How To Start A Business With Only Fantasy App

Published on August 18, 2020


Fantasy App: Fastest Growing Apps to Grow Business

Fantasy apps are trending these days and are the best ways to generate business to the next level. Today, the demand for the development of fantasy sports applications is world-class. 


Every sports enthusiast with a business mind wants to create their own sports like cricket and football with an application such as Dream11. If you dream of creating a platform for an imaginative sports game to play in the league and make money then you are in the right place. 


In a competitive market, a product must stand out as unique and should have something more attractive to sell to users than its competitors. Our organization comes up with the best web, iOS, or Android developers to give the best fantasy app to you. 


We have also created such an application with the name Mybat11 for your reference which is giving a tough competition to all other fantasy apps. Our Mybat11 application has grown towards great success and if you are still lacking behind and looking for something interesting for live updates, highlights, short clips, etc about cricket, then you can opt for this app.


Our team of experienced and qualified developers will help you turn your idea into a feature-rich and easy-to-use application that works to achieve your business goals.


Major Features


Fantasy apps are very useful for developing any fantasy cricket app that will become the center of attraction for users. But for that, you need to put on special features where a few of them are listed below:


Virtual Team:

This is an imperative feature that will help you create a virtual team of your choice adding your own favorite cricketers and you can play it with your fellow mates.


Quiz Play:

These activities will help you add additional fun to your fantasy app. Adding this feature to your app will help you increase user’s knowledge about cricket. 


Winners Prediction:

An app betting quiz is available and if users predict the right events, they will be awarded reward points. They are also offered the opinions of cricket experts placed in the application.


Team & Player Info:

This is an additional feature that will showcase the profile of a player where users will get more detailed information about the player like current form, batting average, last match performance, selection ratio, and many other aspects.


Live Performance:

There is another option to add live game results, where users can check live scores to keep track of their players' performances and predict the final score of the game along with the match.


Live Match Scores:

Matches of cricket, the match between teams can be watched live in the app, along with game highlights, player performance, and expert analysis anywhere.


Match Highlights:

This feature will help you re-engage your users as they can enjoy matches after it gets completed. This option will give you short videos, awards, scoreboards, prediction reports, and much more.


Referral Task to Invite & Earn:

If you are already a user of this app, then you can recommend it to your friends and win a bonus that will later help you participate in different contests.


Push Notification:

You do not have to open the app and sit to see the notifications, in such cases as app updates, upcoming matches, results updates, live matches or leagues, or nearby tournaments. The administrator monitors all updates and sends them to the user on a regular basis.


Payment Modes:

The application offers various payment gateways, such as cash payment, debit/credit card, online banking, and even e-wallets. Through e-wallets, bonus amounts can be transferred directly or, if necessary, easily withdrawn.


Follow & Chat:

This functionality allows the users to follow other users and chat with them to discuss the strategies of the match, or to discuss any related concerns.


Isn’t it amazing to have such features in your apps? Do not delay, and get your best Fantasy App developed by our professionals. Along with this, we also provide security where the data will be secured and is also integrated with a smart and robust security system.

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