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10 Best Drupal Modules For Social Media

Nowadays, having a social media presence for your business is crucial. It is among the simplest forms of marketing and communication. Businesses utilize social media to reach new audiences, raise awareness, promote new products or campaigns, and draw in customers. Companies must incorporate social media into their websites since customers are interacting with them more and more on social media. It improves user experience by allowing consumers to share directly on social media what they enjoy. The company gains from this because it improves SEO and the campaign’s exposure.

Drupal provides a variety of social media modules to support social media integration since it recognizes and takes into account this necessity.

Best Drupal Modules For Social Media

Addtoany Share Button Module

Drupal Social Media Module

Access to AddToAny’s global sharing button is made possible by this simple-to-install plugin. These adjustable, scalable, lightweight, and vector-sharing icons look fantastic on any background. The buttons can easily be resized to fit high-PPI screens. The company’s Drupal website may be integrated with it, and automatic Google Analytics integration is also included. It features an automatic dark mode, converts the shared menu information into more than 50 languages, and is optimized to load material concurrently with the module’s asset. The script is instantaneously served from CDN, cached, and minified, making it simple to include social media buttons on the page. 

Module Link for AddToAny Share Buttons

Social Media Share Module

Shared material from a company’s website broadens its audience and enhances traffic. Drupal provides a Social Media Share module that enables users to share any web page, node, keyword, panel, and more in order to make this possible. The module offers default Facebook share, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and email functions at the moment. As shown as a block, it can be placed anywhere on the website. It allows for modification, the addition of new services, and order changes. Additionally, it enables administration to be changed or modified from the configuration page. 

Link to the Social Media Share Module

Shariff Social Media Buttons Module

​​Customers or users can share content with this module without risking their privacy. Users can use JavaScript to display the buttons as a block, field, or customizable panels pane (only for Drupal 7). This module doesn’t use external JavaScript calls or inject iframes. Additionally, it displays the share counts using the Shariff backend libraries.

Share This Module

This social media module only functions with ShareThis systems and allows connectivity with the ShareThis tool for a few different node kinds. Its foundation is the Drupal 5 Share project, and STAPI1 can be used to customize it. You can add the option to view the number of shares, and you can set the block wherever on the page.

Link for this Module

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Button

With appealing SVG-based icons that work with most browsers, you can add social sharing buttons to any website using this social media module. The buttons can be added at the end of specific node types or as a block without the use of any other scripts. In addition to being a share button, it may also be used as a follow button, making it simple for users to follow the business on social media. You may also select the size and number of rows, as well as the prefix text, which automatically reflows and changes size. 

Embarrassingly Responsive Social Sharing Button Link

Social Media Links Block and Field

The ‘Follow us’ capability can be added to the social media links block and field module. It offers a block that may be customized to display links to various social media profiles. Users can add additional social networks or icon sets, select from a variety of icon sets, and control icon sizes. Social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, and others are supported. 

Block and Field for Social Media Links

Social Auth Google Module

Auth social The Google Module is built on social API and is a part of the Drupal Social initiative2. By including a path that takes users to Google Accounts for verification, it enables users to register and log in with their Google accounts on a Drupal website. It will establish a new user account if the user doesn’t already have one. This ensures consumers don’t abandon the registration process in the middle of it and simplifies and shortens the registration procedure. The user’s Google account verifies their identity. 

Link to the Social Auth Google Module

Social Feed Module

The Social Feed module enables users to display blocks with live data from their social network profiles. It doesn’t employ a difficult set of codings and is simple to install and utilize. Depending on the user’s preferences, the module enables information from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media profiles to be shown on the website.

Link to Social Feed Module

Like and Dislike Module

Companies need a growing amount of user involvement as they produce unique content. The ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ widget is added to the website’s content by the Like and Dislike module to enable this. To retrieve, save, and tabulate votes, it makes use of the voting API. It has a setting page where you can choose which bundles the widget should be available for and it works with all Entity Types and Bundles. 

Module Link for Like and Dislike

Twitter Embed Module

This social media module lets you incorporate Twitter widgets into your website, as the name would imply. By embedding them as a block or a field, you can add the Twitter timeline or a button to your Twitter profile. You can display your Twitter profile, collection, list, or favorites from the Twitter page if it is embedded as a block. 

Twitter Module Embed Link


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