Flutter version you need to know about

All you need to know about Flutter and its Versions

You need to know about Flutter versions

What is Flutter?

Nowadays, mobile application development is becoming more popular in every niche. And there are many options available for developers to choose from. Flutter version is one of those tools which is recently at boom. 


Flutter is a free and open source framework available in the market since May 2017. With a flutter, we can create a native mobile application with a single codebase. It allows us to create two apps from a single code language(Dart) for both Android and iOS platforms. 


Flutter Version Released

The very first and stable version of flutter was released on December, 4th, 2018. Over the coming years, many version has been released by the developers with improvements from previous versions including new features, and bug fixing. Let’s have a look at all the flutter versions and their features with each updated version:


 Flutter version 1.12 – Released in December 2019

    • Dart – 2.7
    • Some server issues in the previous version got fixed. 
    • Some API-related changes were also fixed. 
    • Beta web support was made available.
    •  macOS desktop support was made available
    • The tool was made more interactive for end-users


  Flutter version 1.17 – Released in May 2020

    • Dart – 2.8
    • Metal support was provided
    • Memory Improvements
    • Mobile performance and size improvement were made better
    • Overall application performance like scrolling and image reloading was enhanced. 
    • Google fonts were introduced. 
    • NavigationRail was invented in the app that enables responsiveness in the app navigation. 


   Flutter version 1.20 – Released in August 2020

    • Dart – 2.9
    • Autofill feature, new mouse cursor, zoom support, and many more UI improvements were made in this version update.
    • Unnecessary files and data from the tool were removed which were causing an impact on speed. 
    • Update for Import statements if we move our files was also introduced. 


   Flutter version1.22 – Released in October 2020

    • Dart – 2.10
    • Great Support added with iOS 14 and Android 11.
    • New features like App Clip feature and more was introduced for iOS 14.
    • Animation and cutouts were made smoother in this version for Android 11. 
    • Performance for smooth scrolling Google Maps and Web View plugins was introduced.
    • A new version of dart was introduced as CLI. 


   Flutter version 2.0 – Released in March 2021

    • Dart – 2.12
    • Language localization was introduced in English and Spanish along with support in additional languages.
    • The body of the message was introduced and 5 parameters were removed. 
    • New features like App Clip feature and more was introduced for iOS 14.
    • Animation and cutouts were made smoother in this version for Android 11. 


 Flutter version 2.2  – Released in May 2021

    • Dart – 2.13
    • Support for CnavasKit and desktop application was introduced.
    • Page transitions in iOS were made smoother.
    • More material icons were added to the versions.
    • Web platforms were improved.


  Flutter version 2.5 – Released in September 2021

    • Dart – 2.14
    • Performance was improved for iOS development for effortless testing.
    • Full-screen mode feature was introduced in Android.
    • Early support was introduced for Google’s revised design language “Material You”
    • The camera plugin was introduced in this version.
    • The image picker’s functionality and reliability have been improved for Android devices.
    • Enhancement of Flutter Developer tools was made.
    • IntelliJ and Android studio was refined.


 Flutter version 2.8  – Released in December 2021

    • Dart – 2.15
    • Elimination of Dev Channel
    • Casual game development with flames.
    • Web View Flutter plugin was introduced.


 Flutter version 2.10  – Released in February 2022

    • Dart – 2.15
    • The Flutter 2.10 release includes the stable version of Windows support.
    • Upgrade in Performance.
    • Some platform-specific features and improvements were made like smoother keyboard animation and camera plugins in iOS.
    • In Android, the most recent version upgrade was introduced.
    • In this release, edge scrolling for text selection is added; when the selection leaves the text field, the field scrolls to display the scroll extent. Both desktop and web apps have access to this new feature.
    • Enhancement to integration testing

  Flutter version 3.0  – Released in July 2022

    • Dart – 2.18
    • Flutter 3.0 has provided support for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    • Foldable mobile support, Gradle version upgrade, easy iOS Releases & Support for Refresh Rate was introduced in iOS.
    • For web application provided web application game toolkit, image decoding API was introduced. 
    • For desktop- On the macOS operating system, menu bars can be created with the platforMenuBar Widget.


  Flutter version 3.0.5 – Released in July 2022

    • Dart – 2.18
    • Added new language translations for Filipino (‘fil’) and Persian (‘fa’).
    • ARM support was provided to OTT platforms.
    • Speed of coding was improvised.


Perks for choosing Flutter for application development?

Choosing the right framework plays a crucial role in app development. One cannot just choose a poor framework or language with bad performance for their new business to reach out to people digitally. Here we will see why flutter is the most trending solution with its perks.


  • In flutter, the development time is less as the logic and UI of the app are written in the same code base as compared to native application development. Based on this it is easy to launch an MVP faster in the market. 


  • Previously the only available options for developing the application was Native languages which leads to 2 separate developers for iOS and Android and every change or amendment doubled the time to maintain both code base separately.

But then we came across cross-development amongst which Flutter is the only one that supports web applications as well.


  • Compilation tasks in flutter are done by SDK i.e. flutter gives the functionality of native features.


  • The primary benefit of Flutter is that it supports Hot Reloading of UI components. Since every UI library appears as a widget, we can include and test the library with only a small amount of code.


  • Flutter now has a sizeable community for support. These are a few Flutter communities.- Official Dev


How to choose the app development company?

To get your application on the market, you must first determine the industry and technology in which it will be built. However, you will need a good mobile app development company to create your app. It is not easy to select a good mobile app development company. A good agency will assist you in reaching your target audience and guiding you toward your goal. However, choosing the wrong company will result in a bad app and users who do not feel connected to the platform, resulting in zero business revenue.


Here’s how you can choose the right one:

  • Understand your business goal and project scope
  • Review their past work and connect with the app development team
  • Understand their pricing and the market price
  • What app development process does a company follow
  • And lastly how the company grows and evolve 


APPIC SOFTWARES is one of the finest and top mobile app development companies in Jaipur, India. At Appic Softwares, we follow the tried and tested multi-step approach to providing you with the best development team that meets your criteria. 


The initial step is the Requirement Gathering where we will collect all the data required for the development of an application, and hold lots of meetings or discussion round to finalize the project’s scope and other aspects. 


Once all the requirements are gathered, we provide you with a team of developers for your project based on the requirements gathered and then we introduce our team to you at the start of the project to make communication and development smoother without any third-party involvement. 


Once the requirement and team have been finalized for the project, the onboarding, and development of the project started when the team reviews the project documentation and deadline of the project to start the development process and meet the requirements. 


Lastly, scaling up and down, depending on the project scope, if the project reaches its final stage then we can decrease the number of developers or if the scope of the task is getting bigger we can increase them.


How much does it cost to develop a Flutter Mobile App?

We came across the process of why choose flutter to develop an application, and how to choose the development company for developing an app but the central aspect also to be considered other than developing and choosing a team is how much it costs to develop an app in flutter?


Factors affecting the cost of app development:

  • The project scope, complexity, and functionality of the application. The more the features in the application the more the effort and timeline of the app which directly affects its cost. 
  • The other major aspect that affects the cost is the location of developers.
  • The design of an application is also an not to miss factor that affects the application’s price, as the UI/UX is the main thing that audience first see and it has to be eye-catching with some wow factor in it to attract the audience and keep them engaged on the platform.
  • Finally, once the software has been developed, it must be tested, as well as maintained and supported for the application to run smoothly. Every team has its terms for providing post-development support. 


Depending on the scope of the project, Appic Softwares provides dedicated developers as well as monthly or yearly support. To determine the actual cost of the project, we simply calculate the total number of hours required to complete the work and multiply it by our hourly rate. Do you need to hire a Flutter developer? If you have any questions, please contact us.

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