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Pet Health Tracker App Development: A Complete Guide

Pet Health Tracker App Development: A Complete Guide

Do you know? According to Forbes, millennials are more likely to adopt pets than have children. Just 19 million Millennials are parents, despite the fact that 37 million of them own pets. Since pet owners like using mobile apps, a large number of consumers may download a Health Tracker App for Pets. Likewise, if you are planning for pet health tracker app development, then you are at the right place. 

Here we will be mentioning all the necessary steps that you should take to create a pet health tracker app. Let’s have a look at the content of this post-

What is the purpose of the Health Tracker App for Pets?

Depending on what its objectives are, a pet health tracker app might contain a wide range of functions. These are a few of the crucial ones that pet owners consider when choosing a health tracker for their animals.

  • Keep track of vaccinations

This solution concentrates solely on vaccination schedules, or you can manage the vaccination schedule on your own with the assistance of an app and your veterinarian.

  • Control Your Pet Activity

Applications like a fitness tracker for cats or dogs and a dog walking app allow a person to regulate everyday activity and change it according to the demands of their pet. Because being active is also vital for the correct growth of your pet, these applications allow a person to keep track of their pet’s activity level and adjust it accordingly.

  • Stay informed about your Pet’s Health

The majority of applications that track your pet’s health also have tools that allow you to record any changes that occur in your pet’s health. When integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), the technologies described above are able to make recommendations for specific actions that may be taken to either maintain or improve your pet’s health.

  • Digitized Record

Your veterinarian will be able to make completely informed judgments on a treatment plan, vitamin intake, and activity adjustments if you provide them with all of the information regarding the health of your pet and recent changes. This information may be found in your pocket.

Must-Have Pet Health Tracking App Features

  • Pet’s digital profile

Because it includes fundamental details about the pet, such as their age, address, breed, and name, this function is essential to any software designed for keeping pets.

  • Multiple Pets

It makes sense to provide users with the option to establish individual accounts for each of their pets if you already know that a significant portion of the people who make up your target audience have more than one pet.

  • Pet’s Weight Data

It is essential for the general health of a pet to monitor its weight on a regular basis.

  • In-App Activity Tracking

If you want to design a cat or dog activity tracker, this feature may be one of the most important ones to include. If you want to keep track of your pet’s health, it may be one of the features included in a more comprehensive solution. This functionality has to be built into a wearable device, such as a smart dog collar.

  • Pet Wellness Score

If you wish to use artificial intelligence for your pet’s health app, you may give it the ability to analyze data if you give it permission to do so. For instance, the algorithm may come up with a wellness score for the pet after evaluating the information that is available about the pet and may also provide advice on how to enhance the score.

  • Pet-Friendly Places

This is an essential function for a dog dating app since it allows pet lovers to not only meet other dog or cat owners but also locate pet-friendly cafés, restaurants, hotels, and other venues and activities in addition to finding new places to take their pets.

The Best Apps to Track Your Pets Health

  • VitusVet

In order to effectively manage the health of your pet, it is critical to have an informed and organized mindset. By compiling all of the pertinent information on your pet into a single location, the VitusVet App makes it a breeze for you to monitor the well-being of your animal companion. Anyone who has a single pet or several pets, travels with their pets, or has various pet care providers such as groomers, walkers, sitters, or vets will find this to be a very useful tool.

Keeping your dogs’ records in one convenient location is made easier with VitusVet. It’s a great tool for logging.

  • vital signs for health
  • Keep a record of their prescriptions.
  • Info about pet insurance and microchip logs
  • Note any medical warnings and allergies.
  • Remind yourself to restock food or prescriptions.
  • Schedule appointments (groomers, vets, etc.)

You may also easily request appointments and medication refills using the VitusVet platform, provided that your veterinarian is a participant in the system.

VitusVet takes care of the labor, the organizing, and the reminders so that you can spend more time enjoying the company of your pet and less time fretting over the many requirements they have.

You also have the opportunity to add pet sitters or groomers to your account, which is another wonderful tool that ensures that everyone who needs to know can access information regarding the health and welfare of their pet. The application has been given thousands of overwhelmingly positive ratings on many websites, and it is now available for no cost.

  • PupTox

Since cats and dogs, in general, have a tendency to be interested in everything, you can find yourself in a position where your pet gets into something that they shouldn’t.

PupTox is an app that is really easy to use but provides a useful inventory of over 250 different substances that are known to be harmful to cats and dogs.

In addition to that, it contains a chocolate toxicity calculator that takes into account the weight of your pet, the type of chocolate, and the amount of chocolate that is predicted to have been ingested.

PupTox is not a tool for first aid or any other kind of therapy; rather, it can help you decide whether or not your dog needs to see a veterinarian, depending on the substance or plant they may have consumed. This application is able to provide assistance in ensuring that our four-legged companions enjoy the highest quality of life possible, which is something that we all desire more than anything else for them.

  • PitPat

The PitPat app is the most comprehensive way to monitor your pet’s activity level. It is mostly designed for dogs that are wearing a collar; however, my dad takes our cat for walks every day, so this isn’t completely inapplicable to cats! The software itself is completely free, but in order to use it, you will need to purchase the PitPat collar, which is compatible with the app. The collar has a price tag of around $39, but if monitoring the well-being of your pet is something that you place a high priority on, it’s not an unreasonable investment.

PitPat takes measures to guarantee that its tracker is as tiny and lightweight as possible, so that your pet won’t even be able to tell that it’s there. You will be able to keep track of all of the different types of activity and exercise that your pet engages in throughout the day once you have paired the PitPat collar with the software that is installed on your phone.

You will notice information such as the number of minutes spent resting, walking, running, and playing. You will also receive information on the distance traveled and the number of calories expended.

In addition to giving your dog plenty of physical activity and exercise, you can also monitor their weight by establishing an “ideal weight” for them and keeping a log of their weigh-ins as they work toward achieving that objective.

Additionally, they include a summary function that displays activity as it unfolds over time. You will be aware of the amount of activity (and rest) that your pet is receiving on a daily basis, whether it be a week or a month.


In conclusion, the need for practical and thorough pet health tracking systems is growing along with the number of people who own pets. Pet owners rely heavily on health tracker apps to help them monitor the health of their beloved friends.

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