Operating on an online food ordering system has become the norm for most restaurants and food services. You can create a restaurant website or a food delivery app that focuses on a single restaurant or chains specializing in a single establishment. Most people have only one question: how much does it cost to develop a food delivery mobile app for a restaurant? In this blog, we will discuss all those things.

The simple reason for this is that on-demand food delivery apps are combining two crucial aspects on a single platform – delivering good food without the hassle of cooking. As well as developing an online food delivery system, customers can order food beyond a single dish.

However, when you develop a food delivery app like UberEats, you create something that will be a success among the mobile app users, irrespective of the demography. 

Despite apps such as Zomato and Grubhub, which are leading markets, there are open opportunities to be explored in the area. With increasing numbers of customers turning to mobile apps to conduct various business activities such as food, there is room to expand the options available to top restaurants and food delivery app development companies

 Why Invest In Food Delivery Apps Like Zomato? 

Slowly, our habits and lives are changing, and most of us are getting used to staying at home, and the opportunity to go to our favourite restaurant is less. As a result, using online food delivery systems to get food from outside has become a part of our lives.

If you think about food delivery applications, you should consider a few things. How is the food delivery market, and what will happen in the future? What are the benefits and costs of developing on-demand food delivery apps?

Here below are some statistical data for the food delivery market on demand.

According to a report by Statista:

  • In 2020, the online food delivery market generated US$136,431 million in revenue.
  • The annual growth rate revenue of online food delivery is projected to be 7.5% CAGR between 2020 and 2024, which will enable the market to account for US$182,327 million by 2024.
  • In 2020, Platform-to-Consumer has the largest share in the online food delivery market with an estimated US$70,741 million in revenue. 
  • China is likely to generate the highest revenue in the online food sector in the global comparison with US$51,514 million in 2020.

You are an investor in an online food delivery app or looking for a food delivery app company to develop your online food delivery app. So, in that case, consumers can consider the benefits of the online food delivery system offered.

  • Offer a vast range of cuisine and smooth services to customers.
  • The target audience is not restricted to specific demography or gender. 
  • Impressive ROI in the shortest possible time
  • Offering better potential for customer retention than any other online services
  • Opportunity for expansion too far-flung areas
  • Serving new and fantastic food items as well as being famous around the world

With online food ordering becoming an integral part of urban life, investing in food delivery apps positively impacts.

Essential Features For Food Delivery App 

Now that you have decided to build a restaurant food ordering app, you must decide which features you must include in your restaurant food ordering app.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the most important features any restaurant app should have to be popular among customers.

To build an exceptional app for your food business, you must first understand the fundamental aspects of an on-demand food ordering app. We have mentioned below the top features of the food delivery app, which you must pay attention to.

1. Food Ordering App Push Notifications

With the rapid growth of online food ordering, having multiple food delivery apps on your phone makes sense. Sending push notifications is considered the best way to gain visibility and stay ahead of your competitors. Accordingly, it helps businesses to stay in touch with their customers. These messages are used to send various information, including discounts, special offers, and location-based order drop messages, among other things.

2. Contact Information for the Delivery Person

Suppose, the customer has made an order and paid for it. You might want to provide the consumer with the delivery person’s contact information. Accordingly, the function allows consumers to contact the delivery person and track their orders.

3. Reward/Discount Programs

Vouchers and special offers are the most effective ways to attract new users to your food delivery mobile app. So, it will help grow your business further if you regularly get generous discounts to keep the customers’ interest.

To win brand loyalty, attracting potential customers is more critical than increasing brand awareness. And this is just one reason why big companies put more emphasis on their reward points. Accordingly, for example, Starbucks saw an 80 percent increase in sales after introducing the loyalty program.

4. Food Delivery GPS Tracking in Real-Time

Customers can track the location of their meals using real-time GPS technology, which is one of the essential features of food delivery apps. GPS aims to provide two-way tracking and operation. Accordingly, it helps determine the user’s location to deliver the food. Once the site is verified, users can follow the status and activities of the delivery people.

5. Simple Payment Methods


Payments play an essential role in any firm as per the point of view of a business owner. Even though this is the last step in the ordering process, consumers will never try again if there is a minor or significant problem. Accordingly, a consumer should have all the funding options listed in your on-demand food delivery app so that the payment process is highly productive and easy to use.

6. Search Filters

We appreciate the customer ease and time savings that a sophisticated search facility can provide with multiple criteria as you have the freedom to search the eateries you want by downloading the restaurant aggregator/ordering app. Accordingly, users must search for items based on on-time delivery, distance, or menu options, which vary from location to location for an app for the same restaurant or chain.

How Much Does Food Delivery App Development Cost?

Generally, the cost of developing a food delivery app is as per the features included in the app. An average restaurant’s online ordering software as part of a food delivery app will cost between US$12,000 to $25,000. If one opts for a sophisticated app that is also part of the restaurant’s online ordering system, the developer will likely charge US$40,000.


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