As per the study over 2,70,000 businessmen choose Adobe for their business. Adobe Commerce Email Marketing Apps is a powerful tool that can greatly benefit businesses in their marketing efforts.

To help you find the best Adobe Commerce Email Marketing Apps we have done the hard work and listed the 10 best Apps that you must check out.

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HubSpot Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

The Hubspot Contact Sync module by Wagento enables retailers to sync their Adobe Commerce contacts with HubSpot. This marketing software provider aids in and streamlines sales and marketing activities for companies of all kinds. The HubSpot platform is made to assist organizations in expanding and achieving their unique objectives, from its CRM software to its comprehensive dashboards.

Features Of Hubspot Contact Sync:-

  • Easy to install and adapt.
  • Can split customer/visitor contact information from various store views (English, Spanish, German, etc.)into separate lists.
  • Will sync contact information of new users that register on the Adobe commerce website with Hubspot.
  • By using a console command, it is simple to sync the old customer data(The customers who were there before the installation of our module.)
  • New clients will sync according to the corn. You may schedule this corn to run automatically or run it manually from the terminal.
  • Will sync contact information from consumers who choose to subscribe to the newsletter on the Adobe commerce website to Hubspot.


Installation is Free, but third-party charges may imply.

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  • Follow Up Email Subscription

Follow Up Email Subscription Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

The Adobe Commerce Follow-Up Email addon was created with email marketing in mind. Along with adjustable conditions, performance metrics, email-sending schedules, and more, It enables you to run highly targeted email campaigns. 

In summary, creating a campaign trigger event is the first event in using this email marketing extension for adobe commerce.

As long as the chosen events meet the requirements email sending will begin automatically. By using the given A/B testing option, this abandoned cart extension for adobe commerce enables email A/B testing, It enables you to produce follow-ups with various headers, footers, and text.

Features Of Follow Up Email Subscription

  • A/B Testing Mode
  • Email Chains
  • Flexible Conditions Events
  • Writing Tools
  • Eight Trigger Event Types
  • User-Friendly Events
  • Scheduling Options
  • Built-in Emails Templates



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  • Abandoned Cart Email Subscription

Abandoned Cart Email Subscription Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

The Abandoned Cart Email Subscription Extension for Adobe Commerce is designed to remind customers to return to the business after leaving products in their cart. The ‘rules’ extension entity, determines what email is delivered to the customer and how often, and under what circumstances, is used to send the reminder emails. 

Consumers who left specific goods in their carts or consumer whose cart total exceeds a certain threshold are just two examples of the various client category that the store owner might target with rules.

Features Of Abandoned Cart Email Subscription

  • Email Targeting
  • Rich Text Editor
  • UpFront Email Testing
  • Cart Recovery
  • Ready-made Rules
  • Email Scheduling



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  • Klaviyo

Klaviyo Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

Klaviyo, an advanced customer platform encompassing email, SMS, and additional functionalities, empowers renowned brands to efficiently automate personalized communications, thereby creating a sense of individual recognition among customers on a large scale.

The Klaviyo database interacts effortlessly with a user’s tech stack, enabling them to access an infinite amount of customer data from any source and use that data to offer to engage. 

Features Of Klaviyo

  • SMS
  • Social Advertising
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Best-in-class Segments
  • Centralized Customer Profile
  • Powerful Integration
  • Growth Centring Reporting
  • Dynamic Forms and Personalization
  • Unparalleled Data Science


Installation is Free, but third-party charges may imply.

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  • Product Pre Order

Product Pre Order Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

Product Pre-Order Extension enables retailers to let customers pay for items that are either not yet available for release or shipping from the store. Customers can place an order and Pre-Purchase a product.

Once the good is available, they will be notified by email. For a Pre-ordered item, the administrator gets paid in full or in part. Customers can simply pay the balance due to complete their pre-order after making a partial payment.

Features Of Product Pre Order

  • A client may Place a Pre-order for products.
  • An individual pre-order message can be shown by the admin on the product page.
  • Set each product availability date and pre-order status.
  • Set up full or partial (with a percentage) payment for pre-orders.
  • Allow free Pre-ordering without requiring money in advance.
  • On product sites mention free Pre-orders.
  • Customers will automatically receive an email when the product becomes available. 
  • When a product is ready, the admin can manually tell the customers.
  • Give the notification emails a sender email address.
  • Choose a notification email template for product availability.
  • Pre-orders can also be made by anonymous individuals.
  • Support translation into multiple languages.



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  • Affiliate System

Affiliate System Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

Online retailers can build up an affiliate marketing system for their eCommerce store using an affiliate system plugin. For, its products, the admin can design unique banners, text adverts, and links. 

A registered user can advertise things as an affiliate on several websites. Pay-per-click, per-unique, click, fixed, and percentage commission types are all options for setting affiliate compensation rates.

You can access detailed statistics data such as monthly and annual charts, track record lists, sales record lists, and payment record lists. The administrator may employ a variety of payment mechanisms to distribute the commission to its affiliate users. 

Features Of Affiliate System

  • The admin will manage payouts for each distinct click, clicks, per click, and affiliate orders.
  • The admin is in charge of Affiliate Settings.
  • Manage Affiliate users’ advertising.
  • The Affiliate’s payment mechanism can be decided by the merchant.
  • Admin is in charge of the affiliate, user, payment, traffic, sales, and data.
  • Admin can regulate the general commission rates for affiliates. 



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  • Newsletter Maker

Newsletter Maker Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

The default Adobe Commerce feature for managing newsletters is not always practical. Our newsletter maker extension expands Adobe Commerce’s built-in newsletter functionality making it possible for anyone to make a professional-looking newsletter fast and effortlessly without any coding knowledge.

The drag-and-drop and editable content user interface of newsletter maker makes it an easy-to-use template builder for Adobe Commerce. With this editor, you can drag content blocks from the side directly onto your newsletter to create newsletters.

You may quickly and easily make an attractive newsletter by changing texts, links, and graphics. 

Features Of Newsletter Maker

  • Source Editor
  • Preview Modes
  • Custom Template
  • Colors
  • Drag & Drop
  • View Online
  • Editable Content



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  • CleverReach®

CleverReach® Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

One of the top suppliers of email marketing solutions is CleverReach®, with more than 290,000 clients in more than 170 nations. Our program makes it possible for you to communicate directly with your clients and is relatively simple to set up and use. 

High technology standards, professional customer services, and a reasonable price-performance ratio are the three main priorities of CleverReach®.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to develop an effective newsletter and automation workflow with CleverReach® and send them to your consumer. Download our plugin and quickly link your Adobe Commerce to our business-grade newsletter software. 

Take the plunge and launch your email marketing campaign right away!

Features Of CleverReach®

  • A/B Tests
  • Free and responsive email templates.
  • Free support and webinar.
  • Automated email campaign with our automation tool THEA.
  • Extensive reports and tracking options.
  • Double-opt -in the signup and unsubscribe form.


Installation is Free, but third-party charges may imply.

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  • Responsive Transactional Emails

Responsive Transactional Emails Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

You may generate, edit, translate, and text Adobe transactional emails with Responsive Transactional Emails. Never has it been that simple! All emails are mobile-friendly and responsive. Customers frequently use their phones and tablets to check their email, so make sure they are comfortable while doing so.

The Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iPhone, Mail app, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and AQL mail clients have all been used to test all templates.

Features Of Responsive Transactional Emails

  • Testing
  • Preview Mode
  • Color, Text, Images
  • Editable Content
  • Drag and Drop Blocks



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  • Clang

Clang Adobe Commerce Email Marketing

The Netherlands, where we are from, ranks clang are the best country in the world for email marketing. We provide marketers control over their marketing automation with our simple Drag-and-Drop technology, which requires little IT work. 

With our visual profile manager, you can run in-depth searches, quickly develop automated campaigns, and personalize emails using the client information you’ve already recorded. Companies in all industries, including retail, insurance, tourism, and energy, benefit greatly from employing Clang.

Features Of Clang

  • Save all customer data with their order history.
  • Manage your all webshop emails in Clang.
  • Automate your uo and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Create your emails faster with the help of the Adobe product feed.
  • A complete email integration between Adobe and Clang.


Installation is Free, but third-party charges may imply.

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Now, In the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on which Email Marketing Apps would perfectly fit your business. Here we have listed 10 Email Marketing Apps, each with different functionality, that would make it easier for you to decide the best.

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