What Is The Cost To Develop An App Like Straling Bank?

What Is The Cost To Develop An App Like Straling Bank?

What Is The Cost To Develop An App Like Straling Bank?

Because they provide advantages that increase overall effectiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and expedite operations, mobile banking apps have become essential for organizations in a number of ways. According to experts, using mobile banking apps enhances cash flow management by facilitating better financial communication.

Banking and financial institutions are increasingly focusing on the creation of robust and user-friendly software solutions that meet these shifting client demands as expectations shift toward personalized, seamless, and mobile-centric experiences.

A Statista analysis projects that by 2027, the European app market will bring in $77.61 billion in revenue.

Creating mobile banking apps is now a daily requirement rather than a luxury from the future. Applications such as Starling Bank have radically changed the banking scene by showcasing efficient operational procedures and protecting private data.

Creating a mobile banking app similar to Starling Bank helps to offer a personalized experience in addition to giving a competitive advantage. However, if you hope to spearhead a revolution in neo-banking, a basic inquiry must be addressed: how much would it cost to create a mobile banking app similar to Starling Bank?

Now let’s explore the variables that affect development costs and other important details that can assist us in creating highly efficient and productive methods.

Why Starling and Other Mobile Banking Apps Are Important

Mobile banking apps like Starling are crucial in the ever-changing world of financial technology because they make it simple for customers to access banking services via smartphones and help them manage their finances anytime, anywhere (like the Mudra app we designed). These FinTech apps provide a better user experience by improving security, expediting financial transactions, and providing real-time monitoring. Building an app similar to Starling Bank has become imperative in 2024 because of its many benefits, including ease of use, frictionless transactions, 24/7 availability, etc.

Important Elements Affecting the Price of Developing an App Similar to Starling Bank

Creating a mobile banking app similar to Starling Bank requires a methodical and deliberate strategy that calls for cutting-edge technology, expert knowledge, and a thoughtful feature list. Let’s investigate the main elements that raise the price of creating an app similar to Starling Bank.

Features and Complexity of the App

The complexity of a mobile banking application is a major factor in determining development expenses. Features like seamless fund transfers, real-time notifications, and budgeting tools are all included with Starling Bank. The total cost of development is increased by intricate features and a seamless user experience.

Method of Development

The methodology used to create a mobile banking app affects how much it costs to produce. The agile development process used by Starling Bank is superior since it enables quick adjustments and modifications in response to market developments. Adopting agile methods may result in higher upfront expenses, but they will ultimately save money.

The Technology Stack

Determining the development expenses requires careful consideration of the chosen technology stack. Starling Bank uses cutting edge technology to guarantee a safe environment. The integration of blockchain-based security measures and biometric authentication necessitates specialized technology skills, which drives up project costs.

Observance of Rules and Regulations

Mobile banking apps are subject to stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, particularly when managing sensitive financial data. Starling Bank’s adherence to PSD2 and GDPR is indicative of their commitment to compliance.

Developer Rates and Location

Costs are impacted by the development team’s location. The UK-based Starling Bank works in regions where developer rates are higher. Nonetheless, the caliber of the work connected to these regions frequently justifies the expenditure.

Communication and Project Management

Effective project management and open communication are essential for developing successful apps. Starling Bank ensures on-time delivery and alignment with corporate goals through its emphasis on good communication and project management. It may cost more to rely on seasoned project managers and promote effective communication, but the development process will move more smoothly as a result.

Features of Banking Apps Like Starling

Certain features are common to apps such as Starling Bank. Let’s examine how those features improve customer experiences and make a difference while protecting sensitive data.

Account Management: Comprehensive Financial Summary

Users can obtain a detailed view of their financial position with this function. Through the application’s user-friendly design, users can easily check account balances, inspect full statements, look up transaction history, and access other crucial account details.

Payments and Transfers: Flowing Financial Exchanges

Users may easily pay bills straight from the app, transfer and receive money between people, and conduct contactless phone payments. Users may feel confident in every financial interaction because the platform is easy to use and guarantees efficient and secure execution of financial transactions.

Expense Insights: Precious Financial Knowledge

This function allows real-time tracking of spending habits, graphically appealing breakdowns, and transaction categorization. By gaining insightful knowledge about their own financial habits, users are better equipped to make decisions and take charge of their finances.

Linked Cards: Comprehensive Account Administration

This functionality allows users to easily manage several accounts within the app. It has Open Banking integration, which makes it simple for customers to connect accounts from different banks.

Customer Service Round-the-Clock: Tailored Help Right Now

This feature provides users with round-the-clock access to unmatched customer assistance. The committed support team is available to provide users with in-app chat or phone support in real-time, so they can get help whenever and wherever they need it.

Ways to Get Around the Difficulties in Developing a Mobile Banking App Like Starling Bank

Developing an app similar to Starling Bank is quite beneficial since it allows companies to assist their target market by simplifying and improving their trip. However, there are several difficulties that come up when creating the app. Let’s discuss such issues and how to resolve them.

Problem: Security Concerns


Using cutting edge encryption techniques and carrying out frequent security audits ensures the confidentiality of critical financial data and fosters client confidence.

Regulatory Compliance is a challenge.


Standard compliance is ensured by using an adaptive development strategy and staying current with regulatory revisions. Developers may build a foundation that not only satisfies current standards but also predicts and adjusts to future regulatory changes, promoting a robust and compliant development process, by proactively addressing growing legal frameworks and data protection regulations.

Problem: Resistance to User Adoption


Offering in-depth training courses and providing continuous assistance makes it easier for clients to accept the new mobile banking app, which boosts output.


the cost of developing an app like Straling Bank is crucial for effective budgeting and planning. By considering key factors and features, businesses can make informed decisions and allocate resources appropriately to ensure the successful development of their banking application project.

Fintech is always changing, and making an app like an e-wallet requires a lot of careful planning and the newest technology. Using Appic Softwares as a guide gives you a strategy plan to get through the tough parts, which encourages innovation and makes it possible to create groundbreaking fintech apps in 2024 and beyond.

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