The competition among the top three cloud computing providers, namely Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS), has resulted in the growth of other businesses as cloud computing continues to gain popularity. The winners of this battle are online companies that are expanding rapidly as a result of the many advantages of cloud computing.

To be sure, cloud infrastructure isn’t enough for businesses to succeed on their own because each platform is growing, adding more resources, and developing more sophisticated tools and applications for consumers. As a result, there is a great demand for qualified cloud specialists to manage everything.

Understanding entry-level, mid-level, and senior AWS, GCP, and Azure DevOps engineer salaries makes sense for professionals in related IT fields like analysis, programming, software deployment, security, and database administration, which are seeing a spike in demand for DevOps engineering roles. 

With our thorough and current Azure DevOps Engineer salary guide, we spare you the trouble of searching the market for solutions and realizing your vision—a task that would otherwise take a lot of effort for employers, engineers, and developers. 

For more details on compensation information depending on region, experience, certification, and education, see our DevOps Engineer compensation Guides for AWS and GCP. 

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure was created to support cloud professionals, internet companies, and startups in the development, testing, deployment, optimization, analysis, testing, and maintenance of applications for individuals as well as teams. Because all of the data is safely kept on Microsoft servers, there is flexibility in how the storage is used and access to analytical tools, computing power, RAM, and Azure apps.

Azure is unquestionably the most affordable choice for companies using Microsoft software and solutions. Businesses that opted for Azure typically seek out Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Azure, which debuted in 2010, is currently the second-largest cloud service. And for experts in Windows technologies like C#, SQL Server, and PowerShell, it might be the most alluring of the three services. Because to Azure Hybrid Benefits, Azure provides SQL Servers and Windows Servers at a significantly lower cost—up to five times less than before—helping businesses avoid having to buy new Windows server licenses.

The cloud service provider offers a wide range of information for experts familiar with Azure solutions, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and serverless computing, and how to use them effectively to deal with cloud resources. Azure can completely replace on-premise dedicated servers thanks to these technologies, which will result in considerable cost savings and an improvement in a business’s bottom line.

Azure DevOps Engineers Salary Rates

The time investment in a new endeavor is significant. In light of the DevOps market’s explosive growth since 2017, businesses and startups require qualified personnel now more than ever. IT specialists, on the other hand, search for expanding markets with competitive pay, available jobs, and firms vying for top talent. It’s worth mentioning that individuals with backgrounds in programming, data analysis, engineering, security, and software deployment find it simpler to enter the DevOps field while working with Azure, GCP, or AWS. 

Professionals and recruiters looking to gain an understanding of the spectrum of pay for Azure DevOps Engineers should start by learning about the entry-, mid-, and senior-level compensation offered by large corporations. We have created a table that illustrates the compensation disparities among DevOps workers who work with AWS, GCP, or Azure in order to make the variances clear. 

We were assisted by the yearly statistics that Stack Overflow Jobs gathers. To gather information on the current status of entry pay figures and how they change based on education, certifications, technologies, and years of experience, they gather the largest IT firms in the world and conduct interviews with experts and recruiters.

The big three are contrasted in this table based on 0–10 years of DevOps experience. The information is based on professionals who work in San Francisco, California, with a bachelor’s degree in information technology and at least one qualification that puts them in the 50th percentile of DevOps engineers.

Years of experience AWS GCP Azure
0 $145,000 $144,000 $146,000
2 $151,000 $150,000 $152,000
4 $158,000 $157,000 $159,000
6 $165,000 $164,000 $166,000
8 $173,000 $171,000 $173,000
10 $180,000 $179,000 $181,000

AWS, GCP, and Azure DevOps Engineers’ Annual Salary Comparison – Source: Stack Overflow

Although Microsoft Azure is currently the second-largest cloud provider, its market share is still expanding. The best method to advance in your career as a professional focusing on Microsoft products is to obtain a Microsoft Azure Certification. Azure has minimal competition since it is the only one of the three giants that places a strong emphasis on Microsoft Windows components, including Azure Active Directory, and offers the most affordable prices. 

The purpose of this graph is to illustrate the pay rise for DevOps Engineers in San Francisco, United States, who are in the 50th percentile of professionals, have at least one Microsoft Azure certification, and possess an IT bachelor’s degree.

Azure DevOps


In conclusion, the pay for an Azure DevOps Engineer varies depending on the sector and nation in which the individual is employed or seeks employment. Regarding the kind of knowledge or skill sets required for various businesses, there aren’t many differences. What could vary, though, is the domain knowledge or specialty knowledge.

Nevertheless, the market is now looking bright if you know how to showcase your skills effectively, as many firms are hunting for the best Azure DevOps Engineers and are willing to pay top dollar to acquire them. We hope that this article has allayed your concerns about becoming a certified DevOps Engineer for Microsoft Azure.

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