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How do I make an app for learning? We’d like to help you in your mission to teach everyone. Think about what kind of educational tool you can make before you start making your e-learning software.

#Marketplace for eLearning:

Make a market for online learning where teachers can sell their courses and students can buy courses from a variety of teachers and learn from them. If you have an idea like, you’ve come to the right place. To make your e-learning store website and mobile app, you need to write code. The process is easy to begin.

# App to Help You Learn Languages: 

Because of globalization, more people are becoming multilingual, which means using more than one language. This has raised the need for language schools and online platforms. If you have an idea for an app like Duolingo and want to make it, we can help. Start making your language-learning tool (for phones and the web) without writing code or thinking about the technology that makes it work. Come up with that idea right now! 

Would you like to help colleges sell their online classes and certificates? You can start making your own licensing platform like Coursera right away without having to write any code. It’s easy, quick, and cheap to build a certification tool with us.

#App for live classes:

You are a teacher at a school, university, or college. Do you want your online teaching software to let you team teach your students online instead of through a recorded session? Hundreds of colleges and schools have switched from an offline to an online method of education with the help of technology. Right now is your chance to make a website where you can teach your students online. 

Features that your online learning tool should have 

Features that your online learning tool should have 

Millions of people love some e-learning systems because they are very useful, helpful, easy to use, and fun, while others are annoying, dull, or almost useless. It’s because of their UI/UX and how they deal with problems users have. The way people interact with your e-learning tool is called user experience (UX). User interface (UI) is how people interact with you through displays. The benefits of your app have a big effect on the user experience, which is what makes or breaks your e-learning app. Think about these important parts of mobile learning apps before you start making your app.

Simple search bar: Let people find the material they want in your app by typing the word they are looking for into the search bar. We need this ability in order to understand how online learning works.

Filters: The main part of a content discovery puzzle that let users narrow down a big list of results by location, ratings, price, or course provider, among other things.  

Categories: The categories in your app are just a way to organize the things that are in it. letting people use your app move between different parts of the information Helpfully categorizing content increases its visibility, brings in good users, and, as a result, raises conversion rates. 

Simple signup: Less trouble means more people will sign up for an app. With one-tap signup, users can log in with their existing Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. This function is very popular and is quickly becoming the norm in app development.  

Rate and assess: Let people who use your app rate and evaluate the content. This can help you make your content better. In addition, it means that people who want to buy something can make an informed choice by reading reviews from other customers. 

Smooth checkout: Companies can only stay in business if they can make money off of app users. To do this, they need multiple payment methods for a smooth checkout. 

With gamification, you can make learning more fun and get more people to participate. You will get students more interested in learning and help them learn faster. Everyone is better off!  

Offline learning: What if the people you’re selling to don’t have access to the internet? It should be easy for the people you want to learn from anywhere. Give people learning materials they can download and use even when they can’t connect to the internet.

There are six steps to making learning apps. 

Pick the type of program you want: Which learning apps would you like to work on together? You can mix any number of apps for phones, computers, the web, and other devices. 

Pick the app that is most like your idea: It is easy to find an app that is similar to the one you want to make and then make changes to it. We have app models from some of the biggest names in online learning. This doesn’t stop you in any way; in fact, it’s one of the reasons why our method is 6 times faster than others. 

Pick out the traits you desire: Our AI-powered collection of features for your online learning app lets you pick an auto-suggestion. You can also add any other features you want.

Pick the platform : You can start on the web, iOS, Android, a PC OS (Windows or Mac), or iOS. Pick the platform you want to use to start your online learning app. You can use all of them or just one.

Pick your team and give them the work: Pick a group based on the time zone and release time you want (how quickly you need your e-learning app made). 

Open the app: You are now ready to launch your apps for learning online. We’ll help you get ready for a start that goes well. 

Why should you use us to make your online learning apps?

Online learning tools need strong code that works perfectly and doesn’t crash, even though they often have high data transfer rates. We don’t just make apps; we make apps that meet industry standards and work perfectly every day, seven days a week. Here’s what we can do for you and why you should hire us to make your software for online learning.

Do you need some thoughts? 

It makes sense to do a competitive study before making your own e-learning software. To get you started, here are the five most popular places to learn online, with millions of people each. Look at what helped them reach their goal.

Udemy: Udemy is an online learning marketplace and platform for young people and college students in the United States. This website gives teachers ways to make money, and students can access a lot of classes taught by hundreds of teachers. There is everything you need in this program to make an online learning market. 

Coursera is one of the best places to get classes from well-known colleges around the world. They send verified materials from the best schools in the world. Coursera should be on your list of competitors to look into if you want to make something similar. 

edX is an online learning platform for professionals and students at MIT and Harvard that offers certified classes from the world’s best universities. You can view most classes for free at any time and from anywhere. 

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is an online place for Kindergarten through 12th graders to learn math. There are great tools on this site for learning and practicing chemistry, physics, and math.   

Byju’s App: Byju’s is an Indian website for teaching that has a lot of training movies and other tools for learning. The forum is mostly used by kids in grades 1 through 12 (primary learning to higher secondary education) and is free to use.


Building an e-learning platform is a complicated process that needs careful planning, technology know-how, and a good understanding of the people you want to reach. By following the steps in this blog and keeping up with the newest e-learning tools and trends, Appic Softwares can make an interactive and useful e-learning platform that gives teachers and students more power and, in the end, helps online education grow. 

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