In the digital age, news apps have become a potent instrument that effectively attracts people from abroad. The way we interact with and consume information is changing as a result of these apps.

With only a tap of a finger, anyone can now effortlessly get the most recent news thanks to the widespread use of news applications like Khaleej Times, which have been made possible by the digital revolution.

News apps are in high demand in Dubai and the GCC, and recent global statistics demonstrate how important they are to users’ ability to stay informed.

By 2024, the news and magazine market is projected by Statista to have a total revenue of US$12.68 billion.

Additionally, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.84% is anticipated, leading to a target market volume of US$17.62 billion by 2027.

Statistics of Khaleej times

Thus, this post will address most of your inquiries if you’ve ever asked how much it costs to design a newspaper mobile app in the United Arab Emirates.

We will take you on an engrossing tour of the financial landscape associated with creating a news app, from the idea to the app store and the blend of innovation and funding.

So buckle up, because we’re about to explore the fascinating realm where knowledge and innovation collide, and you’ll learn how much it costs to build your own news app experience.

Newspaper Mobile App Development Statistics

Explore the world of data-driven media, where fresh data collected from Statista highlights the growing prominence of newspaper mobile app development and paints a vivid picture of the rapidly expanding digital scene.

  • In 2022, the news and magazine industry’s in-app purchase revenue reached US$14.26 million.
  • In 2022, paid app revenue was approximately USD 8,439.00 million.
  • The average revenue per download was greater than USD 7.58.
  • The worldwide comparison reveals that the United States generates the most money, but other regions—especially the Middle East, Europe, and the subcontinent—are also competing.

How To Create An App Like The Khaleej Times?

We will quickly go over how to establish a newspaper app in the first place before disclosing how much app development, like the Khaleej Times, costs.

Developing an app for a newspaper, such as the Khaleej Times, requires a planned approach. Begin by summarizing the main functions of the program, such as real-time updates, news classification, and an easy-to-use UI.

For a seamless news update, create an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly app layout and incorporate reliable content management tools.

Use push notifications to inform consumers of updates and stress a layout that is adaptable to a range of devices.

It is always best to give priority to features that increase user involvement, such as social sharing and comments, and that require a solid backend architecture to handle the traffic.

Think about ideas for revenue, such as subscription models, advertising, and other strategies that we will learn about in this post.

Finally, before launching the app officially, thoroughly test it for security and performance.

The Cost Of Creating An App Like Khaleej Times In 2024

Before determining the final cost of creating your new application, we have compiled a list of factors to take into account:

Pioneer Or Innovator? Choosing Your News App’s Genre

There are originally two primary areas for news app development. The following is a quick discussion of these two categories:

News Aggregator Apps:

With just a few clicks, users of news aggregator apps can quickly get a complete view of the news by compiling incidences from a particular area. Top headlines are shown on these apps to captivate users and entice them back for more news. Usually, these apps are one-step platforms that let users easily keep updated.

News Resource Apps:

The creation of mobile applications by online and newspaper media providers that give viewers a direct connection is referred to as News Resources Apps. Real-time news and updates on events and developments, such as stock market and business updates, are provided via these programs. The primary goal is to provide timely information that will engage readers globally. These apps have distinct features than news aggregator apps, which could lead to increased development expenses.

Platform Playground: Crafting Your App’s Digital Foundation

The specs of your project will determine whether to design a new mobile app for iOS or Android. Although it will take longer than iOS, Android caters to a wide range of users. Increased expenses and development time are a result of this extended testing period.

Conversely, iOS is well known for its straightforward yet effective income-generation features. Regardless of the platform you select, you must ensure that both the most recent and older device versions on both OS platforms are compatible.

On the other hand, since cross-platform app development frameworks save development and maintenance costs, experts advise using them.

Native Vs. Hybrid: Decoding Your App’s DNA

To expand their customer base, the majority of businesses develop apps for native and hybrid platforms. When comparing the price of developing a news app, hybrid applications are thought to be more affordable than native ones.

However, our experts advise using a native app development technique if you want to prioritize user experience over peak performance.

Building Your Dream Team: The Architects Of Your App’s Destiny

The cost to create an app similar to the Khaleej Times will directly vary depending on whether you hire a group of independent contractors or outsource to a reputable news app development business.

While it may seem more cost-effective to hire freelancers rather than an app development corporation, doing so could result in significant future expenses. Furthermore, independent contractors can never provide the same caliber of outcomes as a specialized mobile app development business.

For a news app creation similar to Khaleej Times, it is advised to outsource to a business that specializes in news app development and assumes full accountability for the entire app development cycle.

This decision continues to have a significant impact on the total cost of developing and maintaining a news app.

Customizing Your News App Experience: Features That Define Excellence

It is imperative to create an application using frameworks, libraries, third-party connectors, and basic yet thoughtful features. These features greatly enhance user experience by making programs more effective and facilitating faster navigation. However, it is acknowledged that the cost of development will increase if an app integrates progressive features.

Important Elements That Affect Your News App Development Price

You must identify the fundamental and sophisticated elements required to set your news app apart to create an interesting application similar to the Khaleej Times.

The following list of key components includes an estimate of the development time and cost.


Estimated Cost

Estimated Time

1. Login/registration $2,000 – $3,500 2 – 3 weeks
2. User profile $2,500 – $4,000 3 – 4 weeks
3. Filter search option $2,200 – $3,800 2 – 3 weeks
4. Push notifications $3,000 – $4,500 3 – 4 weeks
5. Filter option $2,500 – $4,000 3 – 4 weeks
6. Offline reading option $2,800 – $4,200 3 – 4 weeks
7. All media types $3,500 – $5,000 4 – 5 weeks
8. User Engagement Options $2,800 – $4,500 3 – 4 weeks

The estimated time and cost listed above are only approximations that may vary based on the intricacy and expertise of the development team. The location of the team may also have an impact on these expenses. Seeking advice from knowledgeable experts is strongly advised in order to receive more accurate time and cost estimates that are tailored to your unique needs.

Growing Revenue: Creating A Calculated Blueprint For Monetizing Your Newspaper Mobile App

Commencing your news app development journey is an investment that demands quantifiable rewards.

Every venture is driven by the pursuit of profits, and organizations engage in these kinds of endeavors to maximize their capital and expand their companies.

However, before making a big financial commitment, it is imperative to develop a solid revenue strategy, regardless of how solid your news app idea is.

Paid Subscriptions: Unlocking Revenue Potential

Paid subscriptions seem to be a well-known and very successful revenue stream. Offering a combination of paid and free versions strikes a sensible balance between convenience and profitability.

Select a premium version that has enhanced features and is ad-free to ensure a dynamic user experience.

Our newspaper app development services also include the creation of freemium versions, which allow users to access premium content for a price in exchange for some features being available for free.

Advertising: Redefining In-App Promotions

For newspaper holders, in-app advertising transforms the antiquated ad environment.

These ad formats present creative opportunities for generating revenue, ranging from splash advertising that covers app launches to easily unified, unremarkable ad units that are continuously displayed on the screen.

Events: Monetizing User Engagement

It’s possible to monetize your news app with event marketing after it captures users’ attention.

Collaborate with social event organizers, using your app as a platform for ticket sales and marketing. For these kinds of promotional events, the news app serves as the ideal medium.

Sponsorship Campaigns: Custom-Made Revenue Streams

Overseeing focused sponsorship campaigns in your news mobile application offers an additional source of income. Via the app, continuously sell show passes or event tickets while tailoring campaigns to specific regions or awareness campaigns.

While our news app development specialists reveal these fundamental revenue streams, you retain the freedom to select, modify, or devise unique tactics. Our knowledge and your idea work together to create the blueprint for a successful news app.

Click here to find out more about monetization and maximizing the investment you made in the creation of mobile apps.

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