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Daalo Hotel

This apps brings features to book rooms and food items. It also allows the users to book the banquet hall from the one interface. Here are some prominent features: 1. Room, food, and hall booking 2. Mark food items as favorite


A website that provides recommendations for tv shows, films, books, podcasts and other forms of entertainment in a user friendly blog style. The site will have many authors that the users can choose to follow.

All In Short

On "All In Short" you can get all the information related to Health Wealth, news, and the Spiritual World, and get answers for free. The purpose of "All in short" is to make people of all ages aware of issues like health, wealth, education, employment, food and provide a good and reliable solution to the questions that arise in the mind.  


Different panels are created to keep the record and maintain the status of invoices and orders. Admin Panel and the Warehouse panel. To manage the deliveries, an android app is also created for drivers.


Everyone earns for the food. But now people are earning from food. Online food delivery is the most popular business in the current scenario. For Customer(User) and the Seller(Vendor) both, it is an important way to fulfill their requirements. We Make It Accessible And Affordable For Anyone Around The World To Start Their Own Online Food Delivery Business.


Designed by Medical Doctors and Engineers, MediPocket integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to help reduce medical non-adherence by providing users with prescription discounts and tools to help them take charge of their health.


It is one of TATA Motors' strongest activities to share the view, photos of their truck driver, and submit them to the web and earn the prizes.


Sizzlin Scizzors is a brand marquee that is quite embryonic but the experience and expertise behind the salon and spa have been in the industry for a while now.


MyBat11 is a fantasy website and smartphone application that is rising rapidly. User can create their team, play the game and earn the real money


Plannnck is beautifully created for dealing with the issues of people. People should pose social problems today in order to consider concrete solutions and apply those solutions in real life. No longer waiting to have someone else solve social issues.


Wikicare is a Medical business platform that offers full application functionality for patients, doctors, and clinic/hospital functions. Consult with a Doctor right away! Skip the waiting room.

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