Meesho Statistics: Revenue, Market Share, & More 2023

Meesho Statistics: Revenue, Market Share, & More 2023

‘Meesho had 91 crore orders in 2022 and saw year-on-year growth of 135%. Moreover, the company stated that nearly 1,30,000 sellers in their stores earned lakhs whereas 6,000 earned crores. 

To help you know more about such astonishing stats, we have compiled this blog for you. Come, let’s have a look at all the important stats related to Meesho.

What Is Meesho?

Meesho is an ecommerce platform that has a unique approach to selling products from its store. The company invests highly in influences and resellers that use product links to sell products and in return, they get a commission for every product sold. 

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Meesho User Statistics 2023

  • In March 2023 Meesho saw a 10.6% growth as compared to February 2024. 
  • Meesho claimed 71% of the total visitors came from tier 3 cities in 2021.
  • There are more than 13 million + resellers on Meesho which brings 25% of the total sales. 
  • 50% of the total orders on Meesho are from the fashion category. 

Meesho Monthly User Traffic 2023

There were 31.9 million visitors in March 2023 Meesho.

Months Traffic (Million)
January 28.9
February 28.8
March 31.9

Meesho user stats

Meesho Revenue Statistics 

  • Meesho saw a 4X rise in its revenue in 2022. 
  • They recorded a 307Cr revenue in 2022. 
  • Meesho currently has 11 funding rounds and has raised $1.1 billion. 
  • In total Meesho has 52 investors with 15 being lead investors and 37 being investors. 

Meesho Supplier Statistics 2023

  • 99.52% of the suppliers on Meesho are from India followed by 0.18% from the USA. 
  • There were 4.9M visitors to the Meesho supplier in March 2023.
  • 80.26% of the total traffic on Meesho Supplier comes from direct search followed by 9.73% from organic search. 
  • Meesho Supplier has a 26.37% bounce rate. 

Meesho Demographic Stats 2023

  • 96.79% of the total traffic on Meesho comes from India. 
Countries Traffic (%)
India 96.79%
United States 0.82%
UAE 0.26%
Pakistan 0.23%
Uk 0.21%
Others 1.69%

Gender Distribution On Meesho

  • 58.41% of the users on Meesho are male and the rest 41.59% are female. 

Age Distribution On Meesho

25-34 (36.43%) visits Meesho the most with 65+ (2.95%) being the least. 

Age Traffic (%)
18-24 36.22
25-34 36.43
35-44 13.69
45-54 6.58
55-64 4.12
65+ 2.95

meesho stats

Meesho Marketing Statistics 2023

52.03% of the total traffic on Meesho comes directly and 37.71% comes organically. 

Channels Traffic Acquired
Direct 52.03
Referrals 0.18%
Organic Search 37.71
Paid Search 7.22
Socials 1.68
Emails 1.07
Display 0.09

meesho stats

Social Media Traffic On Meesho

  • In the social media platform category, Youtube acquires 52.70% of the traffic. 
Social Media Channels Traffic Distribution
Youtube 52.70%
Facebook 32.13%
Instagram 5.87%
Whatsapp 5.74%
Pinterest 1.13%
Others 2.43%

Meesho stats

Meesho Tech Stack

  • Meesho is built using a cross-app development platform called React. Here are some more tech-stack used by Meesho-
meesho techstack
Source: StackShare

Meesho techstack

Meesho Competitors 2023

Meesho V/S Flipkart

Categories Flipkart Meesho
Visitors in March 2023 180.8M 31.9M
Country Traffic India (95.21%) India (96.79%)
Gender Distribution 34.40% Female, 65.60% Male 41.59% Female, 58.41% Male
Social Media Traffic  73.29% Youtube 52.70% Youtube

Meesho V/S Amazon

Categories Amazon Meesho
Visitors in March 2023 2.4B 31.9M
Country Traffic USA (82.41%) India (96.79%)
Gender Distribution 42.40% Female, 57.60% Male 41.59% Female, 58.41% Male
Social Media Traffic  58.87% Youtube 52.70% Youtube


By looking at the above stat we can clearly say Meesho is on the rise with year-on-year growth of 135%. Launched in 2015, Meesho currently has low visitors as compared to Flipkart which could be because Flipkart is way longer in the market (Launched in 2007).

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