Things To Remember While Creating Product Videos In 2024

Things To Remember While Creating Product Videos In 2024

Things To Remember While Creating Product Videos In 2024

When done well, product videos can be a very effective and inspiring tool for increasing sales. In fact, according to 89% of respondents, watching a video has helped them decide to buy something. 

Product films are a must in contemporary advertising. Video is essential for demonstrating to buyers what they can anticipate from a product, as there are over 214 million online shoppers in the United States—roughly two-thirds of the population..

In light of this, we’re going to go over what a product video is, what makes it, how to make a successful video, and best practices.

What are product videos?

One kind of marketing video is a product video, which focuses on a particular product. It could highlight a recent launch, highlight a new feature, or walk through how the product functions.

Product videos come in a variety of formats, such as:

  • Launch or present a new product to the market in an introductory manner
  • How-to: Explain how a product operates
  • Explainer: Describe the nature of the product and the problems it fixes.
  • Testimonial: Discuss what clients have thought about your offering.

The purpose of a product film is to inform and educate your viewers about your product, its benefits, and the reasons behind purchasing it.

Understanding the importance of product videos

Product videos are proven to boost conversion rates by giving viewers a quick, easy-to-understand explanation of your goods. In order to learn more about a product or service, 96% of consumers have viewed an explainer video, according to Wzyowl’s video marketing report.

Here are some reasons to think about including more video into your marketing plan. 

Search engines love video

Google shows search results on websites as well as images, videos, news, maps, and other media. Below is an example of how this appears:

Based on research, Google prioritizes and favors websites with videos. Consequently, you will have a better chance of ranking in search results if your product page videos are housed on YouTube. This is particularly true if the stores of your rivals don’t use video.

Video is more shareable and clickable

Well-made videos get naturally shared on social media, which expands your audience. More than half of social media users share videos more often than any other kind of information, per a Wyzowl survey.Video can be a useful tool for expanding your brand’s reach, especially with social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok still expanding as marketing tools. Consumers are more likely to click on a thumbnail for a video than on text that lacks any multimedia or visual elements.

Your industry will determine the ideal duration for your video, but it’s still worthwhile to test out different lengths of short- and long-form video material to see what appeals to viewers the most. According to one survey, the most popular videos are typically those that last between two and ten minutes.

Video captivates

Users are watching an average of 17 hours of internet video per week, and this number is only rising. Because video is so easily accessed while browsing, it is particularly enticing to those who primarily consume media on mobile devices.

Quick snippets of your brand or product can grab the interest of your audience and make it more likely that they will share it with others in their network.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then…

Videos can rapidly and efficiently deliver a huge quantity of information. Users can quickly grasp your products or services rather of having to read a lengthy email marketing campaign or a 20-page report.Your target audience can now hear from consumers who are similar to them about why they like your items thanks to the growing popularity of user-generated content in marketing.

Video is an effective tool that can evoke strong feelings in viewers and subtly convey to them how they should feel about your company or goods.

5 elements of a compelling product video

What moves a viewer to action in a product video and what makes it fascinating, gripping, and shareable?

The following five components are a must for any effective product video: 

1. Hook

To draw in and pique the interest of viewers, a product video must have a captivating opening or hook. 

Consider your target market and the factors that would convince them to purchase your good or subscribe to your service. Next, deal with that demand head-on.

Increasing curiosity is an additional tactic. Your movie should begin with a sense of mystery and intrigue to entice the viewer to keep watching and discover the purpose of the video. Just make sure your reveal is interesting.

The playing card company Theory11 produced a video that captures and holds viewers’ attention.

2. Clear messaging

The messaging in your video must be succinct and consistent with the tone of your brand.

Keep your messaging concise without sacrificing the essence of your brand. There are several ways to accomplish this, including voiceovers, performers, and on-screen text.

BarkBox is a dog toy subscription business that uses text on screen to convey their message while maintaining a consistent visual brand.

3. Solution to a pain point

Your service or product is made to ease your customer’s misery. A powerful film demonstrates how your product offers the answer. It can be as easy as putting someone through a difficult chore, introducing your product, and then showing them how their life improves as a consequence.

It doesn’t have to be that simple. It’s possible that your target market is unaware of their problem until they see the answer your product provides.

The way BioLite presents their smokeless fire pit as a remedy for bothersome campfire smoke is excellent. Its film explains why its product is the necessary remedy while deftly reminding the audience of the issue.

4. Valuable information

You should provide insightful information about your product or service in your product video. This refers to the greatest features, functionality, applications, and other information that are best displayed on camera.

Igloo, a cooler manufacturer, condenses a wealth of important information about a recently released product into a 30-second advertisement.

5. Call-to-action

There needs to be an obvious call-to-action (CTA) in your product video. This will serve as a reminder to your viewer on their next course of action.

This might be an explicit request to “learn more,” “buy now,” or “request a demo.” It might also be a scene from the end that shows the webpage where customers can buy the item.

10 top tips for making a profitable product video

Understanding what will effectively communicate your message to your audience is crucial when learning how to create a product video. You may increase your sales by using these ten recommended practices while making a product video.

1. Speak to your audience

In your product video, you must communicate with and relate to your target audience.

Think about their current circumstances, their priorities, their desires, their sources of motivation, and the language they use to characterize their life.

It’s common for new parents to connect to feeling exhausted, lacking time, and having an untidy home—all while making the most of their family time. However, a late-night excursion may be more relatable to young professionals. 

However, sometimes it’s not nearly so obvious. There could be numerous methods to connect with your audience. The optimal channel for your goods must be identified; alternatively, think about A/B testing a few various approaches to discover which ones work best.

2. Create an airtight script

All of the dialogue and stage directions for your video are included in the video script. Your screenplay will direct your crew, ensuring you keep on message and produce the video you imagine, if you intend to include acting or voiceover in your production.

In order to develop a strong script, you should take into account the following:

  • The number of characters you will have
  • Who will be your characters?
  • Character statistics
  • If you plan to narrate
  • What tale do you wish to share?

Make an outline of the final video content before you do anything else. Next, include sound bits, conversation, and scenario specifics.

Ensure that every word that will be said is written down. As you write, read aloud the dialogue to ensure that it sounds genuine and conversational. Make sure the narrator and actors follow the script exactly and don’t wing it.

3. Make sure your video is the ideal length.

With the exception of lengthy lesson or in-depth product overview videos, which can last up to ten minutes, a typical product video lasts between fifteen seconds and two minutes. The sweet spot lasts for between thirty and sixty seconds.

The kind of tale you want to convey or the amount of information you want to include will determine how long your video should be.

You may give more information about your product in a minute and a half-long movie, or concentrate on a single feature in a brief 15-second video. When drafting your script, try to keep the video to 60 seconds. Then make adjustments according to the details or salient points you must convey. 

To see which duration works best, you can also record a longer video and then edit it into shorter ones.

4. Prioritise high-quality footage

While the quality of the camera on your smartphone is excellent for social media videos, it might not be sufficient for a product video. Invest in a video camera, rent gear, or use a production company to create your movie.

A film of superior quality conveys to your audience your seriousness about your company and its offerings. Video that is grainy, fuzzy, or of poor quality can appear amateurish and unreliable.

5. Get good audio

Superior audio quality is equally crucial as superior visual quality.

You may make sure you get a clean recording of your actors’ voices on your set by using boom mics, lavaliers, or other microphones.

In case your story has a narrator, this is crucial. Their voice must be distinct and steady throughout the entire video.

Sound effects or background music are included in your audio. Many websites provide stock audio clips that you may buy for use in commercial projects, providing you with inexpensive access to high-quality audio.

6. Pay attention to the video’s tempo and tone.

The speed at which the action occurs in your video is its pace. The atmosphere or emotion your video conveys is referred to as its tone.

A faster tempo can be utilized to communicate urgency and is more thrilling or unsettling. A more leisurely, seamless pace will reflect a more tranquil, serene way of life.

Your voice matters. Make sure everything, including the lighting, locations, words spoken, and actions conducted, reflects your brand voice. Your video’s tempo and tone will have a direct influence on the viewer’s post-watch emotions and subsequent actions.

7. Use detail-rich descriptions, subtitles, and captions

Search engine optimization (SEO) recommended practices are crucial if you’re posting your product video to a website like YouTube. To make your product video easier to discover, use some keywords. This could be the name of your product, an emphasised feature, or a trademarked term.

Add the keyword to places such as:

  • Video title
  • Description
  • Captions
  • Hashtags
  • Tags

This can guarantee that the video hosting website’s algorithm understands the topic of your film. Additionally, you should write a thorough description that explains to viewers what to expect from your film. To make it simple for users to go directly to a product page and complete a purchase, you can include links.

8. Include a call to action

We stated that a call to action (CTA) is one of the most important components of a strong product film. There are several approaches to incorporate this into your movie.

Ruggable, a home décor brand, maintains simplicity with their audio call to action, “Visit today.”

9. Incorporate customer testimonials where possible

Consumer testimonials and experiences are a powerful source of social proof that can influence prospective buyers to buy a product. A talking head interview, case studies, text on the screen, or screenshots of reviews are some examples of these.

You can include brief testimonials in a product video or make a whole video dedicated to client satisfaction and testimonials. Both work well at persuading viewers to act and buy something.

10. Examine effective product video samples.

To gain ideas for your own product marketing videos, check out what other brands or your competitors are producing. While this post has a number of examples of product films, you can also look up the YouTube channels and social media accounts of other firms to see the kinds of videos they have posted.

Take note of which ones are utilizing best practices and receiving the most views and engagement.

Tips for creating compelling product videos

Are you set to produce your own promotional videos? To ensure you’re creating a video that will appeal to your target audience, bear the following in mind:

  • Test your videos A/B.
  • To test, record lengthier videos and segment them into multiple iterations.
  • Watch your stats to find out which videos are the most successful.
  • Establish objectives and KPIs for your video material.
  • Analyze those particular metrics to assess performance.
  • Include video marketing heavily in your plan since it is here to stay.

One of the best ways to increase sales, search rankability, and brand awareness is to make product videos. Just make sure your target audience can relate to you and that your hook is strong. Find out more about creating a video that gets converted.


In 2024, the key to producing successful product videos is to captivate viewers, increase brand recognition, and boost revenue. Keep abreast of the latest developments in video marketing and demonstrate a willingness to experiment and adapt in response to your audience’s shifting tastes.

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