How To Build A Store Like Snitch?

How To Build A Store Like Snitch?

How To Build A Store Like Snitch?

Do you know Snitch is ranked #8 under the category of lifestyle (fashion & apparel) in India? If you are planning to build a store similar to Snitch and looking for ways to do it, then you are at the right place. 

Here we have mentioned what their social media marketing strategy is, their future plans, and more. So, let’s check the content in this post- 

What Is Snitch?

Snitch is a fast-growing men’s fashion brand. The company in the beginning used to work as a B2B material provider, but later they changed their operations and became a fast fashion brand. 

Snitch grew more popular when they delivered their pitch on Shark Tank India and gained 5 sharks on the show. However, Snitch is a men’s fashion brand, and 42.25% of the total traffic on its site is female. 

Snitch stat

Snitch’s Social Media Strategy

As Snitch makes products for Gen-Zs they perform regressive marketing on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and more. 56.35% of the total social media traffic generated on their store is via Youtube followed by Facebook (25.19%)

Snitch also has a team that continuously solves the problems of users on their social media profiles which gives a positive impact on new customers. The company started with 2,000 followers and now has reached more than 100K followers on Instagram. 

How To Build A Store Similar To Snitch?


Snitch has a clean store design that allows the customers to quickly surf the store and choose the product they are looking for-

Here are 4 easy ways by which you can build a store similar to Snitch and sell your products quickly-

Choose Your Ecommerce Store Builder

The very first step would be to choose an ecommerce platform that will help you to build your store. There are various types of store builders that range from free to enterprise-level. 

  • Shopify- If you are planning to do most of your business online, then Shopify could be the perfect match for your store. 
  • BigCommerce- The business that is planning to have an omnichannel approach should choose BigCommerce as their store platform. 
  • Wix- If you want high customization in your store then you can go with WIx. 

We have written a dedicated blog that will help you to choose the most suited platform for your business- Best Ecommerce Platforms For Small Businesses

Partner With An E-commerce Development Company

Partnering with an ecommerce development company will help you to gain new ideas as they are currently working in the sector.  Partnering with them would also allow you to focus on your business without worrying about the IT part. 

Make sure that you list all the features you want in your store to the company. 

List Your Products

Once the company has created your website template, you can add your products. Here are a few things that you should list on your store- 

  • Product pics- Make sure to click eye-catching and high-quality pictures of your products for your store. 
  • Product Description- Make sure to list a correct product description with information like the fabric used, the height of the model, and more. This will help you to reduce product returns in your store. 
  • Product pic slider- This feature will allow you to showcase your products more to your customers with different angles, colors, models, etc. 
  • Price- Many ecommerce platforms show different pricing options like discounted prices, the price of products if purchased in a group, and more. 
  • Inventory update- Listing this would create a sense of urgency for your customers forcing them to buy the product immediately. For example, if a product has “low in stock” listed below it then customers might want to buy it quickly. 

Choose A Tech Stack

If you want to build a mobile app then this step is necessary for you. You should choose the tech stack that suits your store the best. For example, if you want a secure and eye-catching store then you should choose Angular, whereas if you want a highly customized store then Flutter would be the right choice. 

Future Plans Of Snitch

The future plan of Snitch is to stick with fast fashion and they would be launching new designs almost every day. Furthermore, the company is planning to launch plus-size clothes for men. There are various plus-size stores that create clothes for men but none of them create fast fashion products for them. 

Moreover, Snitch is planning to open 15-20 digital stores across India that will be tech-driven and will help their customers to choose the best product. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on how to create a store like Snitch. Here we have mentioned their Social media strategy as well as, what their future plans are. 

However, if you are looking for an ecommerce development company that can help you create a custom store, then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of ecommerce developers that can use the latest technologies like AI, React Native, Flutter, Angular, and more. 

We are currently providing free project wireframes that will help you know how your store would look and feel. 

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