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10 Best Reasons To Choose Drupal For Ecommerce Site In 2024

Choose Drupal For Ecommerce

E-commerce website administrators are constantly searching for creative fixes. Drupal is a powerful content management system that has emerged as the preferred CMS for e-commerce websites. Drupal’s modular design and versatility allow for the rapid scaling of e-commerce websites.

The Best Reasons to Use Drupal for E-Commerce Development

Drupal is Secure

Drupal’s security is its most important feature for e-commerce websites. With over 0.1 million active contributors, Drupal is growing every day. It indicates that efficient ongoing monitoring is taking place to guarantee that security flaws are quickly fixed. Drupal is therefore a perfect framework for financial information handling websites.

Multiple Payment Options

Drupal gives you the flexibility to create as many payment gateways as needed and select various payment methods. Additionally, you may establish flexible pricing slabs based on factors like product specifications, packing style, location, and more.


When coupled with your Drupal e-commerce website, Acquia Lift assists in tracking consumer purchasing patterns, even those of anonymous visitors.

Role Management and Community

Custom user roles can be created to control access to various areas of the website thanks to Drupal CMS’s comprehensive role and user management capability. Drupal makes it easy to create community forums, which promotes lead generation and conversion.

Third-Party Integration

Drupal has the ability to link with third-party systems, such as dealer management systems, CRMs, and fraud detection, to improve both the shopping experience for customers and the efficiency of store owners.

Free and Open Source Software

Drupal is Free and Open Source Software, which further stabilizes the platform for business owners, in contrast to proprietary CMS. Drupal is here to stay, and by adopting it, you can keep current with emerging trends.

Social Media Integration

Social media can be connected with Drupal e-commerce websites to promote brands more successfully. You can make the most of social media platforms to raise your profile.

Multilanguage and Multicurrency Options

Drupal’s multilingual and multicurrency features allow you to globalize your online store and display the pricing in the local currency.

Dynamic and Mobile Friendly E-Commerce Site

According to Gartner, more people are using their smartphones to shop online. Drupal’s responsive themes and RESTful APIs are its strongest points when it comes to developing mobile applications.

High Performance

Fast response times and quick loading speeds are characteristic of Drupal e-commerce websites, which are essential for online retail. Drupal is also ideal for managing heavy traffic and exhibiting a large variety of products.

5 e-commerce websites Built With Drupal 


An American food services company called Fooda collaborates with businesses and office buildings to offer restaurant-quality meals. The website uses Bootstrap as a front-end framework with Drupal Commerce for a simple layout and navigation. The website also makes use of third-party APIs, such as the HubSpot marketing automation tool and analytics tools like Google Analytics, Matomo, Crazy Egg, and Optimizely. Furthermore, in order to deliver marketing campaigns, client data is gathered, examined, and acted upon by AdRoll, an advertising network.    


based in Switzerland One of the top organizations providing professional and academic English language instruction for adults and juniors on six continents is Eurocentres. Every year, around 13,000 students from all over the world enroll. Eurocentres, which are built using Drupal commerce, provide a rich experience with easy navigation to search languages, destinations, and available courses. The language learning website makes use of Varnish as a cache tool, New Relic for analytics, and Visual Website Optimizer.


The nicely designed QDOS e-commerce store in the UK offers smooth navigation and allows users to find relevant products right on the homepage. The store sells phone screen protectors, cases, and power devices. The online store, which is powered by Drupal commerce, has a number of features, including multilingualism, third-party connection with numerous social media platforms, and the ability to take payments in USD, GBP, and EUR. Moreover, QDOS provides an excellent way to sign up using your Facebook account rather than making a new one.  

The website also makes use of third-party APIs, such as Gauges & Google Analytics for success measurement, LivePerson for live chat, and MailChimp for marketing automation.


Drupal commerce is used by this 1828-founded French skincare, cosmetics, and perfume firm to showcase its items online. The header contains several sections that list all of the products in each category, along with the most recent addition to the list. Every product has its own landing page that includes information about the product, a wishlist option, and the ability to enlarge the photographs for a closer look. Landing pages also feature a share button to allow you to share the products with your friends and family and a point-of-sale option to locate the business closest to you.



Handmade cosmetics and skincare products created in Britain Lush has an amazing, simple website with eye-catching fonts and colors. The website, which is based on Drupal 7, has many features, including a one-page checkout where users may safely pay with Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, and BitPay. CloudFlare is used by Lush as a content delivery network because it automatically optimizes web page delivery to minimize page load times.

Mautic has been connected with the e-commerce site to link all of their digital channels and properties. In addition, the website measures its performance using Google Analytics, a digital analytics program, and Varnish, a caching tool.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to learn why to chose Drupal for an ecommerce store. However, if you are looking for a Drupal development company that is capable of ecommerce development then you should check out Appic Softwares. 

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