Educational app A detailed guide

How to build an Educational App: A Detailed Guide

Educational app detailed guide


Coming of age generation and cutting-edge technology, both go hand in hand. Education is not just a way to progress in life but also a determining feature of today’s generation. With the introduction of technology, people are now so habitual of comfort and ease that it gave rise to many educational tech giants. But that did not suffice the demand for the Ed-Technology and Educational App Solutions.

The high soaring demand tried and tested reviews, and word of mouth- altogether gave the needed push to the industry. The popularity and overtime success inspired other players to jump into the game and begin their endeavour. Making ed-tech products, specifically, an educational app today is not as hard a task as it used to be in the past. 

And that shall be the discussion for today’s blog. How to build an Ed-tech App, how to find resources, and what all should you know? Let’s find out. 


Who uses the Education platforms? 

People grow older but learning never stops, a fact that laid the foundation for education and learning as a process. The learning phase of every individual is their entire lifetime and so is the case with education.

Though the social restriction of education is limited to children till people in their thirties, as adults in their later life are supposed to be done with education and start earning, the basic Society stigma!

Education platforms are modularly popular among people ranging from toddlers. Toddlers are now given the privilege to watch animated characters teach them how to pronounce A for Apple. A perfect example of teaching them early. 

Children of slightly bigger age who are now students of primary and high school are enrolled on after-school tuition classes in order to get non-filtered education is not a new practice in Southeast Asian countries like India. The only difference is that the process now happens online with the emergence of several big brands in the scene. 

Students preparing for competitive exams and entrance tests are now in trend for using ed-tech platforms to study in a modular and efficient way with the masses. When aspirants cracked entrance exams with sky-touching scores came into the limelight and the world started looking at ed-tech as the reason for their inspiring success, the masses became more engrossed in knowing about this method of e-Learning and the certain benchmark that it started setting. 

Apart from the students, there is a varied clientele of people who decided to learn something new and chose to do it remotely in continuation with their day-to-day life with the privilege of remote learning.

Educational institutions also look at ed-tech as a viable solution to solve the complexities of learning. Today a student residing in any part of the world can attend classes at revered educational institutions of Europe, just because of the boon in disguise of Ed-Tech!


This being the use cases of Ed-tech aka Educational Technologies, let’s have an insight into the basic knowledge and requirements that you should look at before building an App in this Niche. 


The 4 key steps to building an ed-tech platform. 

  • Find an idea. 

Finding an idea for your ed-tech platform is the most basic and the most important step in this journey as this lays the foundation of the platform. The inculcation of the ideas that you would later execute during the development phase is key here. 

You have to channel the idea into different use cases and think of valid explanations in order to get the most out of this. Think of the optimum solution from the point of view of the consumer and the features that you offer them. The tech giants were able to create unicorns because their ideas connected with the user and their idea became the symbol among the masses and word of mouth did its thing. 

Your idea should be sharp, feasible and solve a problem. Like great men say if your business is solving a problem you have a higher probability to build a profitable business and if you are just looking to do business over time, that might not work the way you would want it to.
The audience aka consumers aka clients is the judge here. 

  • Market research 

You should know your market before investing time and effort into the matter. After finding the idea you know the niche and the approach that you need to take but you have no idea what is happening in the market and you should. You should always have a hint about the actions of your competitors in the market and the strategies that they are opting for. You should know the vulnerability of the market and the shortcomings of your competitors in order to offer a solution to the market and the market should accept it with open arms.

Knowing the market, its highs, its lows and its tendency towards accepting/rejecting the niche you are going with coming in handy for predicting the performance of your platform before it is launched.

Knowing the Market before Educational App Development would help you in knowing about the other candidates in the market and their current stage of development. With this help, you can skip the initial lag that you face while starting something new and you can always learn from the mistakes that your competitors have made in the past and the lessons learned can be utilised while you work for your dream project to come into reality.

You would be able to know the reason behind the failure of several startups before they were able to make a statement and learn from the mistakes of many before you and implement new ideas into the force of your development process for achieving something amazing!

  • Testing with the masses. 

Once you know what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and the market in which you are going to launch the product; you should test the product idea and the concept with people in order to get their thoughts and comments on the products. This can be done via a simple social media poll or a webinar with a different type of people.

You should know what other people think of your ideas and thoughts before going ahead with getting it developed or developing it yourself.
Once you know what the masses think of your idea and what changes should you do in order to make the platform foolproof, you know what direction to head to. 

  • Find a compatible development partner

You now have a clear vision for your path ahead, you know what you are doing, you know about the contenders in the market with similar niches and you know their shortcomings hence, you have a clear vision of where to focus towards.

You know what mistakes were done by people prior to you in this game and you have a plan to avoid making these mistakes and rather invest your time, energy and money towards experimenting with new and better things. 

All you now need to do is find yourself a compatible development partner who can bring your vision to reality. The key thing to focus on is you should look for quality over quantity. You might find people who would offer to build something for half the price that is on the market and you would consider going with them in order to save some bucks in the initial phase of developing your project. But that work would be as cheap as the money you offered for it. You should consider someone reliable who can teach you the difference between building a full-fledged product in one go and building an MVP initially and then slowly and steadily catch up from there. 

You can always Contact us  for getting business inquiries and counselling for your project ideas. We would be glad to offer you the best guidance that you would get in the Information Technology world.

If you find yourself a good development partner, you have your journey covered as they are going to walk the rest of the journey with you and carry the burden from there on. You can then shift to the rear seat and watch the road pass by in the rearview mirror. 



Getting applications developed is not the most complex task, getting the required knowledge and planning done is the complexity that one has to endure prior to that. We at Appic Softwares are available to cater to all your needs and requirements regarding software development and execution. Educational app technology has unknowingly become one of the most profitable niches in the last Financial year in our workplace and it is only growing this quarter. Contact us today to get an estimate for Educational App Development costs.
Education Technology has made learning easy, we are here to make development easy for you.

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