How To Evaluate Technical Skills While Hiring Remote Developers?

How To Evaluate Technical Skills While Hiring Remote Developers?

Evaluate Technical Skills While Hiring Remote Developers

A capable team of developers who can handle the demands of contemporary software development is essential to the success of your projects and the expansion of your company. Hiring developers with the appropriate technical expertise is therefore crucial for any business. However, finding and hiring technical talent is a challenge for over 86% of HR professionals. When looking for remote developers, this difficulty increases even further.

Nonetheless, now is the ideal moment to follow the trend, since the market for remote work is expanding and 62% of developers operate entirely remotely. Numerous advantages come with working remotely, such as increased productivity and a variety of skill sets. They can also collaborate across time zones, offering a continuous workflow and innovative problem-solving from a variety of angles.

But how can you be sure you select the ideal individual for your committed development team when there is such a wide pool of applicants? This is the technical skills evaluation, your answer. 

To find the ideal remote developers for your business, read the article below to learn what technical skills evaluation is and how to evaluate technical talents when hiring remote developers.

What is a Technical Skills Assessment? 

An organized evaluation method used to determine a candidate’s competence in particular technical areas pertinent to their position is called a technical skills assessment. It involves more than just verifying employment history and educational credentials. Depending on the nature of the position and the particular talents needed, the assessment may take several forms.

It could consist of theoretical tests, practical assignments, live coding interviews, coding challenges, or a mix of these. This evaluation aids in gauging the developer’s level of experience and flexibility in meeting the needs of your project.

The assessment of technical skills is crucial to the employment process for a number of reasons, including:

1. Finding the Right Fit

Technical skill evaluations assist in identifying applicants who possess the particular knowledge needed for the position. This guarantees that the remote developers you hire are the most suitable for your project and can start contributing right away.

2. Project Success

Professional developers can do excellent work, which results in project outputs that are successful. By evaluating technical talents, you can make sure that your team has what it takes to complete projects on schedule and with the required capabilities.

3. Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Hiring developers without doing an adequate technical assessment might result in expensive errors and project delays. If a developer doesn’t have the necessary abilities, they can find it difficult to finish tasks, which could waste resources and cause the project to fail.

How to Evaluate Technical Proficiency When Employing Remote Developers?

Recruiting managers are 36% more satisfied with their final hiring decisions when assessments are used in the hiring process. The following tactics can assist you in conducting a successful technical assessment and selecting developers that meet the requirements of your business:

1. The Specific Programming Skills You Need

Determine the precise programming skills that remote developers must possess for your project before holding interviews or exams. Different projects could require different technology, so having a clear idea of what you need will make the hiring process go more smoothly.

It will save you time and effort throughout the selection process by enabling you to concentrate on applicants who possess the specialized knowledge required for your project.

Additionally, by doing this, you draw in developers who fit your requirements. Consequently, fewer applications that aren’t relevant will be received, making the screening process more targeted.

2. Check Their Programmer Portfolio 

A programmer’s portfolio is an assortment of prior tasks and contributions that demonstrate their proficiency and aptitude in programming. It offers insightful information about their coding style, the difficulty of the projects they’ve worked on, and the variety of technologies they are proficient with. 

Therefore, you may evaluate a developer’s problem-solving abilities and project impact by looking at their portfolio. It is a crucial tool for selecting the best remote developer for your team since it enables you to uncover applicants with the technical expertise and project-relevant experience.

3. Look Through Their GitHub Page

Developers can host, examine, and work together on code repositories using an internet platform called GitHub. Over 100 million developers utilize GitHub globally.  As a result, it acts as the focal point for version control, simplifying project management and collaboration for developers. 

Examining a potential remote developer’s GitHub account might be quite helpful when evaluating them. Publicly available project contributions are a common feature of a well-curated GitHub profile. Additionally, developers that actively participate in open-source projects show that they are dedicated to disseminating their skills to the larger coding community. 

You can evaluate a developer’s code quality by looking at comments and reviews left by other contributors on GitHub. Well-written code is indicative of a developer that values maintainability and is meticulous in their work.

4. Find Out How They Make Use of Stack Overflow

Another well-liked website where developers go to find and exchange information on coding and software development is Stack Overflow. Every month, almost 50 million users visit stack overflow to advance their careers and acquire new skills. Twenty to twenty-five million of them are developers by trade. 

Therefore, by using stack overflow, you may gauge a developer’s curiosity and enthusiasm for ongoing development. Search for applicants who have positively received feedback on their coding-related responses and who have actively contributed by answering questions. 

Furthermore, a developer’s involvement on Stack Overflow can reveal their level of awareness and proficiency with particular technologies. Active Stack Overflow users are likely to be resourceful and knowledgeable about a variety of coding approaches, which makes them an invaluable addition to any remote development team.

5. Live Coding Interviews

Up to 46% of resumes contain genuine lies, while up to 78% of resumes contain misleading material. Thus, conducting live coding interviews is crucial. They entail using video conferences to hold in-person coding challenges with applicants. To choose the ideal developer for your project, you can even search for some professional advice on how to conduct remote software developer interviews. 

With this interactive technique, you can see candidates in real-time as they solve coding problems. It offers insightful information on their approaches to problem-solving, capacity for critical thought, and inventiveness in coming up with answers. 

It also enables you to assess how quickly and effectively a candidate codes. You can see how fast they can write and debug code by watching their real-time coding process. This is particularly important in a development environment that moves quickly in order to produce solutions on time.

6. Programming Tests

Live coding interviews and programming examinations are comparable, but they don’t require in-person communication. Programming tests are pre-made examinations that concentrate on particular project-related technical skills. Typically, candidates get a set amount of time to finish these assessments remotely at their convenience. 

Programming tests are primarily used to assess a candidate’s ability to code and comprehension of project requirements in a controlled setting. It enables you to impartially and independently assess developers’ coding abilities. 

Additionally, there is a 24% greater chance that staff members will exceed performance goals if your organization employs pre-hire exams.

7. Remote Work Experience or Expertise in Using Remote Project Management Tools 

Nearly 90.6% of employers select applicants with prior work experience. This is due to the fact that a skilled developer can handle challenging projects with efficiency and produce excellent results. 

Additionally, candidates who have worked remotely in the past are probably familiar with collaborative project management systems like Trello and remote communication tools like Slack. The candidate is more likely to be adaptable to your team’s workflow and have familiarity with remote work environments if they have used these technologies before.

8. Communication Skills

When working remotely and there are fewer in-person interactions, effective communication is essential to a productive team. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate communication abilities before to hiring remote developers. Furthermore, productive teamwork can result in increases of up to 25% in productivity through effective communication. 

Observe how candidates articulate their ideas and how attentively they listen to you during the interview process. Regardless of a team’s location, effective communicators may make difficult technical concepts clear to all members. 

9. Social Skills That Work for Your Team

The term “interpersonal skills” describes a person’s capacity to communicate with others in a professional setting. These abilities include cooperation, flexibility, and adaptability. Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for remote developers because of the unique difficulties of working in a distant team.

Assessing the interpersonal skills of remote developers is essential when recruiting them because it has a direct effect on overall productivity. Therefore, you should search for engineers who have a great sense of teamwork. They are able to work well with others and support group objectives on projects, which will increase team output and produce better results.

What to Look for When Hiring Remote Developers?

You are now aware of the technical abilities to consider while selecting remote developers. But there are a few more items you need to search for, like:

Hiring Remote Developers

1. Time Management and Self-Discipline

Remote developers should be self-motivated and able to manage their time well in order to achieve project deadlines, as working remotely can be distracting.

2. Cultural Fit

Take into account how well the candidate’s principles and work ethic fit the dynamics of your team and the corporate culture. This will improve the remote developer’s relationship with your team.

3. Testimonials and References

To learn more about their reliability and work style, get in touch with their prior employers. Testimonials provide you with a comprehensive image of a candidate’s talents by highlighting certain accomplishments and strengths.

4. Availability and Time Zone Compatibility

Make sure that the candidate’s availability fits the needs of the project and your team’s working hours, especially if they are located in a different time zone.

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