, it’s difficult to give an exact cost estimate, but the cost of creating a feature-rich fintech software like TradingView might run from several hundred thousand to several million dollars. A more precise estimate may be obtained by speaking with seasoned developers and financial specialists. It is imperative that you construct a thorough project plan and budget based on your unique requirements.

How Appic Softwares Can Help You In Building An App Like Trading View?

Leading fintech app development company Appic Softwares is qualified to help with the creation of an app like Trading View. Appic Softwares has a track record of creating complex financial apps and provides a wide variety of services to realize your vision.

Real-time market data, interactive charting tools, and technical analysis capabilities may all be seamlessly integrated into your app by the Appic Softwares team of skilled developers, financial specialists, and UI/UX designers. They put the user experience, security, and compliance first, making sure your software complies with legal requirements and offers traders and investors a safe haven.

To increase user involvement, Appic Softwares can also assist you with the creation of watchlists, price alerts, and community and social features. Their proficiency in developing fintech applications and their dedication to being current with market developments make them a dependable collaborator in the construction of a robust and approachable trading and investing platform akin to TradingView.

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