What To Sell On Shopify? 5 Niches To Sell In 2023

What To Sell On Shopify? 5 Niches To Sell In 2023

what to sell on Shopify

Do you know, there are almost 2,681,369 websites using Shopify in the USA? The reason behind such a big number is its ease of use, SEO friendliness, and more. 

If you too are planning to launch your Shopify store but are confused about which all products you can include in your store, then this post is for you. Here we have listed 5 niches that you can target. We have listed stats of almost every niche which stats on why you should start your business around it. 

So, let’s dive in and check the content in this post-

5 Niches To Sell On Shopify

Here are the top 5 niches whose products people are currently looking for on the internet-

Travel Accessories

With the travel restriction being removed, people are traveling more. Thus, as a result, the sale of travel accessories is too on the rise, as seen in the graph below. 

Here are some of the products which you can list in your store-

  • Camouflage clothing 
  • Travel bags
  • Micro-filter bottle set. 
  • Scuba wash bags
  • And many more. 

Click here to know more accessories you can use.

Health & Beauty Products 

According to a report, the global Health and Beauty market is growing at a rate of 4.82% CAGR and is expected to reach $558.21 billion by 2026. A proof that selling health and beauty products can help you gain profit in your store. 

Some of the products that you can list are-

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Beauty Products
  • Dental care
  • And many more. 

Vegan Products

Till now 65,000 products and more than 2,500 companies are registered as Vegan product providers. Vegan products are in high demand and the graph below showcases the same. 
Vegan product app development
Some vegan products that you can list in your app are- 

  • Vegan protein products
  • Vegan supplements
  • Vegan meat
  • And more. 

Pet Accessories 

Pet marketplace app development

With people adopting new pets, the demand for accessories is also on the rise. As per a report, 69 million households in the US own at least one dog, and 45.3 million own a cat. 

Thus if you provide pet products in your store then you might be able to scale up your revenue. Here is a list of products that you can sell from your store-

  • Pet beds
  • Pet bowls
  • Pet collars
  • Bandanas
  • And more. 

Yoga, Sports, & Fitness

With people concentrating more on their fitness, dealing in sports, yoga, and fitness the need for these products are in high demand. If your store is dealing in travel accessories then it would be easier for you to add fitness products as the product manufacturing companies can be the same. 

Here are some products that you can list-

  • Yoga mats
  • Gym equipment
  • Sportswear
  • And more. 

Benefits Of Using Shopify Store

Top 3 advantages of using Shopify-

24X7 Customer Support

Shopify is very active in providing customer support to the merchants that are using their platform. You can connect with Shopify via live chat, voice chat, text chat, email, and more. 

Additionally, Shopify has community features where there are more than 9,00,000 merchants listed that can provide you with solutions. Shopify also conducts webinars for new merchants to learn how to create a store. 

Mobile Responsive

The website made from Shopify is mobile responsive which helps you scale up the customer experience in your store. This feature also helps you get an add-on advantage while performing SEO for your store. 

Third-Party Integrations

Shopify has a marketplace through which you can integrate many useful tools such as CRMs, email marketing tools, loyalty program tools, and so on. This feature helps you to run your store smoothly and provide better opportunities to your clients. 

How To Develope An Ecommerce Store?

Here are the top 3 steps that will help you develop your e-commerce store with ease. 

Conduct A Market Research

Before you get started with developing your ecommerce app, you should check out how your competitors are performing. You can read their social media comments, read reviews on Google, and more. 

This way you would be able to learn about their pain points which can be used by you to scale up your store. 

Partner With An Ecommerce App Development Company

Up next, you should select an ecommerce app development company that has previously worked on different ecommerce projects. Partnering with them will help you gain new ideas, and you would get your app at a very low cost which you can use later on in marketing or other activities in your store. 

Choose A Tech Stack 

You should choose a tech stack that perfectly suits your ideas. For example, if you want 3D rendering in your ecommerce app then you should choose React Native, similarly, if you want a highly customized app then you should choose Flutter. 

If you are confused about what tech stack to choose, then you can get a free consultation from here-

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Now, in the end, we hope that we were able to help you decide the best niche for your store. You can even open a multivendor store and list all the above niches. 

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