The market for educational technology (EdTech) games has grown significantly in recent years due to the growing use of technology in the classroom. Interactive educational technology, or EdTech, games are meant to improve the learning process for students of all ages. They provide a gamified method of instruction that encourages skill improvement while making learning interesting and enjoyable. Check out this blog to learn more about app like Elevate.

The rising need for individualized and self-paced learning is one of the main factors propelling the EdTech games industry. Students may advance at their own rate thanks to these games’ quick feedback and customization options for different learning methods. The COVID-19 epidemic has hastened the adoption of online learning, which has increased demand for EdTech games even more.

What is Elevate?

The well-known brain training program Elevate was created to assist users in developing their cognitive abilities. The software provides a range of activities and games designed to improve math, reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. Both iOS and Android users may access Elevate.

The program adjusts to the user’s skill level and development, making the training experience more unique. Users may track their progress and observe how their cognitive talents grow over time with the daily challenges and workouts it offers. Like other brain training applications like Lumosity and Peak, Elevate uses a gamified approach to try and make learning and brain training enjoyable and interesting.

Features Of An App Like Elevate

A tailored learning experience and cognitive skill enhancement are the two main goals of an app like Elevate, which usually has the following features:

Personalized Assessments

  • To determine the user’s strengths and shortcomings in different cognitive domains, these applications frequently start with an initial evaluation. This evaluation aids in developing a customized training plan.

Daily Brain Training

  • Depending on their ability level, users receive a daily set of tasks and exercises. A variety of cognitive abilities, such as math, reading, writing, and critical thinking, are often included in these tasks.

Adaptive Learning

  • The program modifies the level of games and exercises based on the user’s performance and advancement. This guarantees that users will always face challenges as their cognitive abilities advance.

Performance tracking 

  • It allows users to keep tabs on their accomplishments and track their development over time. With the help of this feature, people may observe which cognitive domains they are strengthening and which ones may still require improvement.


  • Fun and engaging learning experiences are provided by gamified components. Points, prizes, and leaderboards are frequently included in apps such as Elevate to encourage users to keep doing their brain training.

Diverse Content

  • To keep users interested, these applications include a large selection of games and exercises, from memory tests to logic puzzles to language and arithmetic difficulties.

Skill-Specific Training

  • By concentrating on certain cognitive abilities or topics, users can tailor their training to meet their own learning objectives and requirements.

Progress Reports

  • Comprehensive analytics and progress reports show users where they are strong and where they still need to grow. These reports aid in goal-setting and achievement.


  • Users may easily integrate brain training into their everyday routines because many of these programs are available on various platforms, including web browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

Subscriptions and Free Versions

  • Most of these applications come in two flavors: premium (subscription-based) and free. More features, more workouts, and comprehensive progress tracking are frequently unlocked with premium subscriptions.

Community and Social elements

  • Users may interact with friends, compete, and share their accomplishments through some applications, such as Elevate, which have social and community elements.

Offline Mode

  • For users who wish to continue brain training even in the absence of an internet connection, offline access to training materials might be helpful.
  • Together, these elements produce a thorough learning environment that supports each user’s unique cognitive development objectives and aids in the strengthening of mental faculties while providing an entertaining and dynamic platform.

Create An App Like Elevate

  • A number of procedures and factors need to be taken into account while developing an app like Elevate, which focuses on improving cognitive skills and individualized learning. This is a condensed description of the development process:

Research on ideas and markets:

  • Establish the precise objectives and distinctive selling features of your app first.
  • To determine the target market, competitors, and user demands, do market research.

Creative Design:

  • Clearly define the functionality, UI, and gamification components of the app.
  • Create a preliminary storyboard or wireframe to illustrate the user experience.

Team for Development:

  • Put together a group of programmers, designers, and content producers with experience in creating instructional materials and mobile apps.

Scientific Advancement:

  • Select the platform (iOS, Android, web, etc.) that your program will run on.
  • Use the proper tools and programming languages to create the app (e.g., Kotlin or Swift for mobile platforms).
  • Put gamification components, adaptive learning algorithms, and individualized evaluations into practice.

Generating Content:

  • Create a collection of games, challenges, and cognitive exercises covering a range of topics and abilities.
  • Make sure the information is in line with the educational goals of the app.

Designing User Experience (UX):

  • Create a user interface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.
  • Make sure the app is entertaining and easy to use.

Customization Formula:

  • Develop an algorithm that determines the user’s starting skill level and modifies the exercises’ difficulty according to the user’s advancement.

Qualities of Gamification:

  • To encourage users, provide gamified components such as leaderboards, points, prizes, and social interactions.

Progress Monitoring

  • Provide a function that enables users to track their progress and get comprehensive performance data.

Testing and Assurance of Quality:

  • Carry out comprehensive testing to find and address bugs and usability problems.
  • Make sure the app functions flawlessly across a range of screens and devices.

Beginning and Promoting:

  • Release the software to app stores (like the Google Play Store and Apple software Store) and market it well.
  • To reach your target demographic, think about utilizing partnerships, social media, and digital marketing.

User Commentary and News:

  • Gather user opinions and reviews to make the required adjustments.
  • Update the app often to add new features and content.


  • Choose a revenue strategy for your app, such as providing free and paid versions that need subscriptions.
  • If appropriate, implement in-app purchases.

Data Privacy and Security:

  • Make certain that user data is managed safely and in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.

Keeping up and Assistance:

  • Continue to assist users with their questions and problems.
  • Keep the app evolving by incorporating new features and content.
  • Developing an app like Elevate is a big job that calls for a strong grasp of user engagement, technological know-how, and the creation of instructional material. It’s critical to continuously modify and enhance the app in response to user input and shifting market conditions.

Cost Of Creating An App Like Elevate

It may cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 or more to develop an app similar to Elevate, a tailored cognitive training platform. The costs cover the creation of content, testing, design, and app development. Features, user interface complexity, customization algorithms, gamification components, and platform (iOS, Android, web) all affect the price. It’s important to take into account ongoing costs for user assistance, server upkeep, and content upgrades. Legal compliance, data protection, and marketing might result in extra expenses. The extent of the app, the degree of customization, and the features you want to add all have a significant impact on the ultimate cost.

How Appic Softwares Can Help You In Building An App Like Elevate?

An excellent partner for developing an app similar to Elevate that focuses on individualized cognitive training is Appic Software, an education app development business. Appic Software has a proven track record in developing educational apps and provides a wide range of services and knowledge to realize your idea. By working together, you can take use of Appic Software’s experience and knowledge to create an app similar to Elevate that is entertaining, user-friendly, and instructive at the same time as efficiently assisting users in improving their cognitive abilities.


When developing an app similar to Elevate, Appic Software, an education app development company, may be an excellent partner. They provide a variety of services to assist in realizing your idea and have a solid track record of developing educational apps.

Customized solutions, such as gamification, adaptive learning algorithms, and individualized assessments, are what Appic Software is best at producing to meet your demands. Their user-centric design ensures an interface that is both interesting and easy to use.

Appic Software’s dedication to quality control ensures dependable, bug-free software, and they provide post-launch assistance to help with upgrades and upkeep as your app develops.

We guarantee that user data is handled safely and in line with privacy laws since they recognize the significance of data security and legal compliance.

Appic Software offers affordable budgeting solutions that uphold superior standards of quality. Because of their experience and knowledge, they are a reliable partner in developing apps like Elevate, which effectively engage users while educating them and advancing their cognitive abilities.

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