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Drupal Project Management: Know Everything Here!

Drupal Project Management

Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about “Project Management”—a set of seemingly simple duties with a lot of responsibility to manage. To everyone else besides the person performing the activity, it appears to be simple. Project management’s primary goal is to deliver the project on time, under budget, and with minimal effort, but not everyone is aware of the amount of planning, strategy, and communication that goes into it.

I was recently interested to learn more about project management from Drupal.org. Nothing less than a bible for Drupal developers, I was confident that I would find something relevant to Drupal project management. I was not surprised to find a collection of Drupal Project Management Tools (a suite containing various components, organized as Drupal modules). But what puzzled me was whether these tools and project modules would be sufficient to accomplish the objectives of a Drupal project. The tools available to a Drupal project manager are just insufficient to complete the project’s scope. There is much more to Drupal Project Management than just designing and maintaining websites; it is unquestionably not one of those tools.


No matter your approach or methodology, or the kind of project you’re working on, Drupal calls for planning. You must be very clear about the client’s requirements, from objectives or goals to deadlines, and you can only do this if you and your client are on the same page. Your secret weapon in the planning and preparation process will be input from your team’s Drupal specialists. You’ll be able to know the requirements, dependencies, and working circumstances as well as create better timetables thanks to this.

Regardless of how insignificant they may be to the Drupal project, never fail to miss important inputs. You can find yourself losing out on something important.

Open and Seamless Conversations

Maintain open channels of communication at all times. Every contribution, whether it comes from your team, the client, or even the end user, is significant. Even if the inputs aren’t necessarily from Drupal experts, you can have overlooked something or even have no idea what it is. The management of your Drupal project is made simple by this open communication because success is fully dependent on it. You may discuss difficulties, hazards, and risks related to your Drupal project with good communication, which helps you concentrate more effectively on your objective.

Time Management

The most critical component of a Drupal project is time management. However, you better be skilled at managing your own time before you even start juggling many jobs to make sure you manage everyone else’s time! The good news about a Drupal project is that you and your team can break everything down into manageable tasks. Whatever the magnitude of the project, breaking it down into smaller tasks will help your team visualize and concentrate more clearly. Keep it straightforward and sincere.

Address feedbacks 

Never hesitate to accept criticism from everyone involved in your Drupal project. We all require someone who can provide us with the kind of feedback that will help us better. Feedback enables you to recognize your errors and discover future remediation strategies. Such helpful critique assists in stabilizing the project before it entirely runs off the rails. What could be better than outperforming yourself and keeping one step ahead of yesterday?

Open book development process

You must make sure that communication between your client, the project’s core team, and the additional team members is highly transparent. Keeping them proactively informed is one method of accomplishing this. This supports the development of open communication and trust among the team members. Tell the client, for instance, if your Drupal project is running behind schedule! Never let yourself get into a situation where they need to find you.

Be a team and your expertise

The best method to manage any difficulties in your Drupal project is by working together as a team. Take a day or two off from the hectic schedule to spend time together as a team. Such activities, according to research, enable people to work on a project more productively. In order to foster a sense of community among developers from all over the world, Drupal development businesses organize conferences and meetups all around the world.

Know the inside out of the tool you are using

In spite of the fact that all of the aforementioned factors are very important in project management, you still need to be familiar with your tools and modules in order to finish your project successfully.

The market’s most popular tools are those that assist you in segmenting your project into different jobs and subtasks. The majority of the tools offer extra functions or capabilities that are necessary for improved project management.

Jira, Trello, Redmine, Zoho, and other apps are a few of these.

There are several modules available in Drupal that might be extremely helpful for project management. Even though Drupal 8 doesn’t yet offer a full toolkit, the list contains some top-notch modules.

It is impossible to manage a project without project management, much like playing shogi without a strategy. Having the necessary abilities will enable you to finish the race despite the heavy workload and stress. You will undoubtedly achieve project management success by remaining responsible and informed of all the facets of your project. A Drupal project that comes to mind? Find out how we can help by talking to us.

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