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Music is all-pervasive and is working as a medicine. Developing a music app is a great idea as it has the power to engage audiences very frequently and can get users’ attention easily. One of the positive points of mobile apps like Spotify on Flutter development, it has a large market share which significantly adds to the success of music apps. 

Being the best app development company we render music apps with flutter functionalities and features that will blow your mind. Our flutter app developers worked on various music apps used in daily life getting an immediate market response. So, here in this blog, we will guide you on key elements to increase your app’s significance in the market. 


Points to consider before building a music streaming app

Streamlining your ideas and getting all the necessities fulfilled is the foremost step you need to consider to develop a music app on flutter. Sort your requirements in the project by choosing the type of music streaming app, its platform, licensing, and data storage. 

Here we have listed some points which need to be considered beforehand to develop a music streaming app


Firstly, you need to discover your type of music app. Majorly, there are three kinds of music streaming apps. 

  • Music Library 

These are server-based apps where you provide various content on the subscriptions or it can be free. Examples such as Spotify or Apple Music

  • Cloud Storage

These kinds of music apps allow you to store your app which means publishing or streaming the song on any other platform without any app security measures. Example AudioBox

  • Radio Stations

These apps provide special radio stations with the availability to stream on other platforms 



Majorly we develop a mobile app like Spotify on Flutter for two platforms; Android and iOS. So, it will be very beneficial if you prepare a cross-platform application for both platforms at once. Hence, flutter will help you a lot as it is a cross-platform app development framework which makes it easier and saves time & resources.



You can allow your users to use your services for free without any subscription. But as a mobile app owner, you need Public Performance rights as a license. 


Data storage

Data storage is one of the most important aspects to store content in a music app. It can be done by fetching third-party streaming APIs or you can create your own data storage-based app.


Use of plugins and packages 

By adding relevant plugins and packages you can add various functionalities to the app. In flutter, you can get various plugins and widgets which will help you to increase the performance of your app.


Essential features of music streaming mobile app through Flutter 

Flutter is Google’s toolkit to perform tasks across platforms and is open-source providing enormous services and features. 

  • Search online songs
  • Beautiful UI with multiple themes including light themes and dark theme
  • Language options
  • Background play support 
  • Play / Stop / Pause
  • Previous / Next
  • Albums 
  • Shuffle
  • Favourites list
  • Download
  • Beautiful screens
  • Songs suggestions
  • Top tracks, Recent songs, Random songs
  • Album view, Artist view
  • Themes- Dard and light
  • Landscape mode


Music streaming app development process on Flutter 

Select packages

You can select packages according to the features and functionalities of your application. According to your requirement, your package will be decided and implemented in the flutter development process. 


Setting up the project

Importing packages after sorting and checking the deliverables is an important aspect of setting up the project.


Play Music

With the use of the internet and assets, music is played. By the creation of an audio manager instance, this task is performed. Though, an Audio manager works on rendering with start () which assists to play the music. This works with title, cover, description, and auto. 


Fetching the music from external links

With the two options, one can store data to the backend, by developing its own storage or by integrating third-party APIs. You can use FutureBuilder or FlutterAudioQuery to fetch the music files from external sources. 


Setting up the audio

After getting the data it needs a setup. Placing it in its right position with significant information.


Creation of control panel

While adding music functionality start() it also needs to add a control panel. The control panel includes a Play/pause, a previous and next button and it also has a repetition button. 


Duration of the song

Song duration addition is the part of the control panel 


GitHub app 

Registering the app Spotify on Flutter Github will provide a large marketplace to sell the app and get good marketing. 


Our Flutter app 

We have developed a very vibrant Flutter application. VibesR is our music app providing various functionalities with smooth runtime. Contact Us

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