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Best 7 Factors To Consider While Choosing Drupal

factors to consider while choosing drupal

Customers can take a virtual tour of your company on your website. like a store’s front window for customers. You want your clients to look through this ‘window’ into your company to learn more about your goods and services. Choose the greatest platform you can in order to construct an engaging interface that will enable you to produce exceptional digital experiences. Your website should encourage customers to turn to your offering for solutions to their problems! Thus, Drupal. You benefit from outstanding community support, security, flexibility, customization, and scalability while using this robust open-source CMS.

Unlocking these advantages, however, won’t be easy if you don’t have a reliable Drupal development partner. Your Drupal development partner ought to comprehend your company’s requirements and be capable of coming up with a solution. Because of this, choosing a Drupal development company properly is crucial. We discuss the following factors in this blog post to help you select a dependable and trustworthy development partner:

List Down Your Drupal Requirements

Before looking for the ideal Drupal partnership for your company, organize your internal teams to determine what you need from Drupal. You must ascertain the kind of Drupal development you require from your partner because core specialization varies from business to business. Here are some things to think about before meeting with potential Drupal development businesses, ranging from migration, support and maintenance, third-party integrations, performance optimization, and custom module development, to project-specific developments:

  • Define the magnitude of your Drupal development needs.
  • What form of governance would be needed for your website?

Check Out Experience & Expertise

Every Drupal development firm makes the claim that their service and experience are the best. Determine whether that product or field of knowledge is pertinent to your company. The ideal business should be able to demonstrate its expertise through examples of past projects in the industry you work in. Examine your development partner’s certifications, such as their Acquia and Drupal Partnership levels. Another prestigious professional certification program for Drupal and the Acquia Platform is Acquia Certification. You might want to find out which Acquia-Drupal product certifications your development partner has. Ask them about the different projects they have worked on, see if they have completed any projects for businesses your size, and ask for case studies that address issues similar to yours so you can learn how they handled those issues.

Pick The Best Drupal Development Company

Your Drupal development partner should function as an extension of your team throughout the entire project. They should be aware of your company’s mission and treat it as their own. Because of this, you should consider whether the Drupal development company you choose uses agile approaches to promote teamwork, self-organization, responsibility, and timely project delivery.

Communicate Your Project Scope

It’s crucial to request a Request for Proposal (RFP) that covers the project’s scope. Here, you can express to your Drupal development partner in clear terms what you need and how you plan to evaluate the partnership’s performance.

Focus On UI And UX

UX is a fundamental requirement for every website. The user experience (UX) of your website should be given priority by your Drupal development firm from the very start of the project. What keeps your customers coming back for more is a winning combination of great user experience and content.

To obtain a sense of their work, ask your Drupal development partner to give development demos of prior projects or case studies. In order to understand how your possible partner will produce the finest user experiences for your company, ask them to explain their design thinking methodology when you are discussing the project’s scope.

Cross-checking Drupal Community’s Marketplace placement

A sizable and engaged community is working to improve Drupal. Find out if the company you are working with to build Drupal is one that is listed in the Drupal community. Your study to identify the best potential Drupal partner should take into account information like their position in the market, how they compare to other Drupal service providers in reviews, the services they specialize in, and the number of projects they have supported.

Post-Release Support And Maintainance

Make sure your potential Drupal partner offers post-release Drupal support and maintenance while searching for a Drupal development business.  When freezing the Service Level Agreement (SLA), plans like implementing timely upgrades to suit changing business needs may also be incorporated. Your ideal Drupal development partner will first evaluate the state of your infrastructure, application, and code to find any problems that can affect support and maintenance and will then tailor their service offers in response.


We are aware that it can be difficult to locate a business that understands your industry and shares your values. You should find a Drupal development partner who has your back as a result of your search. You can be confident that your potential Drupal partner will work to make your company a success if they are qualified to support you through all of the aforementioned factors. Try our Drupal cooperation to lessen the load on your search engine.

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