How AI Camera helped Jaipur Police?

How AI Camera helped Jaipur Police?

AI Camera helped jaipur police

Technology is playing a vital role in revolutionizing the modern world. Some of the main things that are also growing with time are AI and Machine Learning. AI (Artificial Intelligence), in simple words, can be understood as a “simulation of human intelligence by machines”. In the meantime, the Police are also making big moves with AI. Read this post to learn how AI cameras helped Jaipur police recently. 

In a recent report from Rajasthan, Jaipur Police also used AI cameras to catch criminals, and in the first trial in a crowded area in Govind Devji Temple, police were able to catch 13 criminals.

What is an AI Camera?

A camera having artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to analyze visual data in real time is referred to as an AI camera or an artificial intelligence camera. These cameras go beyond simple recording and imaging by fusing traditional picture or video capture capabilities with cutting-edge AI algorithms.

Because of their capacity to offer in-the-moment insights, automate processes, and improve security, AI cameras are becoming more and more widespread in a variety of industries. But particularly in public places and delicate contexts, its implementation frequently creates privacy and ethical questions. It’s crucial to employ AI cameras sensibly and in accordance with applicable laws and privacy standards.

How the AI camera works:

  • A central server receives a live video feed from cameras.
  • The system contrasts server-based photographs with live images.
  • AI quickly ascertains whether the person recorded on camera has a criminal history.
  • Results are shown on the monitor, including gender and age.
  • Non-criminals are indicated with green shadow signals.

How AI Camera Helped Jaipur Police?

Around 500 thousand people visited Shri Govind Devji Temple this year on the festival day. The cameras were set up on the occasion of Janmashtami in the temple. These AI-based CCTV cameras were set up at six entrances to the temple, and all were connected to the control room. Ai quickly ascertains whether the person recorded on camera has a criminal history.

What Next?

The goal is to put this technology to use in a wide variety of settings, such as during demonstrations and visits to religious sites. A request for high-definition cameras has been submitted since the accuracy of the measurements has to be improved. The Cyber Cell of the Commissionerate is working tirelessly to perfect this system. The next stage will place an emphasis on the identification of vehicles.

Ways in which AI cameras can be put to use:

Instead of just being used to catch criminals, AI cameras have numerous additional applications, like:

  • Counting the number of people at any place

It is incredibly challenging to locate and count people in crowds. That implies that both people and machines find it difficult. People detection solutions make it possible to do a wide range of crucial tasks, including gathering information about the number of people who attend events like concerts, rallies, meetings, and festivals, as well as figuring out how many people are gathered in emergency shelters in case of a disaster.

  • Counting the number of pedestrians crossing a street

For security purposes, it is crucial to assess a street’s usability or to identify and quantify the number of people who traverse it. One of the most crucial applications of AI is pedestrian detection. Both object detection and motion detection methods are effectively used.

  • Classifying Genders

Analyzing factors like gender and age is another crucial role of AI Cameras. This allows for the implementation of security measures as well as the acquisition of crucial insights for business development procedures.

For marketing purposes, for instance, you could examine the security camera footage of visitors to your store to determine their gender and then alter the product or the design of the interior in response to this information.

  • Customer Analytics

Using AI cameras to watch customer activity in-store may help retailers gain a better understanding of client behavior and how shop layouts should be designed.

  • Self-driving vehicles

AI cameras have the ability to recognize and categorize a variety of items that are located close to the car, including pedestrians, automobiles, bicycles, and road signs. This information is necessary for making decisions in the here and now regarding the proper way for the vehicle to navigate. The autonomous vehicle’s cameras are able to detect and follow the lane markers on the road with ease. This information is essential for determining whether to change lanes and for keeping one’s position within the lane. AI cameras are able to read and comprehend many types of traffic signs, such as those that say “stop,” “yield,” and “speed limit.” By using this information, the vehicle will be able to comply with traffic laws and alter its speed appropriately.

  • In Manufacturing Units

Using AI cameras to check for flaws in products can ensure a high-quality manufacturing process. They can keep an eye on equipment and forecast when repairs are necessary to avoid breakdowns.

  • Making Smart Cities

With AI cameras, traffic flow can be improved, accidents can be found, and traffic offenses can be tracked. They can keep an eye on the weather and the state of the air and look for environmental dangers.

  • Smart Education

AI cameras can detect student interest and provide feedback, which can enhance online learning. By detecting unwanted access, they also help improve school security.

  • Increasing Agriculture

Drones or fixed installations equipped with AI cameras can keep an eye on crop health, spot pests, and adjust irrigation. They can keep an eye on the well-being and conduct of agricultural animals.


AI cameras are necessary for both company expansion and security. They perform admirably in a wide range of different tasks. The creation of an AI camera may require a significant investment of both time and money. As a direct consequence of this, Appic Software can assist you by delivering software that is easy to use and appropriate for all of your required actions.

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