Do you know Zoopla had 33.9 million visitors in June? The real estate market has seen a few expansions over the years in the form of prosperous firms. While some businesses have had tremendous success right away, others have needed a little more time.

Zoopla is one such business that managed to turn the tide and become the leading real estate firm in the UK.

The company was founded in January 2008 by Alex Chesterman and Simon Kain, and it has since developed into one of the leading real estate companies in the region. Users can get information about buying, selling, and estimating the price of homes through the corporation owned by Silver Lake Partners.

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What Is Zoopla?

Users looking for homes to buy, rent, or sell can utilize the Zoopla website and smartphone app. It is one of the most well-known real estate websites in the UK with over 11 million monthly users.

Zoopla Statistics

Zoopla Statistics

  • The business, which is ranked 10 in the UK, is the top real estate firm in the area.
  • iconAccording to website statistics, there have been over 29 million visits.
  • iconIt became the #1 destination for investors and shareholders when Silver Lake Partners recently acquired it for $3 billion.
  • iconThe best real estate app in the UK is the Zoopla, Real Estate Mobile App, which has more than a million downloads.

Zoopla Services

  • Users can use icon Zoopla’s hundreds of thousands of listings in the UK to find homes for sale or rent.
  • IconIts offerings also include purchasing homes abroad.
  • Icon users can speak directly with agents over the phone to discuss pertinent topics or even arrange a meeting.
  • IconAny home displayed on the website can have its approximate cost as well as the mortgage payment immediately provided to users.

Working Zoopla Model

To buy, sell, or rent a property, Zoopla brings buyers and sellers together. You can categorically refer to it as the UK’s top real estate agent app.

The reason for this is that users cannot immediately list their property on the website. The person you need to contact can provide you with instructions so that your property can be displayed on the portal. Additionally, you can get in touch with “Online Agents” who will market your house on their website.

So how does the business make money? via advertisements, I guess. The website’s many options make it much simpler to search. Because of this, agents and sellers are in fierce competition with one another.

Essential Real State App Features

Zoopla Features


The user can choose a precise location for their home or property using the map view. It is an excellent resource for finding properties anywhere in the world. Request a map feature from your real estate mobile app development company that requires map integration.

Property Alerts Icon

It is challenging for your potential users to stay informed about new alerts after visiting the website. Users of a real estate app can benefit from this. Users have the option to set up email or text alerts for properties listed in a certain area.

Customized Lookups

Filters must be used on every website and app to some level. However, while creating a real estate mobile app, make sure to incorporate filters that can instantly give your users sophisticated search capabilities.

You can request that your developer construct filters depending on the country, pin code, area, and pricing, and add some further features by your needs.

Local Area Info Via The Icon

This functionality, which would include data on the price set by the seller, the estimated price at any given time, and the number of users who are currently interested in this initiative, can be included.

Slide Shows With Photos

Images from the listings would be displayed in a photo slide presentation. You might design a feature that would demand that the seller of the property include pictures of the various parts of the property.

Cross-Device Accessibility

Users can sign in using any device or platform if they like. Social media platforms can also be utilized as a venue for individuals to log in and as a platform for advertising efforts.

Reach Out To The Agents

Calling agents who are dedicated to the app should be possible on your ideal real estate mobile app. You can design your plans so that a user’s call will go immediately to one of the agents mentioned on your mobile application.

Virtual Tour Of Icons

Only a few mobile applications offer 3D Virtual tours worldwide. This implies that the people who will be using your products should be able to see themselves living there.

A VR app development company can quickly turn your dream into a reality.

Cost Of Creating A Website Like Zoopla

The price of developing an application depends on several factors.

We’ll cover a few subjects in-depth here utilizing infographics that most developers don’t give much thought to.


Ask your developer to produce a free wireframe for the same before choosing a developer to create your real estate mobile app design. While some businesses, like ours, may provide you with a discount, we’ll also provide you with a free wireframe so you can have a sense of how your design will seem.


Your choice of development platform has some bearing on pricing. Additionally, each project requires the development of a few key frameworks and tools. For instance, because native apps are designed for specific platforms like iOS, they will cost more than hybrid apps.

Utilizing cross-platform frameworks lowers the overall cost and increases the accessibility of app development.


The application would be made out of information that would be kept in a database. You can rely on your standalone internal server or even employ cloud servers for this.

Additionally, integrating the APIs you want to add to your program requires a lot of work. As a result, the cost of the backend will differ depending on the server you select and the APIs you integrate. A professional backend team can be of great assistance to you in this situation because your real estate app will include a lot of data that needs to be efficiently fetched.


Although testing is a crucial component of the development process overall, various stages need to be monitored to make sure that any bugs or system errors are repaired. Here, our agile app development technique enables us to offer testing facilities both before and after an app is deployed.


Companies typically bill separately for maintaining your mobile application. This covers code optimization, testing, rolling out new iterations of the program, etc.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on how you can get your app similar to Zoopla developed. 

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