9 Reasons To Choose Adobe Commerce As B2B Marketplace

9 Reasons To Choose Adobe Commerce As B2B Marketplace

Choose Adobe Commerce As a B2B Ecommerce Platform

Confused about why you should choose Adobe Commerce as B2B Marketplace? Read out this blog to know 9 major reasons.

You can’t rush the process of selecting the best B2B eCommerce platform for your company. The cornerstone of your company is your website. It not only represents your vision and values but is also a powerful instrument for generating leads.

Using an outdated platform won’t give your 93% of B2B customers a smooth, easy-to-use purchasing experience. Conversely, Adobe Magento Commerce meets all of your B2B business needs. Because of its strong and adaptable features, it is the ideal option for B2B eCommerce companies.

Additionally, Adobe Magento Commerce has a number of noteworthy advantages over competing platforms, including native B2B capability, open-source design, customization options, and simple backend system integrations.

Adobe Magento Commerce has long been a top choice for small and large B2B vendors. More than 12% of eCommerce stores globally are powered by PHP–based platforms. It is among the most well-known content management systems (CMS) and is compatible with more than 250,000 live websites. 

Let’s first examine the various factors that can influence your decision when selecting an eCommerce platform, before delving into what makes Adobe Magento Commerce the ideal option.

How to choose the right Digital Commerce platform?

CX value is the most important factor for any organization, whether it is B2C or B2B. 

For contemporary B2B purchasers, a delightful customer experience has become essential. In order to gain a larger portion of the B2B market, the following elements need to be reflected in your eCommerce store.

Determine your target audience and their needs.

Customers are everything to brick-and-mortar stores, both physical and online. 

But in contrast to B2C businesses, B2B brands cater to a much smaller, more specialized consumer base. Knowing your potential customers—their origins, places of residence, and the best ways to assist them—becomes imperative. 

Preliminary market research is necessary for B2B manufacturing brands to discover more about:

  • The intense competitiveness found online
  • Examine the quality of their online purchasing experience.
  • Find the most appropriate channels for sales and marketing 
  • Examine the common industrial operating cycles.
  • Determine which stages of a customer’s lifecycle are crucial.
  • Draw out the steps in the sales cycle that you must follow.
  • List the main platforms that your intended audience uses.
  • Examine your target customers’ complaints at every turn.
  • Brainstorm intends to use its products to address these problems.

Complete all of the items you plan to sell online.

Even though not every B2B product may be sold online, there are several that make great additions to your online product portfolio. Hence, you can sell two different kinds of things online: those that can be ordered right away and those that are only available through sales representatives. 

You may develop a business-to-consumer (B2C) experience for the first category of products by listing them online, making it simple to filter them, providing fast pricing, and providing thorough product descriptions with photographs. For every product that can be sold, you need to make an internet landing page with calls to action.

Construct an online store.

Numerous capabilities are available on B2B eCommerce platforms to assist you in setting up specific landing pages with comprehensive product details and online comparison tools. You don’t have to begin the development process from scratch while using these tools. Alternatively, its features—such as visual designs, plugins, integrations, and customizations—can be used right away for a landing page on a website. By utilizing these well-known channels, you can quickly put together your online store, save money, shorten the time it takes to go live, and launch it in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to months or years. 

You can select the platform that takes you on the best digital transformation journey based on its characteristics and your company’s requirements.

Organize an eCommerce support staff to provide continuous help.

A sales representative would be needed for every purchase made by B2B clients, as opposed to B2C consumers who don’t. Therefore, make sure your backend team is prepared to handle any technological difficulties or problems with order processing. Help them with large-volume negotiations and customized estimates.

An Overview of Adobe Magento Commerce Platform 

Now that you’re prepared to begin the transition of B2B eCommerce manufacturing, it’s time to determine which enterprise solution you require. A platform that is adaptable, scalable, and able to manage large levels of traffic is necessary for your organization. 

Which B2B eCommerce option ought you to select then?

The Adobe Magento Commerce platform is the solution. 

One of the major players in the eCommerce world is Adobe Magento Commerce. It is recognized as the most well-known eCommerce ecosystem, has produced over $189 billion in GMV, and is ranked as the best platform for an eCommerce solution by Digital Commerce 360. It can handle a broad variety of eCommerce scenarios, including both transactional and physical models.

Adobe Magento Commerce

This feature-rich solution expedites the go-to-market process, offers customized and unique consumer buying experiences, elevates your company’s profile through innovation, offers end-to-end omnichannel experiences, and makes room for development, expansion, and scalability.

Astonishing figures demonstrate Adobe Magento Commerce’s potential. 

With Adobe Magento Commerce, businesses can accomplish their digital objectives. By providing previously unheard-of levels of scale, performance, and corporate growth opportunities, it equips enterprises for the future. 

You can gain a better understanding of Adobe Magento Commerce’s capability by looking at the following figures.

  • twice as fast as before
  • increases revenue by +159%
  • +2.5 times more accounts were registered.
  • +110% rise in recurring business 
  • Ordering time was 71% shorter.
  • Increased site visits by 25%
  • 16 percent increase in conversion rates
  • The rate of abandoned shopping carts decreased by 6%.
  • Costs of producing new material were cut by 61%.
  • 93% reduced downtime on the site

Adobe Magento platform

Additionally, the Adobe Magento platform and its extensive commerce features enable your business solutions with features, extensions, and integrations that will enable you to create flawless customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Is Adobe Magento Commerce the best option for my company?

Some may contend that Adobe Magento Commerce isn’t profitable enough for B2B because it was first created for B2C. That isn’t the case, though! 

Although the Adobe Magento platform was created with B2C users in mind, after the release of a stand-alone software package in 2016, it has gained popularity among B2B eCommerce users. The current version of Adobe Magento 2.3 is a potent tool for B2B companies, with a number of essential features and benefits. 

 These consist of:

innate B2B capabilities

For B2B clients, Adobe Magento Commerce provides tailored experiences such as customer-focused pricing lists, client-centric catalogs, and customer-targeted promotions. 

You may manage company accounts, buyer roles and rights, workflow approvals, client credits, order and quote tracking, and account history using its B2B self-service capabilities. 

All things considered, quick reordering, assisted selling, quote workflow, requesting, order by SKU/CSV uploads, and requisition lists are some of the ways Adobe Magento Commerce simplifies the buying process.

Create compelling and effective purchasing experiences

The ability of Adobe Magento Commerce to produce dependable and simple purchasing experiences is its greatest feature. Engaging and useful website designs are produced via its page builder CMS, headless commerce, segmentation and targeting, multi-site support, and reference themes.  

Additionally, customers may find products by utilizing layered navigation and filtering, AI-driven product suggestions based on past purchases, and intelligent searches enabled by Adobe Magento. 

The drag-and-drop merchandising, automated sorting rules, promotions & coupons, rich product pages, and product availability information of the Adobe Magento platform can increase conversion ratios.

Handle client-based catalogs featuring a large selection of goods

Thousands of categories and more than a million products can be managed on a single dashboard with Adobe Magento Commerce. As per your preference, you can even generate new clients and catalogs that are segment-specific. Jasper, InRiver, Akeneq, and other third-party PIM connectors are supported by the Adobe Magento platform.

Reach out to your clients anywhere.

Reaching clients globally is possible with an Adobe Magento solution thanks to its mobile-responsive designs and email templates. eProcurement systems and marketing automation can let you sell on several channels, such as Amazon. Furthermore, you can help your consumers with the information they need by interacting with them via real-time online chat.

Take orders from any location and maximize every channel’s fulfillment

With Adobe Magento Commerce, you can:

  • goods management enables you to centrally manage and distribute your worldwide goods from a single location.
  • To facilitate order processing from several channels, employ intelligent sourcing.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment enables ship to ship, ship from store, and pick-up from a store choices.

Implement new business strategies

Adobe Magento Commerce uses marketplaces, virtual products, subscription, and digital goods models to improve your online sales processes and revenue funnels.

Adobe Magento Commerce

Accelerate company expansion with useful ideas

Data analytics are made possible by the robust report-building and visualization capabilities of the Adobe Magento platform. These may be integrated with various data sources, explored further, yielded useful insights, and shared easily within teams. You can create a clean and seamless file design by using the pre-built custom reports.

Operations that are future-proof thanks to scalable and safe Adobe Magento cloud commerce

Adopt Adobe Magento cloud commerce solutions to prepare your company for the future. You’ll benefit from faster time-to-market services, improved performance, optimized IT costs, and comprehensive security. In this manner, you can safely enter the eCommerce sector and organize your company to meet your expanding needs and desires. 

With Marketplace extensions, you can easily connect to any third-party system, like as Salesforce, Oracle, Manhattan, Informatica, InRiver, and more, and increase the functionality of your store.

A unified store

All the necessary components for an online store are included in Adobe Magento Commerce. Through channel partners, you can easily manage all brands at once and run various brand accounts. Furthermore, you can easily integrate your Adobe Magento Commerce store with your ERP and CRM system and launch it online. 

Utilizing their self-service feature, B2B brands may monitor bids, examine comprehensive order histories, manage numerous clients, and apply for credit online. These prospects increase your company’s efficiency by providing your B2B clients with a unified experience across several brands and in multiple regions via a single platform.

The Path Forward

The manufacturing sector is currently in a frustrating place. Thus, you have two options: either continue doing things the same way. Alternatively, you might take control of the situation, embrace a digital paradigm, and quickly accelerate the digitization of all marketplaces. That’s up to you to decide!

Building a closer relationship with targeted consumers, including future ones, is imperative for B2B manufacturers in light of the current B2B eCommerce environment and the predicted expansion in the future. In this manner, you may gather consumer information, comprehend how their tastes are changing, and use those insights to inform future product development. 

This is a smart strategy that not only guarantees increased revenues but also prepares your company for any and all changes down the road.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to know the reasons why you should choose Adobe Commerce as a B2B marketplace development platform. Reach out to us if you are still confused and are looking for consultation for the same.

Moreover, if you are looking for an Adobe Commerce development company, that can help you create an Adobe Commerce B2B marketplace then you should check Appic Softwares, we have an experienced team of Adobe Commerce developers that you can take advantage of.

You can even hire Adobe Commerce developers from us and let them manage your development or post-maintenance. So, what are you waiting for?

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