Laravel Ecommerce Development: A Complete 2024 Guide

Laravel Ecommerce Development: A Complete 2024 Guide

Laravel Ecommerce Development: A Complete 2024 Guide

These days, e-commerce websites are abundant, unless you have a distinctive product or service to offer clients. No, I’m not referring to incredible goods or services here. I’m referring to distinct user experiences and client journeys.

To deliver such experiences and beat your rivals, you need the best eCommerce development platform. (And the top devs for implementation, of course!)

This blog’s focus today is on a well-known Laravel eCommerce development framework. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on hiring a Laravel developer for your online store.

Continue reading to see why Laravel is the best option for developing eCommerce platforms and how it meets the needs of contemporary web users.

Will Laravel be Relevant in 2023 for eCommerce? Check These Statistics

Currently, there are over 738, 561 live Laravel websites—and growing. Based on current trends, it appears that Laravel is not a technology that will go away anytime soon.Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about Laravel losing support if you intend to launch your online store in 2023.


About 95% of all retail sales, according to statistics, will happen online by 2040. Given the industry’s growth potential and the widespread preference for Laravel, its adoption is expected to experience exponential growth in 2023 and beyond.


Web development, digital marketing, and software development are the top three industries investing in Laravel. However, among the top ten sectors using Laravel for development is eCommerce, which is also a major application of the framework.

The word “Laravel eCommerce” is trending at least twice in 2022, according to Google trends.

Google trends

The figures unmistakably demonstrate how well-liked the PHP-based Laravel framework is. Actually, according to a Jetbrains survey, roughly half of participants preferred Laravel above Symfony, WordPress, and CodeIgniter.

If you’re thinking about creating an online store, you may be aware of how popular WooCommerce is among WordPress users. Furthermore, the fact that Laravel is currently preferred over WordPress creates a solid foundation for Laravel eCommerce development.

Top 3 eCommerce Websites build with laravel


A large number of individuals routinely read and write blogs, and even more write them. Laravel is a great choice if you want to build a website where you can share your knowledge or ideas. 

This framework allows the website designer to include features like the ability to register for the website or subscribe to the newsletter, as well as efficiently distribute content across many communication channels. With Laravel, you can easily manage the content of your websites with the help of powerful databases and tools.

The e-learning portal MyRank is an example of a Laravel-developed system. The framework gives MyRank scalability, enabling it to handle databases that are always growing.

Todd Austin’s small-sized Canvas blogging application is a prime example of the harmonious blend of practicality and style.



You may use Laravel to create a useful product that will enable your B2B clients outsource different services more easily and help you keep track of the tasks that go missing when using external services without the right task management tools.

Users can be sure of a high level of security because Laravel applications are updated often. Additionally, you can quickly integrate third-party apps and construct complex business solutions using this platform.

One such website is Contentoo. On this platform, contractors are selected by the client for a certain product. You can use the service to keep up with your contacts and send them messages. There’s also a tool that alerts the user to impending deadlines.

World Walking

World Walking

One website that promotes walking, for those who enjoy it or not, is World Walking. It was developed using Laravel.

It can function as a fantastic mobile application. Thus, this is the perfect place to practice walking if you want to get better at it.

It boasts exclusive features like Walks and Groups. With the Groups feature, you may join groups, and Walks provides you with information about the total amount of steps you’ve taken during the day.

Because of Laravel, the functionality of the website has improved. Use Laravel Security Practices to increase the security of your website.

Motives for Selecting Laravel for Your Online Store

Let’s examine the main justifications for building your online store with Laravel!

High Scalability

Your clientele may be tiny at first, but it can expand at any time. Your reputation will suffer if your online store is not designed to handle the increasing number of customers you receive. You might even lose some of your loyal clients in addition to losing the new leads that come in.

“Unscalability” has the potential to do that to your internet business!

This can be easily fixed while using Laravel for eCommerce development. Websites created using Laravel load quicker and are scalable.

Causes? Unlike a content management system, your website loads rapidly and is not dependent on updates each time a person visits it. The framework offers building blocks for creating scalable apps with pre-installed libraries and cutting-edge functionality.

To guarantee higher scalability of the sites, an eCommerce Laravel developer should utilize a respectable load balancer and database architecture.


You can use Laravel to acquire the default code for several eCommerce features, including carts, payment gateways, inventory, and goods. Therefore, you are free to use them exactly as is or modify them to suit your needs.

Laravel gives you the freedom to create unique eCommerce solutions based on what your clients and business require. Several Laravel packages like Bagisto, Aimeos, GetCandy, Vanilo, Bazar, etc., might make your eCommerce development work easier.

Highly secure

Many security issues arise while developing an eCommerce site, including fraud, stolen or lost client data, and security breaches. Such security flaws increase the susceptibility of your online store to cyberattacks.

You can create safe web apps with Laravel and shield your website and users from these risks. Your Laravel application will perform to the highest standard thanks to the server and application security optimizations.

SEO compliance

Marketing plays a major role in the development of profitable eCommerce stores. These are essential for the success of your online store, whether it is creating URLs that are optimized for search engines or just utilizing SEO tactics.

Numerous tools from Laravel can help with this endeavor. Its development processes are optimized for search engines, so customers will find your online store with ease. Actually, you can use the resources at your disposal to optimize your SEO approach for prompt and proper indexing.

Seamless third-party integrations

Integrations are essential to the expansion of every company, not only e-commerce ones. But, launching an e-commerce platform with several vendors will undoubtedly necessitate the use of additional third-party apps for marketing, sales, CRM, ERP, and payment gateway integration.

You can make sure that these apps are seamlessly linked with your app when you create e-commerce websites with Laravel. When there are numerous third-party APIs and apps installed, the Laravel platform functions flawlessly.

Effortless product management

The ease of product management should be taken into account while launching a B2B eCommerce site and selecting the appropriate technology. It should be simple for you to add, edit, and remove products or content.

A smooth content management system is provided by Laravel, enabling anyone to contribute and change blog entries and products to the website’s catalog.

Easier deployment with Laravel Forge

The simplicity of Laravel eCommerce’s deployment using Laravel Forge is one of the factors in its selection. You may easily set up your online store with the aid of a server administration tool such as this one. Redeployment issues can be resolved, and deployment costs can be decreased.

Laravel Addresses Which Pain Points of eCommerce Development?

It goes without saying that the eCommerce sector is booming and has a lot of room to develop. It has increased at least two to five times, particularly after the pandemic, which has led to an increase in online retail sales worldwide.

But that also means that there will be more rivalry, greater difficulties, and higher user expectations!

Among the typical difficulties you’ll run with when creating your eCommerce store are

  • elevated standards among clients.
  • agility or scalability in transformation.
  • security difficulties.
  • Be constant.
  • retaining customers.
  • pertinent leads.
  • Talk search.
  • multichannel encounter.
  • Promotional prospects.
  • difficulties with checkout.

It’s becoming increasingly crucial to address these client pain points as e-commerce revolutionizes the customer experience. And in this case, Laravel eCommerce development can be the ideal answer.

Is it unclear how?

The benefits of Laravel web development described above are one of the reasons.

In addition to this, we provide a number of Laravel e-commerce packages that can be quite beneficial when creating an online store. Let’s examine a couple of them.

Useful Laravel eCommerce Packages

1. Bagisto

Bagisto is an open-source package for developing eCommerce apps, developed with Vue.js and Laravel. It fits well with small-scale enterprises. Although the package is currently in development, it solves a lot of the business units’ problems with eCommerce.

It is a sought-after package with a user-friendly admin interface, fast installation, and several shop inventories and channels.

2. Mage 2

Mage 2 makes a big difference in how customizable your online store may be. But in other situations, you don’t have to add or install the entire program. Instead, when you work with committed Laravel developers, they will enhance your current core Laravel codes with the necessary modification bits.

The fact that you may select the features you want and are not required to purchase the full package makes the Mage 2 bundle a great option. So there isn’t a significant change to your core software.

3. Aimeos

Aimeos is incredibly helpful whether your goal is to construct a website that looks like Amazon or if you just want to focus on making a lot of money. It extends features that are suited for eCommerce development with its numerous channels, inventory, and sellers.

Over one hundred payment gateways are supported by the package for safe and easy transactions thanks to the inclusion of the Omnipay PHP library.

4. GetCandy

Backend activities are the primary use case for this eCommerce API package. The GetCandy package is appropriate for all of these backend operations, including handling users, products, and orders. But because it lacks capabilities like front-end functionality and payment integration, the package has its own set of restrictions.

5. Vanilo

The eCommerce software Vanilo is renowned for its extensibility, versatility, and ease of use. GitHub is a fantastic resource for creating Laravel eCommerce development solutions, with over 30 repositories.

These are a few of the best Laravel packages for optimizing your e-commerce store. Additionally, you can add more functionality to your online store with the Laravel 9.30 release features.

In conclusion, Laravel is a fantastic choice for eCommerce web development because of its new features and packages. For the greatest implementation, though, you will require knowledgeable developers who are familiar with the subtleties of these features.

Appic Softwares might be a wonderful help if you’re seeking for a reputable eCommerce development company in India. With our expertise in eCommerce and Laravel capabilities, we can better understand your company’s demands and provide tailored solutions.

Wrapping up

There are unique difficulties involved in creating an eCommerce platform that is reliable, scalable, and secure. However, if you have the appropriate technology and development team on your side, you can overcome these obstacles.

It appears that Laravel offers an appropriate setting for you to create reliable eCommerce solutions. It is well-liked and features a sizable community, simple deployment choices, and a wealth of eCommerce packages to aid in the development process.

So, while using Laravel for your online business, make an informed choice! Why wait any longer to locate the ideal team that meets your needs if you’ve already made up your mind? Reach out to us right now!

Laravel Ecommerce FAQs

Is eCommerce a suitable fit for Laravel?

One of the safest and most expandable web development frameworks available today is Laravel. Its easy-to-maintain features and straightforward UI further make it a suitable option for creating high-quality eCommerce stores. Additionally, it facilitates a smooth integration process, which makes it simpler to add unique features to your store.

Why is the greatest PHP framework Laravel?

The reason Laravel is regarded as the greatest PHP framework out there is that it comes with a number of pre-installed libraries, one of which is object-oriented. Additionally, the MVC (model, view, controller) architecture facilitates easier coding for developers, has a responsive interface, and is extremely secure thanks to features like encryption, user authentication, route protection, password reset reminders, and more.

Does Laravel update the version automatically?

No, it is not automatic that the update happens. To update to the most recent Laravel version of your choice, you will need to go through a comprehensive upgrading process from beginning to end. You have two options for doing that: either go to the official Laravel website and follow the directions, or work with qualified Laravel specialists who can assist you easily.

Is it wise to use Laravel for a large project?

Even the most intricate websites can be developed using Laravel’s logical code structure. It is also very scalable. It can therefore manage incoming traffic or your expanding customer base at any time.

To what extent may small projects benefit from Laravel?

Laravel is appropriate for small projects even though it is scalable and capable of handling the demands of big projects. There are many functionality and customization options available with the framework. Thus, you shouldn’t be concerned about packing your website with unneeded functionality. You can add elements to your website that are only essential to its success.

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