Ed-Tech platform and its cost.

What is an Ed-Tech platform and how much does it cost to build one?

Ed-tech Platforms and its cost


“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” 

Nelson Mandela 


Quite some time has passed since we went to school. There have been several enhancements in the education system since then. 


The advancement in technology is being used to boost the classroom experience and make education more fun. Ed-tech is a booming industry. 


The technical tools can help the students in attending their classes remotely, collaborate with each other, and learn in newer, more fun ways! This is the exact reason why the new phase of education is booming!


 Ed-tech is short for education technology. We use tools for developing learning platforms to incorporate various kinds of content.


This content can be in the form of videos, images,  animations, AI, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to technology. 


There are endless fields in ed-tech and the major goal is to set an environment for learning where educators from different parts of the world help teach people all around the globe. 


What would happen if the world undergoes another catastrophic pandemic again and this time the world is stuck indoors for a longer, much longer period of time? 


Do the pandemic babies go uneducated till Earth is open again?


Does the education sector lose its employees and education as a factor gets ignored? 


No, not at all. 


Humans learn from their mistakes. We were not prepared the last time but we are now. Remote learning and education are the way that schools discovered when they were forced to. 


Schools educating their students over zoom meetings and sending over assignments over WhatsApp was history. 


Managing a CRM and creating individual student login profiles is the present and total remote education might be the future. 


When we evolved from slate boards to textbooks, that must have been a tremendous change for many! But the world adapted to it. Similarly, the world is adapting to the newer trend, ED-TECH and students are loving it. 


Powered by IT such as online education app development companies, Ed-Tech makes education fun, engaging and convenient. 

Not only in the demanding times, but ED-Tech is also even advantageous in the long run. 


The players who started early have now become unicorns in the industry by just providing customized targeted, quality education to the students who were willing to pay. 


Pay, is the factor that it all depends on.


The taxless business, education, how could you earn with the same without even physically bringing students to the classrooms? 


This blog will be the destination to address these queries. 


To start an ed-tech it is important to set the audience. We should know what we will like the audience to educate about on I flat form. We also have to develop the training modules. All of this depends on the evening application that you go with.




  1. Dashboard:  the dashboard should be user-friendly and accessible to the important functions and features. It should contain a shortcut to other pages.
  2. Sign up and log in: The user will create their user ID in the platform by signing up. They can also do this by Google sign-in, social media sign-in, etc.
  3. Invite: the users can invite their colleagues, friends, etc. to the ed-tech platform. Teachers can also invite the students and their fellow teachers.
  4. Live chat: there should be an area where the users can interact with each other, ask

        questions and discuss their queries. 

  1. Assessments and reviews: we can keep track of the progress the users are making by integrating assessments at the end of each module. This will make the application more engaging.
  2. Notifications: the application should send regular notifications to the users about new modules, exams, new sessions, etc.
  3. Games and quizzes: we can add a section for game increases to make the learning experience more fun for the children.
  4. Payment gateways: we need to build a payment gateway if you want the attack application to be paid.




  1. Android Application: Kotlin, OkHttp 3
  2. iOS Application: Swift,  Alamofire
  3. Hybrid: Flutter/React Native
  4. Backend: Laravel, Node.js, Express 4, MySQL, Swagger


  Tools other than these are required to create an Ed-tech application:

  • Amazon SES, Amazon SNS
  • AWS
  • Elastic email
  • Payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, etc. 
  • Cloud storage
  • FCM


Did you know Byju’s net worth accounted till last financial year was 22 Billion Dollars? That’s what happens when you combine education with technology. 


I’m stating these facts because I have researched this niche, one of the perks of being a business analyst is you get to study the market.


Coming to the matter, Ed-Tech platform is making noise in the IT town and the reasons are quite valid. Everyone learned from the benchmarks that Ed-Tech Unicorns set and now, nobody wants to be left behind. 


The matter of the hour was providing educational services at the fingertips of the students making it much more playful and convenient for them.


The pandemic fueled the fire and providing remote education services was the need of the hour, BINGO!


To create an e-Learning application the cost will vary according to various factors. 


This will include what features you want in your application if you want to hire individual developers, designers, project managers, etc. or if you find an e-learning mobile app development company, to compile all your requirements and bring your project to life.


It will also depend on where you get your application built from. For example, in countries like the USA,  Australia, Canada, etc. the hourly rates of IT professionals are quite high. 


An amazing solution would be outsourcing your project from India. However, it would be challenging to find a reliable team of it professionals from so far away. We are here to provide a solution for that.


Appic Softwares are a team of 50+ developers and analysts. We specialize in building mobile and web applications.   We hope to utilize our expertise and experience to provide you with an amazing product.


Appic Softwares is an Online E-learning Platforms Development Company, which 

build ED-TECH Platform to enhance the learning experience all around the world.  


Want to know how to enhance the way you handle your education business? Contact us at Appic Softwares.



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