types of online e-learning platforms

What Are the Types of Online E-learning Platforms?

Online E-learning Platforms

An online e-learning platform is a webspace for educational materials and resources or simply an education portal that provides students with everything they need in one place: lectures, resources, access to information from other students, Opportunities to meet and chat, and much more. It is also an excellent way for students and teachers to monitor student progress.

There are many benefits of online e-learning, such as:

  • The comfort of working from home
  • Self-paced learning
  • Improved technical, communication, and critical thinking skills
  • Lower costs
  • Better time management skills and more

If seen, the global e-learning market is expected to cross $243 billion by 2023. In the United States, overall college enrollment has declined over the past decade, but online student enrollment has risen for the 14th year. Moreover, due to the unprecedented disruption of the COVID19 pandemic, the education system in all corners of the world has been shaken to its core and forced to switch to online e-learning.

If you want to learn any other language or want to advance in your career, then signing up for an online course might be the right option for you. Online classes are usually provided through online learning platforms.

Definition of an Online e-Learning Platform

An e-learning platform designed for  learning purposes is a webspace or portal full of educational material and resources. This course material can be divided into different subjects. Depending on the institute you are signed up to, it is usually uploaded on the platform by the course instructor or teacher.

Members of many e-learning platforms are restricted by membership, meaning only registered people can access them. Still, there are also many e-learning platforms for those interested in learning. There is no restriction on the type, and at the same time, it can be free for any person to use.

An essential advantage of online learning platforms is that the teacher can track the students’ progress through the course material. Everything is neatly organized at one place, which can be accessed by the student and parent whenever the need arises. Moreover the teacher can access it at any time. Additionally, students have many options to interact with each other on the platform.

Types of Online e-Learning Platforms

Learning Destination Sites

LDS is a site where many various course creators offer their learning materials. It’s like Amazon, only for online education. You can choose subjects and lecturers that you find appealing and sign up for a personalized course based on your preferences. Programs offered through LDS are generally self-paced.

Learning Management Systems

An LMS is a software program used internally within a specific organization or an institution. For example, which school or university may have a different LMS platform depending on their courses (the most popular is probably Blackboard). It can be accessed online, just like LDS, or as an application that you need to download and install on your computer.

In this case, the curriculum formulation is in the hands of professors or any other person teaching in that organization or institution.

Learning Management Ecosystems

The learning ecosystem is a comprehensive online learning tool that includes multiple software solutions, such as adaptive learning engines, content management features, course authoring software, tools for assessment, and much more. LMEs are usually reserved for larger organizations, schools, or universities that offer several online degree programs and learning resources.

How can Use an Online e-Learning Platform

Using the online training platform is no different than logging in to a social network. You just need to sign up with a username or email and password.

First, you check if you have live lectures to attend at a specific time. If not, your entire course material may be available to view or listen to at your own pace. Live lecture courses can be conducted through the platform or on a different application such as Skype or Zoom.

Be sure to talk to your professor or teacher about completing assignments. It can be done through learning platforms, video conferencing, submitting assignments by email, or other ways. If you have a deadline to complete your coursework, it will probably be mentioned in the forum, but it wouldn’t hurt to contact the instructor just in case.

Cost Of Building An Online e- Learning Platform

As you know, the final app development cost largely depends on the size of the development team and the company’s origin habitat, the platform on which you want to launch your product, specifications and design requirements.

If seen, a platform like Udemy with a similar feature set can cost around $20,000 for both Android and iOS apps. And, if you choose to offer any add-on features, be prepared to spend extra money on them. For example, a custom mobile app employing AR and VR technologies requires $40,000.

Remember that what you have been told is just a rough estimate, and when running your project, you will need to proceed from your collaboration model, the size and the rate of the developer team. If you’re looking to optimize your expenses, outsourcing sounds like an ideal opportunity. An internal team is beneficial in the long run, but the hiring and training process is rather demanding. Consider the techniques used. Choosing the right one will make maintenance more accessible and make your e-learning solution more scalable and ready to improve.

How to Build an Online e-Learning Platform using Flutter

Flutter is a convenient technology for app development. Whether you are working as a freelancer or app development company, this knowledge will help you become a Flutter developer.

But keep in mind that you need Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS, before you start the app development process with the help of Flutter. So, what process do you have to go through?

Here I will define some points by which you can develop your e-learning platform with the help of Flutter.

1: Install Android Studio

2: Install the Flutter and Dart Plugins

3: Create a Flutter Project

4: Run the Build: Flutter Doctor

  • Testing Build on Android
  • Testing an App on iOS

5: Start Coding the Flutter App

6: Use An External Package

7: Add a Stateful Widgets to your App

8: Create an Infinite Scrolling List View


If seen, remote learning platforms are the future of education. Even after the global health crisis is over, there will be a rapid increase in the number of students who want to improve their knowledge and career through self-paced online training.

An essential benefit of online e- learning is that you can learn whatever you want! You can further your academic career or choose to study something else entirely. You can polish your soft skills or take those art or music production lessons you’ve always wanted to participate in.

If you are looking for an online e-learning app development company to help you start your career in IT, then Appic Software might be the right choice for you. You can contact us for more information regarding this.

As we have discussed above, you can make your app with the help of the Flutter app development technique, but you must be thinking that why we chose Flutter after having so many technologies in the market, then there is a direct reason for that. You can run code on Flutter for both Android and iOS platforms simultaneously; with it being a straightforward technology, it has become more prevalent in a short time. With the help of Flutter app development, you can get your app quickly; this technology saves both your time and money.

Appic Softwares is the well-known Flutter app development company in the USA and India, having a team of top-class Flutter app developers that promises to develop the best app.

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