Online Medicine app like 1MG. Essential Features and Cost

How to Develop an Online Medicine App like 1MG. Essential Features and Cost

Medicine app like 1MG. essential features and cost


The healthcare industry is about to reach 109 billion dollars by 2025. Standing in long queues can be inconvenient and tiring. This is where online medicine delivery applications come to the rescue. It also comes in handy to get medicines that are not available in the nearby markets. The medicine delivery applications have proven to be a lifesaver for people in the pandemic. 

Benefits of Investing in Medicine Delivery Application 


The pharma business is a very important part of our lives these days. There is no doubt about its significance, especially after the emergence of the pandemic. 

During the lockdown, people struggled to go out and get medications and other healthcare supplies. 

Business experts say that the demand for Online Medicine app development has increased dramatically in the last couple of years. 


There is at least one smartphone with everyone nowadays. The customers can search for their required medication on the smartphone in their hand with a medication delivery app. This makes their lives much easier. 


This is the reason why currently is the best time to build in deploy medication delivery application. It would be the most effective business strategy to increase pharmaceutical sales.

Pharmacist and their customers benefit from medication delivery applications.

With an on-demand medicine delivery app, the pharmacist will not have to maintain inventory records for each in every order it will make running the business easier.

The application can provide regular updates to the pharmacist about the items that need to be referred to in the inventory.

The application to reach clients that live fire away from the shops. There would be very less geographical limitations with such applications.

The application can analyze the requirements for each month of its regular clients. The clients can also get reminders for the medications which they regularly take.


The shopkeepers on fire wishes can give high discounts, promotions, and promo codes to attract new customers. The customers can also get reward points on each of their purchases.


The effort and time spent by the customize on going to the shops in standing in long ques waiting together medications will virtually disappear with the use of this application.

The user can get all their medication in healthcare products at one stop in the comfort of their homes.

The application can also provide medical aid and have a section for on-call doctors and healthcare workers in case of emergencies.

Customers will have the ease and options to pay via multiple paying modes like cash on delivery, UPI payments, card payments, online banking, etc.


Features that are highly recommended for a Medicine Delivery Application


A medicine delivery application can be made in a lot of ways. Usually, such an app has the modules mentioned below: 


Admin panel

Customer application

Pharmacist application


These are some features that should be there is a online medicine delivery application:


 Features of the customer application


Registration: the customers can create their account within the application. This feature can be presented in a lot of ways. An effective way is incorporating social media login Google login to make this process easier.


Profile management: after creating the user profile successfully for a new user the customers can put their details like name, medical information, age, gender, etc. 


Prescriptions: the customers can put their prescriptions for the medications that they required. This ensures there is no illegal way of using the medical application.


Search bar: the customers can search for medications that they require and locate a nearby shop to get the medicines delivered from.


Payment options: the digital payment option is the process of payment. It is also very safe and effective. We can also put an option for cash on delivery. There I various payment gateways available in the market for example PayPal, Google pay, Paytm, etc.


Rating and review: there can be an option where the customer can submit a review for the services provided by the pharmacist the delivery partner etc improvement in customer service and bills trust among the customers.


Notification bar: the customers can receive regular notifications and updates about their orders. We can also send notifications to regular customers about their next delivery and also can remind them about refilling their medicines.


Monitoring orders: the customers can see and monitor their orders on the map and can look at where their delivery partner is in real-time.


Re-ordering: for regular customers, there should be an option for reordering the orders that they order regularly.


Pharmacy app features


Sign up/ Sign in: and online medicine delivery hour can allow third-party shopkeepers or sales person to sell their products. We can provide a space for them to sign up at their details. A login page allows them to log in after they have registered in the applications.


Order management: the salesperson or shopkeepers that sell the medicines or help suppliers can manage their account details and can update them when required.


Order management: they can be space for managing orders refinds returns current orders previous orders etc. So that the shopkeeper can manage their orders systematically and fruitfully.


Prescriptions: the pharmacy oil vendors can check and manage the prescription files of their customers.


Payment options: the pharmacist or shopkeepers can allow direct payment acceptance through the application and get information regarding current payments and manage the flow of payments.


History of previous current orders: the shopkeepers is can check the order details here.


Analytical details: this feature lets the shopkeeper all the five misses to get insights about payments and sales. The pharmacist can excess the data to identify the best-selling items and increase the demand for certain medications. This will help them get essential insights into the business.


Discount coupons: Do shopkeepers can manage schemes for giving discounts to customers.


Admin app features: 


Dashboard: a Dashboard is a place where the admin can manage delivery order customers and third-party product providers.


Real-time Analysis: this will let the admin look at the status of the orders refunds cancelled orders, etc. 


Monitoring orders: all orders and all five message details as well as the customer details.


Customer service: the admin can contact consumers to climb any doubts answer a query and address their problems.


How much will build a Medicine Delivery Application Cost?


A variety of factors decide the cost of developing any application. This will also include the type of developing company you collaborate with. Going with a medicine app development company lets you find all your solutions in one place from designing. 


Here are some features that I said the cost of developing your medical delivery application: 


The platform you go for. An online medicine delivery app can be developed on different platforms one is Android and another is iOS. We can also make the application with a hybrid language on both platforms. All of these have different benefits and importance which depend on your requirements. 


The time pain of the project.


Geolocation will help the delivery partner in finding the place he has to take up the product from and deliver it to. 


The basic features and functions that you go for. The addition of high-end features will increase the cost of making the application.


Third-party integration.




There are a lot of benefits to building a medication delivery app. This will surely boon your medicine and health care business. If you would like to get your medicine and health care products delivery application you can contact us at Appic Softwares. We are available to answer any queries that you might have regarding your Medicine App development


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