8 Best Product Label Apps For Shopify

8 Best Product Label Apps For Shopify

8 Best Product Label Apps For Shopify

Eye-catching product labels can make all the difference in grabbing your customers’ attention and increasing sales in today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment.

Creating tailored products, goods, and services will be a common strategy to improve the client experience in 2023, according to a Forbes report.

Additionally, a Deloitte study reveals that consumers are willing to pay 20% more for things that are personalized.

As a result, we’ve done the research and assembled a list of the top 8 Shopify product label applications that are sure to improve your store’s appearance and increase conversions.

The 8 Best Shopify Product Labels Apps Are:

DECO: Product Labels and Badges 

Rating: ⭐4.9/5

Pricing: Free with a three-day trial of the $4.95/month paid plans.

DECO: Product Labels & Badges will help you increase sales by upgrading the look of your Shopify business. With the help of this app, you can quickly add attractive labels and badges to your products, capturing the attention of your clients right away.

Key Elements

  • DECO offers a wide variety of customisable designs, enabling you to properly match the labels with the identity of your brand.
  • Smart Automation: Allow the app to apply labels automatically in accordance with product characteristics, sales, or inventory levels.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Make your products more alluring to customers by creating and scheduling labels for important events, holidays, or limited-time deals.
  • Performance Tracking: The app’s performance tracking feature offers useful data and enables you to assess the influence of labels on your conversion rates and income.

Flair Product Badges and Labels

Rating: ⭐4.9/5

Pricing: 14-day trial period on plans starting at $29/month

With eye-catching badges and labels that attract your customers’ attention and increase their confidence in making a purchase, you can improve your Shopify store and elevate your products.

Key Elements

  • Simple Customization: The user-friendly interface provides a wide range of customization choices, enabling you to create labels that exactly reflect the essence of your company.
  • Automated Triggers: Allow Flair to dynamically apply badges in accordance with any criteria you specify, including product availability and sales performance.
  • With conversion-driven labels like “Best Seller,” “Limited Stock,” and “New Arrival,” you can increase sales by incentivizing customers to act quickly and decisively when making their purchases.
  • Advanced Analytics: Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with in-depth knowledge of badge performance and effect on conversion rates in your store.

Elegantsy Product labels

Rating: ⭐4.2/5

Pricing: $6.99/month for the Premium plan after a 25-day free trial.

The ideal Shopify software to give your online business a touch of class and sophistication is Elegantsy Product Labels. Improve the way your products are presented to customers and draw them in with elegantly created labels that make shopping more enjoyable.

Key Elements

  • Impress your customers with eye-catching, sophisticated, and contemporary label designs.
  • Flexible Customization: Elegantsy offers straightforward customization options that let you change label colors, fonts, sizes, and placement to perfectly match the theme of your store.
  • Set up rules and criteria for labels to be applied automatically based on a product’s qualities, inventory levels, or sales performance.
  • Elegantsy’s labels are completely mobile responsive, guaranteeing that they display beautifully on smartphones.

BSS: Product Labels and Badges

Rating: ⭐4.9/5

Pricing: Free with $5/month afterwards

With BSS: Product Labels & Badges, revolutionize the way you display your products and increase sales. It gives your online store powerful, attention-grabbing labels and badges that make your products stand out and draw in more customers.

Key Elements

  • Dynamic Badges: Based on a product’s availability, sales patterns, or inventory status, BSS offers dynamic badges that dynamically update.
  • Geo-Targeted Labels: To increase engagement and conversions, you can display labels that are suited to particular geographic areas, linguistic groups, or client segments.
  • BSS enables you to add eye-catching animated badges to your products, resulting in an engrossing and engaging buying experience.
  • Product comparison labels: By including comparison labels and highlighting the distinctive selling qualities of each product, you may assist customers in making educated judgments.

Labelfy ‑ Product Labels

Rating: ⭐5/5

Pricing: a 14-day free trial and monthly rates beginning at $9.

To improve the aesthetics of your online business and boost client interaction, Labelfy makes it simple to add eye-catching labels and badges to your products.

Key Elements

  • Simple Label Customization: Make labels that properly reflect the character and aesthetic of your brand. With a few clicks, you may change the label’s colors, fonts, sizes, and placements.
  • Smart Automated Labeling: Create automated triggers depending on a variety of factors, such as product characteristics, inventory levels, sales volume, and more.
  • Variety of Badge Designs: Labelfy offers a wide range of pre-designed badges and labels in appealing designs, including top sellers, recent arrivals, on sale items, and personalized tags.
  • Performance Monitoring and Insights: Labelfy’s in-depth analytics reports provide you with useful information about how labels affect consumer behavior and conversion rates.

ModeMagic-  Store Conversions

Rating: ⭐4.9/5

Pricing: Free; monthly rates begin at $49

With ModeMagic – Store Conversions, you can turn your Shopify store into a conversion powerhouse. Easily turn your product photographs into alluring shopping destinations by adding eye-catching stickers, labels, and animations.

Key Elements

  • Interactive Stickers and Animations: Attract clients’ attention by making your products stand out with eye-catching stickers and animations.
  • AI-Enabled Suggestions: With the help of AI-driven product recommendations from ModeMagic, increase cross-selling and upselling chances.
  • Holiday & Seasonal Themes: When it comes to holidays and special occasions, stay ahead of the competition. With the help of ModeMagic, you can give your clients a great shopping experience by offering them a wide variety of holiday themes and festive stickers.
  • Real-time personalization Change sticker placements, sizes, and colors with ease, and examine changes immediately to guarantee a perfect fit with your store’s style.

Sami Product Labels & Badges

Rating: ⭐4.9/5

Pricing: Free plan; 7-day trial; Plans starting at $5/month and up

The dynamic Shopify software Sami Product Labels & Badges provides your online store with eye-catching labels and badges, enhancing your product presentation and increasing customer trust and conversions.

Key Elements

  • Sami comes with a flexible badge library with a variety of styles, like “New Arrival,” “Best Seller,” “Limited Stock,” and more, making it simple to highlight product highlights.
  • Smart Label Automation: Automatically apply labels based on product characteristics, inventory levels, sales results, and other factors.
  • personalized Badge Creation: Highlight the distinctiveness of your brand by creating personalized badges that precisely complement the look and message of your store.
  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: With Sami’s in-depth analytics data, you can evaluate the performance of labels and improve your marketing tactics.

Labeler ‑ Product Labels

Rating: ⭐4.8/5

Pricing: Free plan and $5.99/month Premium plan

A revolutionary Shopify tool called Labeler – Product Labels changes the way products are presented in your online store, giving it a dramatic visual boost and increasing customer interaction. With ease, showcase product features, deliver current information, and attract your audience.

Key Elements

  • Make your labels unique to stand out from the crowd.Cost: Free, with in-app purchases ranging from 99 cents to $50 cents.You have the ability to design labels that are entirely original to you and properly capture the identity and style of your company thanks to Labeler’s wide range of design possibilities, fonts, colors, and sizes.
  • Conditional Labeling: You can set up rules and conditions to apply labels based on product characteristics, inventory levels, price, and more with Labeler’s smart automation, which will save you time and effort.
  • Keep your customers informed with real-time updates by utilizing dynamic labels from Labeler. Display real-time data to guarantee that your consumers always receive the most up-to-date information, such as product availability, sales totals, and time-sensitive specials.
  • Interactive Badge Effects: Using this tool, you can add animations and hover effects to badges to entice users to interact with and learn more about your offerings.


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