20 Famous Companies Using Drupal

20 Famous Companies Using Drupal

What do Tesla, Oxford, and NASA have in common? Drupal CMS was used to build the websites of these companies and organizations. Find out more about well-known sites that use Drupal.


Statistics on Drupal Sites Around the World

Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world, especially for large sites that get a lot of daily traffic. How many websites then use Drupal? The BuiltWith service says that 9,4% of the top 10,000 websites are made on Drupal. Just behind WordPress, it gets the second-best result. Both the top 100,000 sites (6.4% of all websites) and the top 1,000,000 sites (2.7% of all websites) are in the same situation.

In some countries, like Belgium and Poland, Drupal is very popular. In Belgium, it is the second most popular Open Source system, and in Poland, it is the fifth most popular. Drupal 7 is still the most popular CMS version. However, more and more people around the world are moving from Drupal 7 to versions 9 and 10.

How come businesses use Drupal?

Drupal is not the most popular content management system in the world, but big businesses, institutions, and corporations like its key benefits. The biggest Drupal sites depend on how secure CMS is. Drupal is known around the world as one of the most safe Open Source CMS. Also, it gives writers a lot of freedom. The Drupal core gives you the basics you need to get a website up and running quickly. Modules, which can be free, paid, or customised, can be used to add any extra features. So, businesses that use Drupal can make a simple website, an e-commerce site with more features, a workplace portal, or an online magazine. In the headless method, you can also use Drupal only for the back-end of the project.

When talking about Drupal’s features, you can’t ignore how well it works and how well it can be scaled. Drupal stands out from the other options because it combines a content management system (CMS) and the Symfony framework. This gives developers a lot of room to work within one environment. Websites made with Drupal can also take advantage of the community help that works to make CMS better all the time.

Top 20 Drupal Sites in the World

Now that you know how popular Drupal is and why it’s important, it’s time to find out what companies use the CMS. Check out our list of the best Drupal sites.


Tesla is hard to leave out when talking about the best Drupal sites. Elon Musk is in charge of Tesla, which is one of the best-known car companies that makes electric cars. The main website for Tesla can be described in a few words as elegant, clear, and interactive. It is built on Drupal 8 and has a lot of animations and videos that make a big impact on users.

Tesla’s website, tesla.com, is built on Drupal.


Who else works with Drupal? For example, Nokia is one of the biggest companies in the world that makes cell phones. The main website for the brand is built on Drupal 8. It is for businesses and individual customers and shows things like the latest news and goods that are for sale.

Nokia.com is the Drupal site for Nokia.

The European Union’s government

Drupal is a great CMS for government agencies that need a lot of protection and stability. The European Commission, which is in charge of running the EU, has used Drupal for a long time. It has a very detailed website that is available in many languages and shows all of The European Commission’s work and policies. At the same time, it has easy-to-use navigation and well-organised material.

Commission.europa.eu is the Drupal site for the European Commission.

The London City

There are thousands of projects for cities, towns, states, and even governments that were made with Drupal. One of them is the spot for The City of London. It shows how public institutions can use Drupal’s features to their benefit. Thanks to the website, the city can post updates, news, and even polls to find out what its residents think.

The website for the City of London, london.gov.uk, is built on Drupal.

University of Oxford

Drupal is the first choice for many schools and universities. Drupal is a good option for universities because it is scalable, has top-notch security, and works well even when traffic is high. The best proof that this is true is that Oxford University’s main website has been built on Drupal for many years.

The Drupal site for Oxford is ox.ac.uk.

UNICEF’s Fund for New Ideas

The UNICEF Innovation Fund gives money to new projects that can improve the lives of children around the world. Its most recent website, which is built on Drupal 8, has a simple but modern style and is meant to be informative.

The Drupal site for UNICEF is unicefinnovationfund.org.



Who else works with Drupal? For example, to wish. Wish is a global e-commerce platform that has become much more famous in recent months. Aside from the marketplace, the business also has a platform for investor relations that makes it easy for Wish and its investors to share information. Drupal 8 is what this site is built on.

Wish’s site, ir.wish.com, is built on Drupal.

KGHM Polska Miedź

KGHM Polska Miedź

The main KGHM Polska website is built on Drupal 7, and Appic Softwares programmers are in charge of keeping it running smoothly. KGHM Polska is a mining business that works on three continents and is known for finding new, environmentally friendly ways to get copper and silver out of the ground and turn them into useful products.

The Drupal website for KGHM is at kghm.com.



Emmy is an award given in the United States to honor the TV business. It is one of the United States’ most prestigious culture awards. The main site was built with Drupal 7. Even though there are a lot of links and pictures on the page, it loads quickly.

Emmy’s site, emmys.com, is built on Drupal.


NASA The NASA online portal is built on Drupal 7, so it is also a Drupal site. The website has a lot of useful information for its readers and is a one-stop shop for news and information.

Drupal runs NASA’s website.

NASA’s site is nasa.gov.



Merito, which used to be called Wysza Szkoa Bankowa, is one of the Polish sites built on Drupal. As Appic Softwares, we built pages for all of Merito’s departments, and now we’re in charge of technical support and building new services on Drupal’s multi-installation. The safety of student information and the need to make sure the website works well even when there are a lot of visitors. This is what colleges care most about. When things go this way, Drupal works great.

The Drupal website for Merito is at merito.pl.


The website for the Polish insurance company is also built on Drupal. Appic Softwares also helps with technology issues with the page. Because Link4 is in the financial business, where security is the most important thing, it was easy to decide to use Drupal.

Link4.pl is the Drupal site for Link4.



Purina is a brand of pet food made by Nestlé. It is made for dogs and cats. Their Drupal website is made for people who want to buy pet food and tools for their own animals. You can also find tips and stories on how to take care of your pet the right way.

The Drupal website for Purina is purina.pl.


Pacjent.gov.pl is a government website where you can set up and use your Individual Internet Account. This is a place where you can do things like make appointments and check your medications. This page is also an example of a Drupal blog. It also has helpful health information and tips, stories, and a patient panel.

Drupal site for Patient

pacjent.gov.pl (in Polish)



Have you ever used a locker to store a package? And did you know that another business with a Drupal site is InPost? You can track your package and do some shopping on this page. There is also a subpage for people who might want to do business with you.

The Drupal website for InPost is at inpost.pl.


Lewiatan is a Polish store that sells food. Their main website is also one of the sites that use Drupal. It gives you the chance to write down your shopping list, look at advertising flyers, and learn more about the franchise.

Lewiatan’s site, lewiatan.pl, is built on Drupal.


Need more examples of Drupal sites? Pfizer, a company that makes medicines, also picked Drupal. There is a search engine on the website that lets you find goods, articles, or new information. It can be read in many different languages. It looks simple and plain.

Pfizer’s website, pfizer.com, is built on Drupal.

The British Royal Family

British Royal Family

The main website of the British Royal Family is another interesting site that is part of the group of sites made with Drupal. You can find some news and a search tool on the page. The site is also available in 30 different languages.

The Royal Family’s site, royal.uk, is made with Drupal.

Wrocław Medical University

With the help of our programmers, the main website of Wrocaw Medical University was built on Drupal. It has a modern style that is clear and simple. The website itself has sections for news and events, links to other parts of the university, e-mail boxes for students and teachers, and a search engine.

The website for Wrocaw Medical University is on Drupal and is at umw.edu.pl.

Institute of Meteorology and Water Management


Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has also chosen to use Drupal. So, programmers made a useful website where you can find things like weather forecasts, alerts, and papers about how to predict the weather, for things like flying or big sports events.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management’s site, imgw.pl, is built on Drupal.

The Best Drupal Sites– Summary

As you can see, Drupal is used by both big businesses and public and non-government organizations. It’s just a small part of the best Drupal sites. It’s easy to find more examples of Drupal sites. But that shows how adaptable the system is. Drupal is a universal answer that can be used in almost any kind of business because it has so many options.

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