4 Best Adobe Commerce Loyalty Program Apps

4 Best Adobe Commerce Loyalty Program Apps

Do you know, 65% of the company’s revenue comes from the repeat business of existing customers? Thus, running a loyalty program would ensure that you have a high rate of customer return rate in your store. 

If you have an Adobe Commerce store or planning to build one and are looking for the best loyalty program apps then we have pulled our leg for you and have mentioned the best 7 loyalty program apps. 

So, let’s jump in and have a look at the content of this post-

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals (5/5⭐) 

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals
Source: https://commercemarketplace.adobe.com/

Over 1000 referral and loyalty programms are powered by Yotpo, which enables marketers to create semalesson-site experience that increase ROI. 

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals (formerly swell rewards) help to brands can create customised, customer-focused loyalty, and referral programms which boost lifetime value and promote new customer acquisition.

Using your enterprise grade softwares,you can create a programme that is specific to your brand and KPIs by configuring point-earning campaigns, tiered VIP benefits, customisable reward option, and more.


  • 15+ earning from campaign
  • Advance dashboards and reporting
  • Dedicated implementation management
  • VIP tiers
  • Redemption at checkout
  • Free product redemption


Installation is Free, but third-party fee may imply.

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Zinrelo- Holistic Rewards & Loyalty (5/5⭐)

Zinrelo- Holistic Rewards & Loyalty
Source: https://commercemarketplace.adobe.com/

An enterprises-grade,SaaS-based loyalty platform called Zinrelo that aids firms in launching comphrensive rewards programme. Zinrelo uses technology,in-depth data analytics, and on-going strategy consultancy to unlock varius aspects of loyalty,including behavirol, social, promotion 


Zinrelo has collaboration with thousands+ companies in last 14 years. Your loyalty programme is data-driven analytics,strategic,distinctive.


  • Multi-channel engagement 
  • Data-driven insight
  • White-glove service
  • Customizable rewards


Installation is Free, but third-party fee may imply.

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Mageworx Reward Points  (5/5⭐)

Mageworx Reward Points
Source: https://commercemarketplace.adobe.com/

Reward Points to your store is a strong loyalty programme, it helps to businesses to keep money in-store, and motivate consumers to carry out certain-beahviour. With the help of this loyalty programme you can gain consumers trust.

For the customer satisfaction you can give customers the option to pay all or part of their purchase with reward points. Including Tax and shipping costs, and you can add even more customization by addin manual changes.

Adobe Commerce give a advance level of feature to the Reward Pint extension.Leaving review, ordering, subscribing to a newsletter, and other business specific, marketing goals are all achieving along the way to customizing your reward points programme in full conformity with the demands and gols of your company.


Advanced Managment Option

  • Specify rule priority.
  • Set the points exchange rate.
  • Subtract the offered points in case of the refund.

Advances Rules & Conditions

  • Number of items bought.
  • Amount spent.
  • Numer of items bought starting with a specific quantity.
  • Amount spent starting from a specific sum.



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Aheadworks Reward points Subscription (5/5⭐)

Aheadworks Reward points Subscription
Source: https://commercemarketplace.adobe.com/

Give all information about extensions functionality and features.

Store owners monitor all related transactions and efficiently manage point-based reward programme with the help of the Reward Point module. Our Adobe Commerce reward points system’s configuration is straightforward. 

The settings are generally divided by into three parts- 

  • Firstly, Calculating the earn and spend rate.
  • Second, An admin should then choose clients actions that will earn points.
  • Finally, These are setting for the storefront.


  • Tier Rates
  • Rewarded Activites
  • Point Uses Limitation
  • Conversion Rate
  • Point Refund Behaviour
  • Flexible Point Coverge Amounts



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Now, In the end, we hope that through this blog you were able to gain knowledge on which loyalty programme would perfectly fit your business. Here we listed the top 4 loyality prgramme, each with different functionality that would make it easier for you to decide the best.

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