How Much Does it Cost To Create A Real Estate App In UAE?

How Much Does it Cost To Create A Real Estate App In UAE?

How Much Does it Cost To Create A Real Estate App In UAE?

These days, mobile applications are the most widely used digital communication medium. The majority of physical businesses have begun to invest in creating mobile applications to streamline their business processes.

These days, the real estate industry is always changing, which presents a plethora of business prospects. Indeed, real estate applications have changed the game in the sector these days, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.

Do you have any thoughts about making an investment in real estate app development? In the meantime, you’re wondering how much it costs to develop a mobile app for real estate in the United Arab Emirates. This article is all you need if that’s the case.

Current Data Regarding UAE Real Estate Mobile App Development

It goes without saying that, in contrast to other jurisdictions, real estate mobile apps have become extremely popular in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has been a major player in the world economy in recent years. Furthermore, it is regarded as one of the largest centers of technology, consistently leading the way in advances. Consequently, it is a desirable place for firms and entrepreneurs to make investments.

The real estate mobile app revenue industry is expected to grow to an astounding 221.5 million by 2027, according to Statista.

Due to the tremendous growth in real estate apps, entrepreneurs ought to take advantage of this trend and invest in this excellent chance.

According to another survey, there will be a 23% increase in the total number of mobile app downloads in 2022. Additionally, it is anticipated to get worse in 2023 and beyond.

Additionally, the graph above can be used to forecast the need for real estate apps in 2023.

What Is A Real Estate App?

Technology has advanced, and the real estate market has changed dramatically. Additionally, businesses have experienced a huge increase in sales since the release of real estate applications.

Generally speaking, a real estate app is similar to a piece of software that assists sellers and purchasers in renting, selling, and buying properties at any time or place.

Additionally, these applications can be accessed on mobile and desktop platforms.

These apps also give you access to features like floor plans, 3D virtual reality capabilities, address lookup, and all the information you need about the property.

These apps are widely used; some of the most well-known ones include, Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow. The user experience is flawless thanks to the intricate functionality and user-friendly interfaces of these apps.

To put it briefly, a real estate mobile app facilitates easy navigation of the real estate market.

Best 8 Types Of Real Estate Apps You Need To Know About

In the modern real estate app market, there is no shortage of different kinds of applications, and some have become very popular.

The eight real estate app categories listed below are widely available in mainstream markets and are thought to be in high demand.

  1. App for Real Estate Appraisal

By looking over a map and selecting an address, users of this software can quickly add new job openings.

The app may be developed for about AED 33,056, which is a reasonable price.

  1. The App for Property Information

This software has a layout akin to well-known hunting apps and is intended for the property and hunting sector.

The approximate cost of developing an app for property information is 64,276 AED.

  1. Booking App for Home Inspections

This tool makes it simple to examine and assess properties in real time.

This app is comparable to other applications that inspect properties, and it costs about AED 65,276 to develop these kinds of apps.

  1. Real Estate App

For brokers, homebuyers, and tenants, this software is perfect. Additionally, this app facilitates hassle-free and efficient communication.

AED 304,848 is the approximate cost of developing a realtor app.

  1. App for Household Management

This program makes it simple for renters, buyers, and real estate companies to keep an eye on the conditions of properties. It can be developed for about 35,056 AED.

  1. Purchasing or Renting Apps

This software is intended especially for sellers, real estate brokers, landlords, and renters.

Additionally, this software makes it simple to look for real estate for sale or rental. The estimated cost of development is between AED 91,822 and AED 165,550.

Home Valuation software: This software offers insights into market value and future projections of properties, which is helpful for landlords, sellers, investors, and real estate brokers.

The estimated cost to construct an app of this kind is between AED 80,822 and AED 95,550.

  1. The App for Listing Properties

This app is intended especially for renters, purchasers, and real estate agents.

These apps also provide easy access to real estate listings and important information about each listing.

The total projected cost of developing an app for property listings is AED 37,056.

  1. App for Property Management

Instant property management maneuvering is provided by this app. thus supporting the administration of work orders and aiding in the computation of rent due dates.

To put it briefly, developing an app for property management can cost anything from AED 91,822 to AED 128,550.

Why One Should Invest In Building A Real Estate App In 2023?

These days, there is a lot of competition in the real estate market, and even a small miscommunication can cost a lot of money.

You as a real estate business owner need to make sure that your consumers have an engaging experience if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

The top 4 reasons why real estate companies ought to think about developing an app for their customers are listed below.

  1. Dramatically Increases Sales

You may quickly reach huge sales targets with a mobile app specifically for real estate.

The majority of applications available today have the newest features and technologies to enable real-time property viewing for consumers.

Additionally, you may make use of newly added features in your app and provide your clients with virtual tours. Long-term, this raises the credibility of your brand even more.

Additionally, you may incorporate into your app a sophisticated property search function that enables purchasers to quickly review every listing from any location at any time.

Aside from that, you can get in touch with a possible buyer at any time to sell or buy real estate.

This facilitates agents’ presentation of homes to prospective buyers as well as buyers’ search for the houses that best suit their needs.

  1. Constant Availability Around-the-Clock

A strong, data-driven real estate mobile app enables agents to stay in touch with their clients all day long.

Additionally, clients can easily communicate with their agents or sellers through an app, ask questions, and receive prompt answers.

All things considered, the convenience factor is greatly increased by offering 24/7 accessibility to both buyers and sellers.

This therefore makes it easier for customers to have the best possible experience and increases the possibility that they will stay customers.

  1. Better Customer Experience

In the long run, having mobile apps specifically for real estate improves the consumer experience.

You can let clients save their searches and buy the properties they like by using these apps.

You can also incorporate features like a mortgage calculator and 3D tours. They can now compare houses in real time and make more educated judgments thanks to this. In the end, it helps them before they make a significant financial choice.

  1. Automation of Tasks

Repetitive chores can be automated by mobile apps, which can also expedite the process of entering real estate data. In addition, it facilitates the transmission of papers between buyers and sellers and helps with prompt inquiry responses.

For both buyers and real estate agencies, this results in time and resource savings.

To put it briefly, having a personalized mobile application aids in attracting new clients and keeping hold of existing ones.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Building Real Estate Apps In UAE

Creating an app involves a significant financial commitment as well as in-depth study. And it’s crucial to take into account elements that influence the cost of developing a mobile app if you intend to create one especially for a real estate company.

The following elements are typically taken into account when estimating the price of mobile real estate apps.

  1. Employing Roles

The hiring model type that you choose is the primary factor that affects an app’s price.

  • Three different versions are usually available globally.
  • Internal development group Independent contractors
  • The hiring strategy you’ve selected has a big impact on how much your app will cost.

Hiring developers, designers, and other technical experts is a must when creating an app internally. On the other hand, outsourcing entails working with an outside development team.

Although each approach has advantages and disadvantages, outsourcing could result in cost savings on overhead and operational expenditures.

  1. The App’s Complexity

Another important consideration in software application cost is the intricacy of your product.

For example, your app will cost affluent if it has restricted features and capabilities. On the other hand, your software will cost more the more intricate features and functionalities it has.

As a result, you must complete the features and functionalities of your app in advance. You can also get in touch with our mobile app developers in the UAE for that reason.

  1. Design of User Interface/UX

Your app’s UI/UX design is essential to its success.

In that case, you have to make sure the organization you hire is sufficiently experienced. in order for them to provide mobile app designs and interfaces that are appealing to your target audience and are both responsive and engaging.

In conclusion, the complexity of your app and the level of experience of the mobile app development business you hire will determine the cost of UI/UX design.

  1. Testing And Quality Assurance

The time needed for QA and testing is a crucial factor that affects an app’s price once it has been successfully completed.

You need to test your app several times to make sure it functions properly for a demanding app.

You can get help in developing your app from a seasoned mobile app development business.

  1. Connectivity With Outside Services

Among the most popular features found in most real estate apps is the integration of third-party services including social media platforms, payment gateways, and location-based services.

These features will raise the cost of developing an app even further.

Furthermore, the features and capabilities you wish to integrate with outside providers will also affect the cost aspect.

  1. Privacy And Security Of Data

To safeguard user data from online dangers, your real estate app needs to have strong security measures.

The cost of your software increases as you incorporate security features like encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure storage.

  1. Compatibility Across Platforms

The cost of developing an app may also be impacted by the need to create one that functions well across several platforms, such as iOS and Android.

To achieve that, though, you must choose a hybrid or cross-platform program that functions flawlessly on both platforms.

This raises the price of your mobile application even more.

  1. After-launch Upkeep and Assistance

To keep your app current and bug-free once it launches, you must provide routine maintenance and support.

The intricacy of your software and the number of users it has will determine the cost of upkeep and support.

In conclusion, the precise cost of developing mobile apps for real estate remains unknown. It is dependent upon several factors. A few are mentioned above.

Depending on your needs, the app’s price typically ranges from 100,000 AED to 180,000 AED or more.

Are you considering making an app for real estate? In this regard, are you looking to get in touch with a reputable UAE-based mobile app development company?

Get in touch with our skilled app developers right now.

5 Tips To Reduce The Real Estate Mobile Apps Development Costs

The five elements listed above assist you in lowering the cost of creating mobile applications for real estate.

  1. Contract Out the Development of Your App

You can gain access to a worldwide talent pool and cut costs by outsourcing.

An outsourcing partner can provide the knowledge, skills, and assets you need to ensure the success of your app.

Additionally, hiring costs and other operating expenses can be reduced with an onshore/offshore business.

  1. Ascertain The Unexpected Expenses Your app development budget may slip off course due to upfront hidden charges. It is crucial to recognize them in advance for this reason.

The following services can raise the cost of developing an app: administrative, infrastructure, IT support, and functional services.

Additional considerations such as CDN, API, data storage, access control, and CDN might significantly raise your costs.

Speak with your outsourced partner and obtain a precise pricing estimate to prevent problems down the road.

  1. Make Use of the App Design Templates Available

To produce an appealing design, the UI and UX design process is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Therefore, use the free UI kits and templates that are available online rather than creating an app design from scratch.

You can use one of the many editable templates offered to make an effective and engaging application.

Among the well-known instances are;

  • Free User Interface Kits for eCommerce
  • Android Material Design Flat Mobile App User Interface
  • You can save time and money by using these templates.
  1. Begin With A Small, Minimum Viable Product

Investing in the initial development of an MVP can reduce costs compared to pursuing a fully functional mobile application.

Without a question, an MVP can be a great method to get started small and see how your app works before committing a sizable sum of money to it.

Additionally, an MVP enables you to create an app with the most basic features and release it into the market to learn about the wants and needs of the user base.

Additionally, you can get user input for your program. It will also help you to adjust the ultimate solution appropriately.

A few of the well-known apps that were first MVPs are Instagram, Facebook, and Uber.

  1. Use A Cross-Platform App To Cut Development Costs

Developing distinct applications for iOS and Android might be costly. Choose a cross-platform application instead, as it will function seamlessly on both platforms. this aids in cost savings as well.

React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin are examples of web and mobile technologies that are used in the development of cross-platform applications.

They are comparable to native apps in terms of features and functionality. It is not necessary for developers to create distinct codes for various operating systems, nevertheless. 

Challenges & Risks Associated With Real Estate Mobile Apps

In recent years, the real estate industry has undergone a significant paradigm shift. Additionally, it is anticipated to rise even higher in the next years due to the launch of real estate apps.

In actuality, these kinds of apps offer a chance for more effective connections between buyers, sellers, and realtors.

Still, using these apps has a number of advantages. However, creating mobile apps for real estate also presents certain difficulties.

From now on, ensuring the app’s success requires carefully navigating the risks and hurdles.

The four primary dangers and obstacles related to real estate apps are listed below.

  1. Legal Risks

The government has strict regulations on the real estate sector. Maintaining trust and making sure the app complies with all legal standards are therefore essential.

Zoning restrictions broken, being held legally accountable for documents created by users, or using outside information sources can all have negative long-term effects on one’s reputation and legal standing.

It’s crucial to seek advice from a seasoned UAE mobile app development business to prevent any problems down the road.

  1. Financial Restraints

It can be costly to develop a personalized real estate software, particularly for startups with tight budgets.

An advanced and user-friendly app requires a substantial investment, regardless of the platform—iOS or Android.

Small realtors may find it challenging to create a personalized app and maintain their competitiveness in the market as a result. Choose an app development business based on how much it can afford.

  1. Privacy And Security Issues

Sensitive data is handled by real estate companies, including the banking and financial details of vendors, workers, and tenants. Therefore, it is crucial to guarantee the data’s security and privacy.

In general, real estate companies face unique challenges when it comes to privacy considerations. Thus, collaborate with a knowledgeable app development firm that is familiar with all relevant privacy and security regulations.

  1. Determining the Target Market

Determining the target audience for a real estate app ahead of time is the last and most challenging step in the process.

Real estate apps benefit a variety of parties, including buyers, sellers, brokers, and agents, so determining who your target market is is essential.

If you don’t first determine who your target user base is, your app may fall short of what your intended users want.


understanding the costs involved in creating a real estate app in the UAE is essential for effective budgeting and planning. By considering factors influencing development expenses, businesses can make informed decisions and allocate resources appropriately to ensure the successful implementation of their app projects in the UAE market.

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