Co-Star Astrology Statistics 2023: Traffic, Ranking, And More

Co-Star Astrology Statistics 2023: Traffic, Ranking, And More

Co-Star is an Astrology information-providing application that uses NASA data and astrologers to provide insightful knowledge. Just because of its unique features Co-Star Astrology has been featured in Vogue, Network Times, Vanity Fair, and so on. 

 Here in this blog, we will be providing you with astonishing Co-Start Astrology statistics that you must check out. 

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Co-Star Astrology Traffic Stats 2023

  • The highest traffic on the Co-Star Astrology website accumulates from the United States which is 505.5k.
  • Overall the total traffic on Co-Start Astrology is 945.7k with a bounce rate of 84.9%.
  • In the United States, Co-Star Astrology is ranked #54 (Google Play Store).
  • Out of the total visitors, 75.4% come from the mobile device, and the rest 24.6% come from the desktop. 

Device traffic on co-star astrology

What Is The Monthly Traffic On Co-Star Astrology?

On March 2023, Co-Star Astrology saw 847.0K visitors. 

Month Visitors
January 974.9K
February 797.7K
March 847K

Monthly traffic on Co-star Astrology

Which Country Has The Highest Visitors To Co-Star Astrology?

The United States has the highest number of visitors to Co-Star Astrology and the least visitors come from the Netherlands. 

Countries Traffic (%)
United States 44.12
United Kingdom 7.70
Canada 5.54
Philippines 5.32
Netherland 4
Others 33.33

Country wise traffic on Co-Star Astrology

Co-Star Astrology Revenue 2023

  • As per our experts, the average cost of 1 download on the Google Play store is $0.2 and Co-Star Astrology has more than 5 million downloads which lets us know that at least the revenue that has been earned through the app download is $1million+.
  • Now they have an in-app purchase option and similar to Playstore, App Store also pays some amount for every download. Thus, we can not clearly predict their revenue. 

Co-Star Astrology Marketing Channels

  • Co-Star receives most of the traffic on its website organically (69.55%).
  • Currently, 1.4M visitors are there organically on Co-Star Astrology.
Marketing Channels Traffic(%)
Direct 23.43
Referrals 1.21
Organic 69.55
Social Media 0.40
Emails 5.41

Marketing channel traffic on Co-star astrology

Social Media Traffic On Co-Star Astrology 

Through Youtube Co-Star receives the highest social media traffic (59.40%).

Social Media Channel Traffic (%)
Facebook Messanger 59.40
Youtube 26.42
Instagram 11.82
Twitter 2.37

Social media traffic on Co-star astrology

Co-Star Astrology Demographic Statistics 2023

Out of the total traffic, 61.60% is female and 38.40% is male on Co-Star Astrology Demographics. 

What Is The Age Distribution On Co-Star Astrology

31.82% of the total traffic on Co-Star is from 18-24 years old (highest) whereas 3.75% are 65+ years of age. 

Age Traffic Distribution(%)
18-24 31.82
25-34 31.00
35-44 16.10
45-54 10.61
55-64 6.72
65+ 3.75

Age distribution on Co-star Astrology

Co-Star Astrology Reviews And Rating

Source: Google PlayStroe

Co-Star Astrology is rated 4.6/5⭐ on Google Play out of a total of 75.2k reviews. 

Co-Star Astrology Competitors

Astrology.Com V/S Co-Star Astrology

  • On February 2023, saw 15.8 million visitors whereas Co-Star Astrology saw 797.7K visitors. 
  • Both (52.94%) and Co-Star Astrology(44.12%) have the highest rate of traffic from the United States. 
  • runs paid advertisements to gain traffic on its website and mobile app, whereas Co-Star Astrology does not run any paid advertisements. 
  • Astrology.Com has a bounce rate of 40.83% whereas Co-Star Astrology has 84.9%

To know more about Astrology.Com, read our blog⬇️

Astrology.Com Traffic & Demographic Stats 2022


In the last round of its funding which is on 14th April 2021, Co-Star Astrology raised $21M. By looking at the above stat we can clearly say that the Co-Star company is gaining and growing at a fast pace. 

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