What Is Shopify Mega Menu? How These 5 Apps Can Help

What Is Shopify Mega Menu? How These 5 Apps Can Help

Explore the Shopify mega menu concept in detail to see how you can maximize the possibilities of your Shopify store. Examine these five must-have apps that transform browsing and improve the ease of navigating your business.

Discover how these apps make the most of the Shopify mega menu, enabling your company to design vibrant, easy-to-use browsing experiences.

Shopify’s Mega Menu

An extended navigation tool created specifically for online stores running on the Shopify platform is called a Shopify mega menu. It enables a more elaborate and adaptable menu structure, frequently featuring numerous columns, pictures, and sub-menus.

Mega menus improve site navigation and user experience by showcasing a vast number of product categories, collections, or connections. They make it possible for retailers to arrange and display a wider variety of goods, which facilitates consumer access and browsing.

Mega menus offer a wide range of customized layouts, themes, and content combinations to meet specific corporate needs. They improve the purchasing experience by meeting the requirements of many organizations.

Here, two menu layouts are shown when you hover over the titles of the TV series products at the Showtime store.


When to Opt for Shopify Mega Menus?

Shopify mega menus work well on websites with a large selection of products or categories that need to be navigated in an orderly and effective manner. They are especially helpful in the following situations:

Diverse Product Range

A mega menu facilitates easier browsing by organizing and displaying a large number of products.

The shopping areas of the Swiss Knife shop, such as Shop By Size, Shop By Use, Collections, etc., provide you instant access to the product page for camping knives.

2. Improve navigation using visual elements

helping clients quickly and easily navigate from one section to the next or quickly identify particular products using illustrations.

Mega menus in Shopify stores such as Mary Maxim incorporate products or related graphics.




Look for a menu design that can be modified and updated to fit the needs and style of your brand.

Enhanced User Experience

improving the user interface to enable easier browsing and a better online buying experience.

Visual Hierarchy

Create a visual hierarchy to draw attention to particular products or categories.

The screenshot below shows the full menu that is displayed on the 1800 PetMeds store.

When to Refrain from Using the Shopify Mega Menu?

In certain circumstances, it might not be the greatest choice to use a big menu:

1. Limited Product Range

It might not be required to create a giant menu if your store has a limited number of products or categories, as it could overwhelm users with too many alternatives. A basic menu might be more appropriate in these circumstances.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile devices might not always be able to properly display mega menus. The intricacy of a mega menu might not be appropriate if the majority of your target audience makes purchases on mobile devices. For mobile users, you should take a different approach to navigation.

Check out the burger menu on Novo Watch’s mobile website.


3. Clutter and Complexity

Mega menus can become confusing and complicated when they are badly designed. An excessive number of items on the menu could confuse customers and make navigating more difficult.

One example is the Canada Government website, which has a lot of links on its front page.


In this case, a more pleasant choice may be a left-hand menu that expands to indicate further levels.

4. Slow Loading Times

A mega menu can have a negative effect on user experience if it causes loading times to be excessively long. If the menu takes too long to load, users may become impatient and leave the website, especially if their internet connection is slow.

5. SEO Considerations

The overall SEO value of each link in a mega menu may be diminished if it is used excessively. The SEO performance of the website may be impacted if the links in the mega menu are not pertinent or well-organized.

6. Accessibility Concerns

Accessibility issues with complex mega menus might arise for users who utilize keyboard navigation or screen readers. It is imperative that the mega menu be usable by every user.

In these situations, it could be more advantageous to go with a more straightforward menu or investigate other navigational options that better fit the unique requirements and attributes of your online store and its target market.

Arranging an Effective Mega Menu

Let’s see how to efficiently arrange material in a mega menu.

1. Categorizing Menu Sections

Start by carefully examining the product catalog in your marketplace. Determine which divisions or main categories best represent the variety of products that are offered. Clearly and pertinently describe and categorize these areas.

The primary categories and subcategories in the menu breakdown are shown in this Soko Glam example.

2. Presenting Categories in Order

Put in place a technique of sequential display for the mega menu. Present a single main category at a time, and when the user interacts with the screen (by hovering over it or clicking on it), related products or subcategories are displayed under that particular category.

Take Soko Glam, where each category holds its gigantic menu, displaying material when picked, assuring visitors access one menu at a time.


3. Sorting Menu Divisions

Make sensible and easy-to-use subclass groupings inside each primary category. Make sure the structure is well organized so that users can easily go from larger areas to more specialized product groups.

The Allbirds interface, for instance, is simple and features five big menus with the labels “men,” “women,” “new arrivals,” and “sustainable.”

4. Utilizing Visuals and Icons

Add visuals, pictures, or symbols to the mega menu to better represent each topic and section. Choose eye-catching, visually appealing images that captures the spirit of the product or category.

Images related to TV shows are part of the products sold at the Showtime store.


These techniques will help you structure and arrange your mega menu in a way that will enhance user navigation, expedite browsing, and visually interest users.


With Shopify’s sophisticated navigation function, you can design flexible and easily navigable menus for your online store. Customers will find it easier to explore your product options and find what they’re looking for with these menus, which can greatly improve the user experience. The five programs listed above offer a range of features and aesthetics to customize your mega menu to meet your unique requirements. You can improve the navigation of your website, boost sales, and provide your clients a more enjoyable shopping experience by utilizing these apps.

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