As per the research, 58% of businesses in the B2B industry actively use ChatBots, Compared to 42% of B2C businesses(Relay). There are many ChatBot options available for Adobe Commerce, emphasizing their benefits and features in enhancing customer experiences and streamlining business operations.

To help you to find the best Adobe Commerce ChatBots we have mentioned the Top 7 ChatBots that you must check out.

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Admin ChatBot

Admin ChatBot

Admin ChatBot is an addon that enables you to quickly display basic information about a customer, product, purchase, etc, and to move quickly to a certain page, with a straightforward predefined command, the admin can question the chatBot. 

The admin can access data and go to specific pages by asking the ChatBot to provide a list of data as requested. The Adobe Commerce access control module supported admin ChatBot. ChatBots respond to information to which users have access.

In the event that a user cannot access the product. You can ask the Admin ChatBot questions regarding customers, products, orders, invoices, shipments, and many other topics.

Features Of Admin ChatBot

  • Extension working with user access control.
  • Using the help icon at ChatBot, Admin users can see predefine commands.
  • Adobe admin users can see ChatBot on all pages in admin.
  • ChatBot gives basic information about orders, products, invoices, and shipments, in the Chatbox.
  • Enable or disable the module from Adobe admin.



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ProProfs Live Chat and ChatBot

ProProfs Live Chat and Chatbot

You can approach customer assistance in a proactive manner using ProProfs Live Chat and ChatBot. It uses Intelligent routing, ChatBots, and Pre-Chat Forms to speed up and improve the efficiency of issue resolution.

ProProfs Live Chat for Adobe is made to increase leads and provide happy customers. This tool can help your company expand and keep customers. On your Adobe website, you can add a live chat window with a custom color scheme, corporate logo, typeface, language, etc. 

This plugin can improve the whole shopping experience, track visitor behavior, respond to queries immediately, and turn visitors into paying customers. You may increase your online sales and provide real-time assistance to website visitors with the help of our Adobe Live Chat plugin.

Features Of ProProfs Live Chat and ChatBot

  • Identify and close more sale opportunities.
  • Integrate with your favorite application.
  • Delight customers with quicker issue resolution.
  • Automate your support process using a custom ChatBot.
  • Drive proactive engagement with customers.
  • Stay informed at all times with in-depth reporting and analysis.



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FAQ Subscription

FAQ Subscription

A Frequent Asked Questions section’s main goal is to give customers more information. These details could relate to products, specific goods, or brands, the actual shopping experience, delivery, warranties, return, payments, options, licenses, stores, features, etc. 

By presenting this information in an orderly, comprehensible way, the business owner reduces the number of perplexed consumers and the volume of inquiries made to support personnel.

The FAQ addon from Aheadworks groups queries and articles into sections according to common themes. Before adding queries or articles, the administrator must create at least one category. After creating categories and articles for them, the extension may be enabled, and the FAQ area will show up on the front end.

Features Of FAQ Subscription

  • FAQ Section Location
  • SEO Opportunity
  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Visual Cues
  • Responsive Design
  • Elastic Search
  • Admin Area In Backend
  • Questions On the Article Page
  • ChatBot
  • Statistics



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Live Chat

Live Chat

For customer service and online sales, LiveChat is a Live Chat platform designed specifically for Adobe. Customers who visit your Adobe store have a variety of inquiries, including inquiries about product sizes, colors, and availability. 

With our contemporary chat window, aesthetically pleasing eye-catchers, and chat buttons, you can capture their attention and enhance the visual aspect of your store. Using LiveChat’s Adobe Livechat addon, improve the shopping experience for customers and boat sales.

You may implement live chat anywhere on your website, including the checkout page, with the help of the LiveChat extension for Adobe. Using Live Chat, discover what items are in your customer’s shopping carts and assist them while they complete their transactions.

Feature Of Live Chat

  • Make Customer Service More Efficient.
  • Live Chat comes with a comprehensive set of features including proactive chat invitations that allow agents to send a personalized message automatically.
  • Live Chat comes with a built-in ticketing system to provide customer support 24/7.


Installation is Free, but third-party charges may imply.

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ChatGPT SEO Optimizer AI

ChatGPT SEO Optimizer AI

By automating the process of improving the SEO performance of their product pages, this addon helps merchants save time and effort. Sellers can improve organic traffic, raise search, and engine ranks, and enhance conversions by using metadata that is optimized.

Adobe with effective and efficient metadata production, you can maximize the potential of your product pages and draw in a larger audience.

Features Of ChatGPT SEO Optimizer AI

  • Attribute Selection For Metadata Optimization.
  • Role Name For API Request.
  • Minimum ANd Maximum Character Limits.



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ChatGPT Content Genreter | OpenAI Integration

ChatGPT Content Genreter OpenAI Integration

The ChatGPT AI tool was created by the American Artificial Intelligence and research startup OpenAI. The company has also released GPT-3 and DALL-3, among other AI technologies. Advanced ChatBot GPT responds to every inquiry submitted by the user through writing text that sounds like human speech.

Many organizations utilize this AI application to generate various forms of content, such as assignments, legal papers, press releases, etc.

Your Adobe Commerce stores may quickly use ChatGPT to automate the development of product content. To utilize this tool, you must select related traits or add subjects. When done, this program will automatically generate product descriptions for you that are both SEO- friendly and human-like.

Features Of ChatGPT Content Genreter 

  • Click the CMS page’s AI button to turn it on.
  • Admins can enable the AI button and custom prompt AI content button on
  1. Meta Description
  2. Meta Title
  3. Product Short Description
  4. Meta Keywords
  • Enable the AI button on the Category page.



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Order Inquiry Messanger

Order Inquiry Messenger

Your Adobe Commerce stores may quickly use ChatGPT to automate the development of product content. To utilize this tool you must select related traits or add subjects. When done, this program will automatically generate a product description for you that are both SEO- friendly and human-like.

Features Of Order Inquiry Messanger 

  • They can delete their message.
  • Offers a ChatBox that displays all conversations pertaining to a certain order on the sales-order-view page for each order.
  • An email notification is sent to a customer and vendor when they receive a new message.
  • They can also download the received files.



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Now, In the end, we hope that through this blog you were able to gain knowledge on which Chatbots would perfectly fit your business. Here we listed the top 7 ChatBots, each with different functionality that would make it easier for you to decide the best.

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