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How to create your account on the Play store?

  Today having an account on Google is crucial as google delivers abundant services and can be synced to almost every platform. So, having an account on Google is a necessity for being technologically advanced and to be able to access online services. Looking towards these progressing needs we have bought a guide book for you. A stepwise play store set up an account.   So, to have an account on the play store it is necessary to have an account on google. If you already have an account on google then you can proceed with the second part of the blog that states how to create an account on the Play store.   Creating Google Account   1. On your mobile phones go to Settings, find accounts and click to add an account, represented in the top right corner as a plus icon.    2.Click on google and then Create A New Account.    3. You'll then need to fill in your personal information such as your name, age, and gender.   4. Next, you'll have to choose a username for your google account. Choose a username that is accepted by google and move further with the account.    5. Now create a password for your account including some special characters such as #@ etc and should not be less than 8 characters. Also re-enter to confirm   6. Next, add a phone no. to your account. Remember, add a phone no. which is accessible because it will be used to log in and verify your account further. And even it is used in case you have forgotten your password.    7. Then, Google terms and conditions appear, simply click on I Agree.   8. Finally, you are on the screen of your new google account. Add the information and requirements as required in an account. You can even customize your google account and can easily create a new Gmail account for others.    As you have created your new google account you can easily set up your play store account now. This will allow you to download apps from the play store and to access abundant other google services.    Set up your Google Play Store account   1. Click on the Play Store icon on your android phone screen.    2. Now, enter your Google username and tap next.   3. Now you will need to complete the verification and security process. Here, you need to enter billing information so that google acquires access to not charge you for the central apps provided in the Play Store.    4. Now you are on the Backup and Restore page, where you will have to select a checkbox, here you need to choose to Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account check box.    5. Finally, tap next to scroll through the app store and download your application.    It was a complete guide to set up a play store account to access Play Store app install and other purposes. This will now allow you to download all applications on your android phone. And for further queries regarding any other android, you can talk to our expert and can consult.  

E-commerce: An introductory

  Ecommerce is a hub of technological advancement and a diversified marketplace. If we say ecommerce is the future of businesses all over the globe then it's not a myth. Actually it's a known truth which is not acknowledged as much as its speedy convergence.    Ecommerce is a trade via computer networks which enables various businesses to engage in an online world creating a new marketplace hence facilitating exchange of data in various formats considering transactional outputs. Even e-commerce serves vibrant facilities in various domains and is a centralized solution for a diversified demographic.   It’s personalized, customized and integrated market leads have created even more popularity. However, e-commerce works on different channels such as B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B and B2A. B2B channels work between businesses to facilitate business transactions and communication. B2C works between the business and the customer to provide products or services. C2C is operated by customers within themselves to serve or share any output. C2B is a transaction from customer to business in case to fulfill any business need. B2A enables businesses to trade with the government.    Hence, these channels cover everything the world can trade in. These channels significantly drive the online market exponentially. But in this all we can't deny that the emerging market technologies are crucially playing their role. It is understood that online means web or mobile. So, these technologies enable the functioning of the online world in a much smoother way. Technologies such as Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, Magento, etc. with its services help creating web or mobile portals. So for customers, businesses, and associations it overcomes demographic limitations, gains new referrals and provides access to abundant services.    If we look deep into it, it not only contains market values, it has cultural values, social values and universal values. Though, due to wide accessibility of e-commerce around the world the exchange in cultures and values add to the social and universal values.    The invention of technologies has not only transformed our buying and selling practice but also transformed our lifestyles and this is just because of the emerging e-commerce world. This transfer has happened due to the invention of web and mobile development technologies. Web and mobile development technology summed everything into “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - a belief that we, people of planet earth are a family.    So, let’s join hands to get into the ecommerce world to expand your business or start a new venture to adapt new changes with online presence. As a part of your family Appic Softwares, a mobile and web development company welcomes your queries and doubts, to be solved by our experts and always there to help and guide you.   

Flutter Widgets: An Introduction

  Flutter was introduced in 2018 by google to develop cross-platform native mobile applications. The UI of flutter is impressive and the toolkit provides various modern and reactive solutions for app development. This framework works on Google's in-house Dart language which seems much easier to learn than other programming languages.    Though, one of the most impressive features of the Flutter framework is its widgets. We can say flutter is everything because of its diverse widgets and is most considered by developers. Whatever you code in flutter it will be basically inside the widget. The central idea revolves around how your application will look and how it will portray the base idea about your app. This will basically help to make Flutter future-ready for enterprise app development The collaboration of widgets actually builds your app. In short, everything you see in your app is a widget from design, to display to features. Widget in flutter is used to determine what to draw on the screen. This is hope flutter widget works:    [Root] -My app  -Material App  - My Home Page   - Scaffold     -Center     - Column        -Text       - Text   - App Bar      -Text   - FloatingActionButton   - Icon   This is how flutter works in layers on the screen. Once the flutter widget is created it cant be changed means that they are immutable. Though, Flutter handles this by changed the whole set of widgets. When an application needs change, it gives flutter a new set of widgets. Though, this sounds like a waste of time and effort. But Flutter is designed in a way that it can handle updates in the widgetry very efficiently. Behind the scenes elements and render objects keep track of where the widget is in relation to other widgets, whether things need to be rebuild based on state, and updating the screen as needed.      Types of widgets   Generally, flutter widgets are of two types visible including output and input and invisible layout and control. These are the basic types of flutter widgets. Let's briefly get into this.    1. Visible Widgets    Visible widgets are basically related to the user input and output data. Here are some crucial types of visible widgets.   Text   The text widget is one of the important widgets as it covers a prominent place in the application. The text widget can be aligned through the textAlign. Even through style one can customize the text according to the need. It covers font, font weight, font style, letter spacing, color, dimensions, and many more.    Button This widget helps in going towards other functions through the action of click. As all the flutter developers are well known for the fact that flutter does not allow to use of the button widget directly so it uses other buttons such as RaisedButton and Flatbutton.    Image Images create a visual appearance in your application so introducing effective images into your app is a must. This widget can be fetched through various other sources as well it can be through the assert property or from the URL. image loading need various constructors, these are: Image: It is a simple image loader, works through ImageProvider. memory: It loads from the memory. network: It loads through the network. asset: It loads your image through the project asset folder. file: It loads through the system folder. How does an image widget work? To add an image firstly the developer needs to create the asset folder where all the images are stored and then add Image.asset('assets/computer.png') in the pubspec.yaml file.   Icons This widget is the storehouse for adding icons to your application. Icons are also one of the major aspects of the visual representation of your app. Following code is generated to add an icon to your app. Check the  example below:   2. Invisible Widgets   Invisible widgets have layout and control properties. These widgets are actually what manages the working of visible widgets. These deliver how other layouts are going to look and function on the screen.    Column This widget enables all the widgets to be arranged in vertical alignment. The spacing is used through crossAxisAlignment and mainAxisAlignment properties. These alignments have different properties. The cross axis uses the horizontal axis and the main axis uses the vertical axis.    Row This widget works similarly to the column widget. The major difference between the both is the representation; the row widget is represented horizontally. This widget is exactly opposite to the column its cross axis is the vertical axis and the main axis is the horizontal axis.   Padding  This widget provides padding in some specified directions as instructed and as specified in the design.    Why Widget is important?   Flutter SDK is nothing without a widget. As we have said earlier Flutter is nothing without its widgets. Flutter has various widgets which showcase different functionality on screen and even every widget has its own particular purpose. Though, putting up an individual widget together add up to a great interface. Though, flutter widgets built the best native applications.   Develop your application with Appic Softwares   We develop the best flutter applications with our dedicated flutter developers. To know more check our portfolio and contact us for the best app development experience.    

Popular on-demand mobile applications in 2021

  Today, whatever we desire or need we try to grab it according to our comfort. We want to access everything right beside us and with just one click. Hence, as nothing is impossible this is also not. In current circumstances with technological advancements, everything seems to be one step away. On-demand services are one of the superior wishes of people to flourish their comfort. Though, on-demand services are beneficial and are also necessary in the hi-tech fast-moving world.    With the increasing demand for on-demand services, mobile application development companies are emphasizing developing versatile applications that will get services to their doorsteps. Whether you are craving your favorite food or want to book a taxi for your trip or want a plumber to fix your tap all you need to do is to go through your mobile screen, open your app, and book one.    On-demand, mobile applications make everything so easy and accessible that it saves our time and effort. And with this amazing factor, most entrepreneurs wish to introduce themselves in the online market. Here are some industries where on-demand services apps are doing well and creating new income streams for entrepreneurs.   Industries utilizing on-demand services   Today, when the majority of our clients are in a rush, they search for administrations or services which can act as a savior in crisis. Here the On-Demand application fills in the gap and works as a moderator between the service provider and the customer. We can also say mobile applications are a new gen’s marketplace. With the increasing requirement of on-demand services in the market, popularity for on-demand mobile applications is also scaling up. Have a look at the industries leveraging on-demand app services.    Food Delivery    Food delivery applications have expanded in the past couple of years. Also, cafés restaurants have used this pattern quite successfully to extend their business. We are now seeing an incredible interest in online food delivery across the world.    In a food delivery application, the customer orders food from a food mobile app while going through varied choices. After getting the order the restaurant starts preparing it. At this time the delivery boy arrives at the restaurant and picks the order to deliver it to its demanded location. Food ordering applications are developed with various magnificent features.    On-Demand Food Delivery App services have no chance to be slowed down; they will be an extraordinary hit and deal enduring freedoms for both the customers and service providers.    Retail   Retail and e-Commerce is one more area that has been vigorously working well. Almost everyone wishes to buy everything they need from the comfort of their homes.  An on-demand application empowers retail service providers to move online and customers to purchase nearly anything with a group of choices in the shortest delivery time. On-demand benefits have changed the neighborhood market as well. Nearby shops and food stores have likewise begun delivering their items on the doorsteps of clients with ease.    Freelancing or on-demand Jobs   All over the world, various people are moving towards freelancing work. With this increase in on-demand jobs freelancing jobs are on a trend. We can analyze that various freelancing workplaces are getting huge traffic whether it is Upwork or freelancer or any other. The online job portals even make it easier for employers to find the best candidate and for job seekers to find their interest jobs.    Taxi booking services   We all need a conveyance facility as we step out of our house and finding public transport is somewhere time-consuming. So, the area which has benefitted the most from the on-demand applications is the taxi and transportation sector. Various new startups have changed their picture and invented an on-demand taxi service.    These services help customers to book a taxi by entering their pickup and drop location. The driver would be appointed to pick and drop. With its increasing popularity, several organizations are coming up in the transportation sector. In case you are an entrepreneur who is searching for a superior chance in transportation, an on-demand taxi booking application is an extraordinary thought to go with.   Healthcare   Looking towards the prevailing situations, healthcare solutions through mobile app development are a need. Healthcare is one of the biggest businesses as well. Reaching patients in their comfort zone and providing the best treatment works well. On-demand medical services are getting a huge response due to the increase in demand for medical treatment due to Covid. Though you can develop your healthcare mobile application through flutter. These applications permit patients to avail clinical benefits 24*7 through their cell phones. These services include medical consultations, pharmacy or medicine, calling a doctor home, etc.    Personal utility services   These are the basic home care services or daily use services. On-demand applications are all ready for various personal utility and home care services. These services include beauty, wellness, salon, stylist, etc. These applications assist you with quickly reserving an arrangement for your next excellence, wellness, or wellbeing treatment at your home. The flexible time schedules and various payment-friendly services accompany the best services.    Blue-collar Jobs   On-demand staffing platforms are growing exponentially. Other than personal care, various household services including laundry, plumbers, electricians, home cleaners, cooks, pet sitters, babysitters, etc. are also getting high demand. These serve best when homemakers need and can avail themselves of the service just after a click.    Grocery   This industry is one of the most essential as it includes daily-use items. We usually go to the market to pick the groceries or food items. But when it is just a click away why not? on-demand grocery applications serve a great deal of time and cash as you don't have to go to the supermarket and stand by in a long queue for billing. You just need to scroll your mobile screen and order what you need. You can simply look for some basic foods you need, select them, and get them. In a couple of hours, you can get it at your doorsteps.     Develop with Appic Softwares   Appic Softwares provide the best on-demand application services. We help you to upgrade and get pace with the growing market. Our dedicated mobile application developers build the best mobile apps with the latest features. We care for your needs. Visit our portfolio  and contact us to get the best experience.    

Is Flutter Better than Java?

  Ever since the technology has evolved and various other dimensions are introduced the development process is getting pace in the competitive market. These new frameworks are evolving with time and are reducing future complexities through their advanced features for better mobile solutions.  Among various mobile application development frameworks, Java and flutter are the two market giants that captured the major share. Java is older than flutter. Both are working best in their domains. But the question arises if anyone is perfectly working then why do they need for others to arise. Let's find out what these frameworks are and how they work differently.    What is Flutter? Flutter is Google's in-house framework that uses Dart language to develop native applications. The toolkit of flutter is developer-friendly and is considered by developers as it is fully customized and has native features. Flutter’s open-source SDK framework designs applications for all platforms whether it is iOS or Android or Linux or Windows or any other. Flutter is said to be the future of app development as it performs 60 frames per second. It works on a single codebase and a responsive UI.   What is Java?  Java is an object-oriented language for the web, mobile, and desktop applications. It was developed in 1995 in Sun Microsystems by James Gosling. Java is one of the oldest frameworks which came into existence way more prior than other development frameworks. It computes all the web and mobile solutions. Java is preferred because of its robust libraries which make the development faster and secure services. It can also run on JDK, eclipse, etc. Java develops vibrant e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, games, internet programming, etc.    Major differences between Java and Flutter   Type   Flutter develops cross-platform mobile and web solutions with its native interfaces and responsive UI. Though, as Java is one of the oldest sets of development processes, it uses a set of instructions which are known as codes or programs which mainly develop cross-platform applications.    Code used   Flutter is a toolkit that uses Google’s in-house programming language Dart to write the codes. Whereas Java is not a framework it's a programming language in itself and uses codes.   Performance   Flutter is called for its dynamic widgets which are fully customized and provide an impressive material design that sums up creating an effective UI. Though Java is a programming language it does not provide much impressive UI and customized material design.    Impressive UI   Flutter provides customized native widgets and a successful cum responsive native UI which deliver unique ideas during the development process. Though, in the case of Java, it isn't accessible. Neither the material part nor any UI plan thing. It is not very expressive and effective.   Preference   Flutter is new in the market and is launched by Google with its in-house language Dart. As the language is new in the market it is less known to the developers. Dart is an easy language to learn but it is not well known. In respect of Java, it came into existence in 1995 around two decades ago, and is one of the oldest programming languages. It is well known to the developers and has a large fraction of developers in the market.    Hot reloading   The particular benefit of Flutter over Java is its hot reloading feature. The hot reload in Flutter helps in quick experiments of the tasks, to build interactive UI’s and fix bugs. The changes are easily accessible. But in Java, it sets time while the developers work on it.    Material design   In flutter, an impressive material design is available backed up with open-source code which helps developers to easily build high-quality outputs. These material designs are elongated with customized widgets. But in Java  Material is an adaptable design system, backed by open-source code, that helps developers easily build high-quality, digital experiences. There are all kinds of Material design widgets in flutter be it buttons, expanding panels, animations, and much more.   What is better?   In respect of current technological aspects, Flutter is built with advanced features to develop native mobile and web solutions. The material design of flutter provides customized widgets and interactive backend support. This helps in the smooth operations. Flutter is designed to develop modern mobile applications with advanced features.  Java is around two decades old, a programming language, and is restricted to that. It is widely used due to its popularity but in terms of including modern aspects it lacks. In comparison to flutter Java is popular among developers but lacks in providing great frontend and UI designs.   Summing Up   Java and Flutter work extremely well in their domains. But the major difference between both is the period. Flutter is the new generation's choice and Java has its fanbase. Though, we know the market works on something new and divergent. But it also works on the need. Go with the needs of your project.  Flutter is a native cross-platform toolkit that works faster and impressively. While Java is safer due to its documentation, strong team, and continuous updation. Although, various other frameworks are also available for all development these two are most popular and demanded among them    Develop with Appic Softwares   We care for your needs. Appic Softwares develops on all the frameworks whether it is flutter or Java or any other. You just need to contact us for the best experience.    

Let’s begin with Shopify

  Right from an idea of a startup, every entrepreneur needs a platform to establish its business. A platform where he can flourish his business and explore the market expectations. Though, here Shopify fulfills the demands and expectations of an entrepreneur through its vibrant services. But how has Shopify been a preference of the entrepreneur’s community? What are the services Shopify offers? Why choose Shopify? These are the major questions that come to the mind of every entrepreneur who wishes to set up its business.  Though, here we come up with the answers to your questions in this blog.   What is Shopify?   Shopify is an e-Commerce platform where an entrepreneur can easily set up their online store to sell their products. A startup to a big enterprise Shopify is designed for all sizes of businesses and is suitable for all. Though you can market your product on social media, online, in-store, or in any other domain with Shopify. If we look at what Shopify believes, it believes in making commerce better for everyone. It is one of the leading commerce platforms and is most preferred by marketers.    How do Shopify works?   If you are a fashion designer and want to sell your designs, or you are an in-store businessman and want to set up an online store, Shopify is here. Entrepreneurs from 175+ countries are happily using Shopify. Shopify delivers various services through which you can sell your product or service. To know more about how Shopify works you need to know what products or services you can sell on Shopify. And even if you are a well-set enterprise it will give an idea of what are the other services to collaborate with.    1. Physical products   Any tangible product could be something that is manufactured using machinery or by hand. If you are a shopkeeper and sell grocery items you can easily sell them online, or if you are a handicrafts artist and want to sell your handmade products, they can easily be sold online through Shopify services.    2. Digital Products   These are the digitally manufactured products. Usually, the products which are produced online such as lightroom presets for photographs, e-mail templates, e-courses, e-books, e-newspapers, audio-video content, etc.    3. Services and Consultations   Any domain services generally include consultations, guidance, or in-person sessions. If you are a dentist, a life coach, interior designer, teacher, artist, you can easily get space on Shopify.   4. Memberships   One can also sell their memberships on Shopify. If you are a fitness instructor and want to sell a subscription to the special services you can. Even various digital streaming platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime subscriptions fall under this category.    5. Ticketed Experiences   A lot of time what we purchase is not a service nor a product it is an experience. So, experiences through online ticket systems can be marketed online. We usually go through some advertisements for music concerts or dance events, these all come under ticketed experiences.   6. Classes and lessons   These are online courses in a specialized field. The courses are sold online. It can be a specialized course, certification courses, lessons, etc.    7. Rentals   These are a combination of a product and services. If you are a boutique owner and what to rent your dresses you can do this on Shopify.    How to sell on Shopify?   Shopify provides luxury to sell your product wherever you want or according to your targeted niches it can be online, in-person, and on any other channel. Let's check out how you can sell in various ways on Shopify;   1. Custom Online store   This is an amazing service on Shopify to market your product online. Custom online store brings life to your products through its various services:   An e-commerce website where one can use 70+ customizable themes. The themes can be chosen according to your product.   You can build your store by just dragging and dropping. This is the easiest way to create an online store without any coding or design skills. Use custom domains where you can bring your design or can purchase through Shopify to create your online store.    2. Point of Sale   Through this one can elevate their in-person selling experiences or retail experiences. With every online checkout, one can sell every time with every personal visit.    Shopping experiences matters, as personalized and flexible services, result in painless results.  Simplified store setup leads to easily use hardware and software.  Unified back-office helps in selling your product from one place irrespective of the point of delivery.    3. Anywhere E-commerce   This service leverage you to transform your blog or website into an online store. A flexible buy button can be customized on your website which acts as an online store and helps to promote your product or service.    Customizable buttons create a custom shopping experience on your existing website or blog.  Secure checkouts make the selling experience better.   4. Sales Channels   It has various sales channels through which sales leads can be generated. It helps to market the product in front of more shoppers.    On Social Media sales can be boosted through an awareness campaign or digital marketing.  Various other online marketplaces can be explored and can list products on new platforms to reach new shoppers.    Summing Up   Shopify is the one-stop platform for all business enthusiasts to get their business registered online. Shopify not only provides you a way to get into the online world but also helps you to grow it. It has various services through which one can market and promote their product or service. Even Shopify teaches how you can get into the online world, how can you promote your product, how you can list your product on various other platforms and how you can develop your brand. Shopify streams one of the best services by building your brand, online presence, and store.   

How to develop a healthcare mobile application through Flutter?

    The advancements in technology and the new frameworks in mobile app development are creating ample opportunities in the market expansion. No doubt, one of the most boosted sectors in this broad extension is healthcare. The healthcare industry noticed a huge spike in a couple of years. Though, we know pandemic is one of the notable causes for this extension. And the other is innovation.  Basically, we know that the birth of healthcare mobile applications is due to the two main factors the technological advancement and the need for an accessible healthcare system where everyone gets easy access to track their health and consult the doctors from the comfort of their homes. The need to avail healthcare services with ease created demand for mobile applications in the market.    Healthcare mobile applications are also on the verge due to their dynamic framework and diverse features. Though, this raises the question of how these applications form and what are the key elements necessary to develop a healthcare application. Here, you find it all.    Top trends in healthcare app development   To develop an application the foremost aspect is to analyze the market and to have a check on market trends. Due to the coronavirus 2020, healthcare was boosted up multifold. The rapid advancements in the market trends made it essential for marketers and businesses to analyze the trend. While developing an application these trends help to select the major functions and features of an application. Analyzing market trends works as a foremost step in the step to develop a healthcare application. Here we have listed the top market trends:   Wearable Technology    This technology ensures the sound health of the users and provides vibrant services. Wearable technology basically uses some wearable devices that help to track the health of an individual. They provide real-time data and even helps to manage chronic conditions by self-management techniques. They usually gauge blood pressure, weight, Spo2 level, etc. Subsequently, this tech help to prevent various health issues. Wearable healthcare applications advancement is a vital factor in the development of digital healthcare services.   Cloud-based solutions   Keeping up with patient information is vital particularly as we are living in a pandemic world. It will help in tracking contact following, monitoring the infected people, travel history, etc. The cloud-based system is implemented by various healthcare tycoons, even the government used this technique to deal with the pandemic. The cloud services maintain the data and help the professionals to get real-time information to find a solution. Developers use this technique to develop state-of-the-art digital healthcare devices.    All in digital healthcare   Artificial intelligence is ruling various markets over years. Though, AI is also serving the healthcare industry immensely and contributing its innovative aspects. AI basically mimics human insight on presentation, analysis, and comprehension of complex medical and healthcare data. This helps professionals to have a better understanding of day-to-day patterns and people’s needs. It helps in scheduling timely checkups, tests, CT scans, etc. With these prominent features, AI is one of the essential technology in providing digital healthcare services.    Telemedicine Market   Digital medical consultation is the need of time and here telemedicine comes into the picture. Telemedicine is not only being convenient for the users it also eased out the medical information process. From getting the right medical information to get in touch with the medical consultants or doctors telemedicine made the process easy. Due to its economic services telemedicine made remote healthcare services easier. Though businesses should develop a telemedicine healthcare application to get the benefit of this technology.    Blockchain technology   Blockchain technology is used in various ways in the healthcare industry. It improves the working of the medical industry through maintaining records, ensuing clinical trials, etc. Additionally, it guarantees smooth communication and transferring of information among the clinical experts. In this way, business associations can deliver splendid healthcare mobile app development services using this technology.     Features of Healthcare mobile application.   Here we consider the features for three main domains. These domains are: Patients App Doctors App Admin Panel   Patients App Registration Scheduling Appointments Getting e-prescription Telemedicine Push notifications Chat Video coaching Ambulance access Payment processing Activity check GPS to track the nearest hospital Wearable device connection   Doctors App Registration Profile generation Patients dashboard Patient time management  Video coaching Chats E-prescription Payment processing Analytics    Admin features Patient management  Inventory management Doctor management   How does Flutter help in healthcare app development?   Though flutter is one of the best technologies that render all the technological aspects listed above. Flutter compresses all the technology trends and synchronizes design, technology, and features altogether to develop the best healthcare mobile application. Healthcare app developers can easily make rapid designs on flutter with its vibrant features and the customizable widgets add advantage in the app development. Flutter offers abundant functionalities and features. The best about building an app on flutter is it is economical as the health associations with limited budgets can get access to the mhealth mobile application.    Develop your mobile application through Appic Softwares. Check out  

How to develop magnificent food ordering applications?

  Today, we all wanted to have the most delicious food from a far place at our doorstep. We need a service which can feed our stomachs. We want quickly accessible services in the comfort of our homes. Here, food delivery applications come into the picture. These applications provide vibrant services to their customers and engage people due to their diversified features. Though, new app development technologies like Flutter are even more effective to get customer and client base.    Here we share our journey of developing a food ordering application and guide you through the process of how you can develop a food ordering application.    The journey started with the client interaction. Although our client is cool and is been supportive throughout the app development journey. He reached us and we brief him on our version of a food ordering application. He liked our version and after some more interactions and modifications we came up with an abstract idea of an application.  Though with his support we have developed this application in a time period of only one month.  So did you also want to know how we get our application developed in a shorter time and what are the key measures to take care of while developing a food ordering application?    Here are some tips:   1. Ensure modifications   Throughout our journey of developing a food ordering application, we have observed that after having an abstract idea you may need various modifications in an application framework. So always desire to develop the best and allow your client to make changes this will help to come out the best. So, modifications assess to get the best app design.    2. Be on the track   This is one of the important aspects while developing a food ordering application. Food ordering application includes multiple tabs and domains which sometimes create complexities. To be distant from these complexities is needed but to be on track is a necessity. The most important is to keep the unique idea of an app at the center while app development.    3. Frequent interactions with client Interacting with the client frequently creates a base idea of an application. This also alleviates keeping the idea on track and helps developers to get updates on application development. Even this saves time and energy invested in further modifications.    What do food delivery apps offer?   Basically, a food delivery application offers a service to avail food from the listed places at your doorstep. It has a restaurant list, menu, ordering services, and all in one convenient place. Even these applications are not time-bound and can deliver you services 24/7 without and hindrance. For instance, if you are starving at 2 a.m and do not have enough ingredients to cook. You can open an application and find a place open to deliver food. Isn’t it a luxury that we can avail our best food anytime? Food delivery apps offer not only food it offers comfort. And we develop the best food ordering application so that you can reach your food in less than an hour.    Features of Food Delivery App   Though while developing our application we step on to add features in the food delivery application. The features of the food delivery application are listed below.    SignUp Guest Login Login  Forget Password Enter Location Restaurants Lists Food Iten Listing Search Results Food Iten Detail Cart Check Out Page Your Orders   Hindrances in App development process   Throughout our journey of developing a food delivery application, we have faced some interruptions and hindrances. These hindrances can increase the development time and can create issues in the development process. One of the major issues we have noticed is the client addressing a new feature in the middle of the app development process. If this is an independent feature then it does not create many issues but if the feature has a dependency on other features that it takes a lot of time and energy of developers to create an app.  The other most frequently noticed hindrance is the design.  The changes in the design trouble a lot is the development process. The sudden changes in the design can interrupt the whole process and is hectic to change the same design again and again.    Summing Up  While developing a food delivery application a key element to be considered the most is the listing of the features.  Though it has vibrant and even complex features. And client interaction is a must so that it does not create any hindrance in the development process.  We have developed successful food delivery applications. Check out our food delivery application from our portfolio.   

How does a Minimum Viable Product work?

  Digital transformation has been accelerated in the last decade and is embarking on heights. We know change is the necessity for innovations and coming up with the best solutions is the foremost need of the market. These innovations are key to new ideas and new mindsets. In the transforming world, everything changes but the idea to come up with something new has always been constant. The idea to develop the best product tops the list. Though, in this digitalized world showcasing the product to provide an ideal mindset about the thought behind the product processing is important.  Though, the need to validate a product seems essential to know if the product is on the page or not. MVP is the approach that lends to set an idea about the product and helps in the further preceding in the project.  So let us get an overview of what MVP is and how it helps in the product development process.   What is MVP?   MVP means Minimum Viable Product. It is a basic or the simplest version of the product. The idea behind MVP development is to get a product idea of how the product is gonna perform and what areas are focused on to create the product. It helps in getting client feedback.  Let me help you to understand it more clearly. MVP is the product’s basic model with its principal features so that if you need some modifications in your product it can be easily done. It usually saves your time and effort. Many times it happens that the product is prepared and the client adds modifications that result in the creation of the product from scratch. Here MVP serves as the best alternative to develop the application with the least misleading tracks.    Though, nowadays many companies launch MVP in the market to get market feedback and users’ responses to their product. This helps them to analyze the product’s performance and credibility.    The first step to build an MVP   The thought behind product development lies in the concept of solving a problem; is the product indicative of solving any problem or not? Your thought should provide a unique issue tackling a solution to the market so that it can grab the attention of the solution seeker.  So the initial step is getting your thought approved to ensure there is an issue that is projectable or not. Start by recognizing problem areas and convert them into a promising circumstance proclamation.  To develop a user-oriented app one should recognize a specific problem. Relate it to your target audience and analyze their needs. In this way, you need to distinguish your specialty crowd.  The next step is directed towards the research. Interacting with the target group analyzing their problem and coming up with the solution.  Being an app development company we know it costs a lot to develop an application and risking it at this point is not fun. So, having a hypothesis analysis to get an ultimate solution for the target audience is a must. And though it helps in the MVP development.    Why Building a Minimum Viable Product is important?   The MVP approach is not only considered essential for the development of mobile applications it also serves to develop websites or other products. Why is it so important to let us pick some points to know its benefits?      1. Evaluating the reaction of the potential clients   The thought behind MVP is to gather the client’s input and evaluate it. Through MVP one tries to establish an insight into the product performance in the market. In the case of app development, the app will do well in the market it has no guarantee. But with MVP companies can access the app performance and can get the audience's reaction to it.    2. Keeping away from disappointments   An MVP saves time as well as helps in keeping away from gigantic capital misfortunes. This means that developing an app costs a lot even if it takes time and effort with the finance. MVP avoids failures as it helps to check out the market as to whether the product will be profitable or not.    3. Attracts the Investors   Although, it can also work well as a marketing stunt. Before the launch of an app through MVP company can advertise its app in the market and reach market giants. This helps in attracting investors. Investors can take their funding decision.    4. Quick Launching in the market   MVP helps to analyze the market and also get into other initial factors. This saves their market analyses process time and leads to quick launching. Quick launching helps to gain attention.    Summing Up    Innovations are key to have a successful future and for that innovations a tried and tested methods are also vital. Today, taking a risk in this competitive market is essential but when you have an alternative then why take a heavy risk. MVP is a solution for not only enterprises but it also works well for startups. Startups can take advantage of MVP development and can proceed with their innovative idea in the market. The app development process involves huge time, energy, and resource. But with MVP these all can be minimized and can get the best results.  Here, Appic softwares develops the best MVPs for your app with its dedicated app developers. Check out and connect with us to get a one-stop solution.   

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