10 Best WooCommerce Plugins To Enhance Your Store In 2023

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins To Enhance Your Store In 2023

Do you know WooCommerce has more than 980 WordPress plugins? But your store won’t need all those plugins, thus to help you decide which plugin to choose and which not we have done the hard work. 

Here we have listed 10 must-have plugins for your WooCommerce store, so let’s find out the content of this post-

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source solution that can be integrated with WordPress-built websites. This makes it easier for retailers to easily convert their normal store into a fully functioning ecommerce store. 

It comes with vital features such as inventory management, tax management, secure payments, and more. 

10 Best WooCommerce Plugins

Here are the top 10 WooCommerce plugins that you must have in your store- 

WooCommerce Invoices & Packing Slips (5/5⭐)

This plugin helps you to automatically add PDF invoices to order confirmation emails sent to your customers. This plugin has a basic template that can be customized by you. 


  • It has an order admin panel from which you can download PDF invoices/Packing slips. 
  • Comes with fully customizable HTML/CSS invoice templates. 
  • This plugin supports more than 15 languages ranging from English to Swedish. 

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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist (4/5⭐)

Through this plugin, customers can add their favorite products to a list and purchase them later on. This makes it easier for customers to quickly purchase items quickly instead of scrolling and finding them. 


  • The add-to wishlist widget can be placed anywhere on the store as per your preferences. 
  • Through this plugin, you can send promotional emails to customers that have added a certain product to their wishlist. 
  • You can enable/disable the wishlist feature for those customers that have not logged in to your store. 

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WooCommerce Multilingual & Multi-Currency

With this plugin, you can run your store in over 1,00,000 languages and can also convert currencies. This plugin helps you sell your products in multiple countries and also helps you scale up the customer experience. 


  • The plugin can translate all text that a buyer can see during the checkout process. 
  • It allows you to view pricing and translate it into multiple currencies. 
  • The plugin also helps you to perform SEO in different languages. 

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Custom Product Tabs For WooCommerce (4.5/5⭐)

Woocommerce product tag plugin

This plugin allows you to keep your product pages clean with consolidated tabs. You can add different types of content like images, videos, and text in these tabs and make it easier for customers to shop in your store. 


  • Custom page tabs for WooCommerce support quick installation. 
  • The plugin is also compatible with WPML for translating in the future. 
  • All the tabs can be edited in the basic WordPress editor. 

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WooCommerce Customizer (4.6/5⭐)

To make it easier for you to customize your store this plugin allows you to make changes in your button texts, labels, etc., and save them directly in the plugin. You don’t have to update the code manually.  


  • Allows you to create different cart buttons for different products. 
  • Provides a sales badge text for the shop or product pages. 
  • You can perform various customizations such as tax label text, placeholder image source, heading text for product description, and many more. 

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PickPlugins Product Slider For WooCommerce (4.4/5⭐)

This plugin allows you to share more product images in your store through a slider format. You can create an unlimited product slider through this plugin and showcase it anywhere in the store as per your preference.


  • There is a slider autoplay option
  • The sliders can be played in a loop. 
  • To help you run your store at a faster pace, it has a lazy load feature. 

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Checkout Field Editor 

Through this plugin, you can add 20 different types of checkout themes that come with user-friendly themes. This plugin allows you to collect customer information as per your liking and you don’t have to make too many changes in your store. 


  • Comes with many new field items that you can incorporate. 
  • You can enable or disable fields with just a click of a button. 

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WooCommerce Menu Cart (4.6/5⭐)

menu cart woocommerce plugin

This plugin allows you to add a shopping cart widget to your main navigational menu. The installation of this plugin is easy and usually takes a couple of minutes to integrate. 


  • You can place the icon in the navigational menu anywhere you want. 
  • Custom CSS is readily available for advanced edits. 

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YITH WooCommerce Compare (4.1/5⭐)

This plugin allows your customers to compare two products and also add a compare button to it. This feature would help your customers to make the right decision which would scale up the customer experience in their store. 


  • You don’t need to code, the plugin would help you to easily add a button anywhere you want. 
  • This plugin would create a separate compare page. 
  • Customers can add an item directly to the cart from the compare page. 

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Order Delivery Date For WooCommerce (4.3/5⭐)

delivery date woocommerce

This plugin let the customer decide on what date they want the order to arrive. Integrating this would help you to reduce the cart abandonment rate in your store as customers would get orders on their desired date. 


  • You can disable the days on which you don’t deliver products. 
  • Allows you to disable delivery for virtual and featured products. 
  • Comes with easy-to-manage delivery options. 

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3 WooCommerce Key Features

Here are the top 3 key features of WooCommerce That you must have a look at-

  • Built-in payment option- You don’t need to add a third-party payment provider to your store and pay extra for it. 
  • Comes with extensive themes- WooCommerce comes with many themes which you can apply in your store and provide a branded experience to your customers. 
  • Built-in blogging- This feature allows you to post blogs and perform SEO for your store. 


Now in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on the 10 best WooCommerce plugins that you can integrate into your store. 

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