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As restaurants are reopening, a major concern for them is limiting the spread of the Coronavirus through surfaces, such as physical menus. Switching to contactless options like Digital QR Code menus is that the next normal for restaurants and cafes of all sizes. CDC in its guidelines clearly stated the utilization of disposable or digital menus.

Provide one-use menus to customers and make menus available digitally so that customers can view them on a private device, if possible. If disposable menus can’t be provided, properly disinfect menus before and after customer use. Consider options for customers to order ahead of time.

Since printing disposable menus, again and again, aren’t ideal given the rising costs, contactless QR Code menus are a viable option.

It takes very little time to upload a menu in PDF and convert it into a QR Code menu but it goes a long way in keeping guests engaged and safe.

What is a QR Code menu?

QR Code menus are digital versions of menu cards at restaurants. Diners scan Digital QR Code menus to access the menu on their devices. Using these touch-less digital menus limits the spread of the Coronavirus through physical objects that undergo multiple hand exchanges.

How can we scan a menu QR Code at a restaurant or cafe – with Android and iPhone?

Scanning a QR Code on both iPhone and Android doesn’t require any app! It is a two-step process –

Point your phone camera at the QR Code ad wait for it to be detected.

A notification popup happens as soon as the QR Code is detected. Click on it and you can access the menu linked to the code.

Why is it recommended to make a QR Code for a menu in COVID-19 situations in 2020?

As we see the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and limiting contact are at the core of the new normal. When it involves a secure reopening of your restaurant, you would like to create a contactless mechanism that works safely and perfectly.

There can be 3 types of a contactless menu –

  • Disposal menu
  • Digital signage menu
  • QR Code menu

Disposable menu

While this is a quick fix to the problem at hand, it is not imperishable for the unprecedented COVID-19 future. Printing stacks and stacks of disposable menus add up to the cost, which is a major consideration for the foreseeable future.

Digital signage menu

Another huge investment that might not be a feasible option for most small and medium-scale restaurants and cafes.

QR Code menu

This is the most suitable and easiest way for the restaurant to present its menu. Here are a few reasons why 

          No apps are required to scan them

Scanning QR Codes may be a natural behaviour for millennials in 2020. This is the results of apps like Google Pay, Snap chat, and now Whats App; and new-age consumer brands using QR Codes for a contactless product demo

Extensive use of QR Codes in China and success stories from an equivalent have inspired the planet to undertake them out.

It is dynamic, which means restaurants like you can always modify the menu to their customer’s interests.

It is an ideal balance of being cost-effective and delivering rich customer engagement. Contact Us for related information.

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