Unforgettable Unboxing Experience For Ecommerce Brand 2024

Unforgettable Unboxing Experience For Ecommerce Brand 2024

Unboxing Experience For Ecommerce Brand

The unpacking experience has become more and more popular on social media in the last few years. It is becoming an essential part of marketing strategies for eCommerce. The term “unboxing experience” refers to more than merely unwrapping a package. 

When a customer opens a present for the first time, their excitement is unmistakable. They carry this experience with them.

Why is it so important that a customer opens a package that contains anything they requested, you might be asking yourself. This is significant because done correctly, it may be a strong selling feature. 

Additionally, it offers brands a fantastic chance to grow through referrals, repeat business, and other channels. Customers consider influencer material that unboxes products to be very helpful.

We’ll talk about how to create a memorable unboxing experience in this article. We will also go through the main advantages that this presents for eCommerce firms. Lastly, we will examine businesses that have effectively incorporated unboxing experiences into their overall strategy.

What Is an Unboxing Experience?

When making a new purchase, reading product reviews is usually one of your first steps. If you would want a closer look at a product, the next type of content you can uncover are unboxing videos. 

It is crucial, therefore, to create an unboxing experience that is unforgettable. The term “unboxing experience” refers to the full process of your consumers opening and taking items out of the box. 

Even if for the majority of us it might happen every day, sometimes an unpacking experience gives us that “wow” feeling that makes us fall in love with a company and make more purchases. 

By creating a memorable and captivating experience, it aims to raise the value you offer to your clients and your business. 

The customer experience does not end—rather, it only gets started—when your customer receives their email of confirmation or even their final shipment notification. 

If your unpacking experience is amazing, you can continue the experience when they open and discover the contents of their eagerly awaited present. 

They have played a big part in this movement’s immense appeal. Ideally, as an online shop, you should make a great first impression on your customers. 

Benefits of Creating an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Creating a memorable unpacking experience has the advantage of being a simple way to increase conversions without requiring significant adjustments to your business processes. 

It also works just as well when buyers anticipate specific items rather than an unexpected gift. This is a great way to establish a connection with your customers before they ever open your product. It has amazing advantages, such as:

1. Enhances Customer Loyalty

When they have a good unboxing experience, your customers are more likely to try other things to duplicate that great experience. 

If customers continue to receive this care, they will be more likely to recommend your business to their friends and family. To put it plainly, the unwrapping process enhances the perception that your company is a very effective marketing tool among customers.

Recurring business is essential to building a strong, long-lasting brand. Financially speaking, sustaining enduring relationships with clients is significantly more advantageous than making efforts to attract new ones.

Building these relationships is more difficult than it may seem, according to a Bain & Company study. Even if a consumer is previously satisfied, 60% to 80% of them do not return to the same business after utilizing a product or service. 

This is so because brand loyalty encompasses more than just the caliber of a good or service. If you don’t give your customers a unique unboxing experience, it will be difficult to make money even if they are happy with your products.

2. Encourages Sharing on Social Media

One of the wonderful outcomes of a well-made unpacking film is engagement. Sixty-two percent of marketers claim that the number of views and shares a video receives on social media determines its success. 

Consider the popular unpacking video YouTube channels of Unbox Therapy and UrAverageConsumer

Given their growth, it is reasonable to presume that these channels receive a large number of shares, even though YouTube does not publicly disclose the number of shares a particular video receives.

Encourage your consumers to share their unboxing experiences on social media to obtain social proof. It also acts as a reference to the caliber and dependability of your company. 

This will improve your company’s reputation and show potential customers—who almost always look up reviews before making a new purchase—your dependability and integrity.

3. Tells the History of Your Brand

Internet retailers don’t have as many chances as traditional retailers to wow and wow shoppers. It’s critical to use each touchpoint to create a unique brand experience that sets you apart from competitors and provides customers with a satisfying experience.

The message of your brand is also conveyed by the brand packaging, packaging design, and packing materials, in addition to the product itself. 

Imagine a situation where your company places a strong emphasis on environmental efforts. In that case, the consumer experience is often greatly impacted by the packing. 

Eighty percent of UK customers believe that online orders have too much packaging, and eighty percent of them pick eco-friendly packaging.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencers have quickly become one of the most important tools in the marketing strategy’s armory. Because traditional advertising methods are often misleading, consumers have greater mistrust for them than ever before.

Conversely, influencer marketing is more concentrated, less costly, and more likely to result in a company’s exposure if the influencer is recognized as a key player in the field.

Since this is essentially a modern-day version of “word of mouth” marketing, it would be beneficial if you went above and above to make a positive impression. It is important to remember that influencers are not the same as celebrities who “endorse” something.

Influencers are largely ordinary people who acquire a large following and businesses by being perceived as trustworthy, despite certain similarities. This suggests that consumers are not likely to support a brand they don’t trust.

An effective unpacking experience is the perfect way to interact with influencers and potentially forge strong collaborations, since giving them a personalized first impression of your product can get you big points right away. 

Content that revolves around unboxing might draw a lot of attention to your company. This is a powerful recipe that, when applied to influencer marketing, may work wonders for your brand.

5. It Raises Value Perception

Almost nothing sold by branded retailers is genuinely original. If you want to be chosen by customers over your competitors, you have to offer more than just a product. This is the place to enjoy a delightful unboxing experience.

Few businesses have produced unboxings of the same quality as Tiffany & Co. Their robin’s egg blue jewelry boxes have become as iconic as their engagement diamonds. 

Elegance, sophistication, and excellent taste are the three main brand attributes that are embodied in the box alone. It is popularly referred to as “Tiffany blue,” and it is a trademark.

That’s the power of an unboxing experience that leaves you speechless. When executed properly, the act of unwrapping a gift can hold equal value and attraction to the consumer as the object itself.

How To Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

What actions can you take to guarantee that the unpacking experience for your customers is unforgettable? Thoughtful packaging and branding are crucial, but there are other variables at work as well. 

Here are some ideas for making your eCommerce’s unboxing experience truly memorable.

1. Personalize the Experience 

One of the easiest methods to make opening your goods even more enjoyable is to include handwritten notes with each one. 

By doing this, you build rapport with your customers and let them see your “human side.” As a consequence, they’ll feel like more than just another client. 

They will be moved that you gave their order serious thought, and as a result, they will be more likely to tell their friends about your company.

Etsy’s small business merchants frequently employ this tactic because they sell handcrafted goods in many of their shops. For example, the Emma and Ashe Etsy business offers clothing for expecting moms and their babies. 

A personalized, handwritten thank you card from the seller is enclosed with the delivery. 

Emma and Ashe serve as examples of how a great unboxing experience may occur without the need for a large store. Because of their simple designs and thoughtful consideration for the comfort and ease of use that mothers require, their products are wonderful baby shower gifts.

2. Brand Presentation

You can offer consumers a smooth shopping experience from the moment they enter your business until they receive their purchases by employing branded packaging. 

Providing customers with additional information about your brand, products, and company from the moment they first view your box is a great way to fully engage in brand storytelling.

Imagine what it would look like if you left it at their door. When handling fragile or regularly gifted items, exercise caution. If your product line demands confidentiality, it’s imperative to cherish it. Symbolism may work better in some circumstances than direct brand reference.

In keeping with the symbolic theme, remember that your packaging represents the values of your company. Sustainable packaging is an essential component of sustainable companies and products.

Finally, think about how easy it is to navigate the box. To obtain their much-anticipated items, no one wants to use scissors to cut through kilometers of scotch tape. It should be possible for your customers to open the packaging without breaking it or your product.

3. Use Discount Coupon

Even more scalable is the addition of a discount coupon for future purchases to further improve the unpacking experience. Printing coupons on demand is easy, so you can change the codes every month (or at other prearranged periods) to stop misuse.

Let’s say you are still worried about people abusing discount codes (and you don’t want to bother with having to update them all the time). In that case, you might utilize the example provided by Stationery Pal: 

The company doubles up on the “thank you” message in its goods boxes by luring the client to join up for a membership program that will provide them points as a sort of discount and money for referrals. 

Giving your customers a sense of exclusivity, specialness, and care by adding a bonus item (free sample of a product they ordered or any other gift, as long as it is consistent with your brand) to their orders will improve their customer experience and encourage them to make repeat purchases and recommendations to others.

4. Pick the Appropriate Packaging

Before attaching the colors or insignia of your company to any old package, it is imperative that you choose the right kind of packaging for your products. 

Opening boxes is only one aspect of unboxing. It explains how to take things out of any packaging. If your offerings are minimal, then a sizable custom bundle might not be necessary. 

Or you could sell t-shirts that don’t fit into a box but instead slide into a polymailer. Whether you ship your goods in padded mailers, poly mailers, or containers, be sure your packaging matches your product or products. 

The rationale is that your clients might receive twisted or broken goods if the package is too small for your product. 

If the box or mailer is overly big, you can end up paying more for the size of the box than the actual product. Choose the right packaging right now to totally prevent these mistakes.

5. Share Your Journey

Adding information on the journey of your product will also help you grow the unpacking process fast. 

This is a great way to increase transparency, and it’s quite effective for businesses in the sustainability sector. It strengthens the selling points of your products and supports the ideals of your brand.

For example, Essentials Eco, an eco-friendly subscription box company, provides a detailed pamphlet on the brand founders and information about every item in each shipment.

Instead of merely showing the shipping process in this case, you could tell a tale of how you launched your business with this particular product (did you have an issue that needed to be resolved, for instance?).

6. Use Email Teasers

Send teases to your customers via email to get them eager. After a sale goes well, transactional notifications are a powerful tool for eCommerce merchants.

Because order and shipping confirmation emails have the highest open and click rates, it’s probable that your customers will see them. Your customers present a unique opportunity for you to cross-sell them because they are looking forward to receiving the items they recently purchased.

Similar messaging can also be used in your explore, product, and cart abandonment emails to help customers finish their purchases. Observing how other consumers have responded to your products is one powerful form of social proof. 

Seeing others who have had amazing unpacking experiences might be the ideal way to convince consumers who are otherwise on the fence.

7. Encourage Social Media Posting

Likewise, if your clients thoroughly enjoyed their unboxing experience, it’s time to grab their attention even more. If you’ve included a hashtag or invited your clients to post about their unboxing experiences on social media, some of that naturally occurring user-generated content (UGC) may be hiding there. 

Put your hashtag next to those postings in your emails to let your customers know what to expect and to further spark their enthusiasm in their impending unwrapping experience.

To enhance brand awareness, encourage your customers to share their unboxing experiences on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. 

By creating a public playlist of user-generated content (UGC) and informing customers that their content can be identified on your channel, you can advertise unboxing videos.

HighPeak Co., for example, provides a TikTok playlist of user reviews, which includes videos of unboxing.

HighPeak Co

                                    Highpeak Co Tiktok Account – Image Source: Tiktok

The creation of a public UGC playlist using this method increases social proof and brand visibility.


Creating a memorable experience that leaves your customers satisfied and with a memory they want to remember can provide your business the competitive advantage it needs to attract new customers and develop repeat business. 

It’s a great way for tiny internet businesses to differentiate themselves from the bland brown boxes of bigger online retailers. 

This is true since the package you provide to them serves as your customers’ initial point of contact. If executed well, it could also serve as a strong selling point for customers who return to your store. That being stated, remember to use the original packaging.

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