Fintech is at the center of how quickly businesses and economies around the world are changing and becoming more modern. Businesses are using new technologies to connect people with banking services so that they don’t have to be in the same place. Transactions in the financial world are now fast, safe, and very rewarding.

With all of these business possibilities and benefits, the demand for Fintech apps is sure to go up over the next few years. There are many ideas for FinTech apps that companies are using to make a lot of money and get a lot more customers. In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the best ideas for Fintech apps for businesses in 2023 and what technology stack to use to make one.

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A Look at the Market

Entrepreneurs use a variety of Fintech company app ideas to make processes easier, manage financial operations, and make day-to-day tasks simpler. Fintech can be in anything where current technology and money are used together. All of the tasks that used to be done by hand in traditional businesses can now be done quickly and easily with just a few clicks on different FinTech apps. Because of this, the need for companies that make fintech software has grown around the world. Let’s look at some numbers:

fintech apps

Based on the facts, the amount of money that FinTech apps make keeps going up. In 2013, it was estimated to be around $18.9 billion, and by 2023, it is expected to hit $111.8 billion. This shows how quickly this market is becoming more and more famous.

Fintech app ideas for your business that are on-trend and profitable in 2023

Here is a list of the most profitable, trendy, and ready-for-the-future FinTech app ideas for companies that want to invest in the development of FinTech apps:

Online Banking

Digital banking is at the top of the list of the best ideas for fintech app ideas. In the past few years, the banking industry has gone through a lot of changes to make things easier and more accessible for customers. Now, you don’t have to go to a bank for everything, whether you want to transfer money, check your account amount, open a fixed deposit, or do something else. These tasks are now all done with digital banking apps. This is one of the best fintech business ideas for owners who want to grow their business.

Digital banking has a lot of benefits, like fast bank transfers, starting accounts, investing money, adding beneficiaries, paying with cards, blocking cards, and a lot more. Because of all these benefits, the number of people who invest in finance business ideas has gone up by a huge amount.

According to the figures, only 9% of people used digital banking in 2011, but that number has risen to 69% in just 6 years. Even the Covid-19 outbreak had a dramatic effect on the growth of this market.

Apps for banking that are examples

Learn about mobile

  • Citi Cell
  • PNC App for Mobile
  • Wells Fargo Mobile Wells Fargo Mobile
  • Not hard
  • Chase Phone
  • Mobile Banking from Bank of America
  • USAA
  • Capital One Cellular
  • Ally Cell

Keeping track of finances

On the list of Fintech app ideas for financial startups to think about, keeping track of financial records is another one at the top of the list. People need to keep financial records like tax invoices, payment papers, etc. in order to run a business day-to-day. But sometimes it’s hard to keep everything running smoothly. So, apps that keep track of financial records come to the help. Almost every business, whether it’s a start-up, a small business, a medium-sized business, or a big business, needs this kind of app. So, if you want to meet rising demand, this idea for a financial app seems to be a good one from every angle.

Apps for keeping track of financial records

  • FreshBooks
  • Online QuickBooks
  • Wave
  • Xero
  • Zoho Book

The Platform for Crypto Exchange

In the financial world, cryptocurrency has already made a lot of noise in the past few years, and now it is seen as one of the best ideas for a fintech app for a business. With the rise of Bitcoin, many other coins, like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many more, also saw huge growth.

There are apps on the market that give you the real-time prices of the coins you want to trade in. Also, these apps give you updates, news, and tips that will help you make money while buying. In this case, paper money is used to buy and sell things.

You can trade in these cryptocurrencies without leaving your home and with full openness and safety for your money. Some of the best apps for dealing cryptocurrencies, like Coinbase, Binance, and others, have become known all over the world in a short amount of time. So, it can be said that building an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies is one of the best ideas for a profitable fintech company.

Apps for Trading and Investing

One of the most popular Fintech business ideas right now is an app for investing and trading. This is because people are very interested in online trading and the stock market right now. People have been dealing forex, stocks, funds, commodities, etc. for a long time. But with the help of technology, this has become so easy for most people.

It was hard to learn everything about trade and the stock market, and even a small mistake can get you into a lot of trouble. But since demand is always going up, buying and investing are surefire ways to make money.

These investment and stock trading app creation services are getting a lot of attention because they let users see how stock prices are changing in real time. There is a picture of the data so you can see how things will change in the future. Users can buy or sell stocks and make money based on the formulas. So, investing in these kinds of Fintech app ideas is a good and safe way to make more money.

Apps for keeping track of financial records

  • Wealthfront is the best app for automatic investing.
  • TD Ameritrade has the best app for trading on your own.
  • The best app for beginners is TD Ameritrade.
  • Interactive Brokers has the best app for people who trade a lot.
  • tastyworks is the best app for traders of options.

Electronic wallet

When people learned how hard it was to carry cash, plastic money was created. But in the last few years, when e-wallet apps came out, people stopped using paper money too. E-wallets are used all over the world and have a very large market.

According to the figures, the market for e-wallets was worth about $16.65 billion in 2013. In 2019, the market is expected to be worth $1,043.1 billion, and by 2027, it is expected to be worth $7,580.1 billion.

With such a big rise, the need for eWallet app creation services has also gone up. People use these apps for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that every sale made through these e-wallets comes with huge benefits like gift coupons, cashback, and many other deals.

Biometrics or a few taps are all it takes to make a big payment. And there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best FinTech app ideas for new businesses, since the number of users is already at its highest point and will continue to rise.

Apps for Blockchain

In the Fintech business, Blockchain is the most exciting and talked-about technology. Today, developing blockchain apps is a great way for finance businesses to make a lot of money. Blockchain apps are popular for many reasons, such as the fact that they work as a decentralized autonomous organization and can be used to make deals based on cryptocurrencies. But to make a scalable and flexible blockchain app, you need to hire an experienced fintech app development company with a team of expert Blockchain developers and a lot of working experience.

Apps for e-mortgages

If you were looking for the most popular ideas for finance apps for fintech startups in 2023, you would definitely come across the e-mortgage app. It is hard to find services that help with mortgages. Due to the worst economy and the fact that many businesses had to close because of the pandemic, many people wanted to borrow money against their homes or other valuable things. Even the rates have gone down too much, making it harder for the people who want to borrow money.

But businesses have seen this as a chance and have come up with the idea of making e-mortgage apps that make it easy for people to get loans quickly. This is an electronic way that a loan against the mortgage is accepted. So, the need for loans and cash payments has made more people want these kinds of apps.

Apps for RegTech

RegTech apps are also among the top fintech app ideas for startups because they help financial institutions meet global and local standards and lower the risk of any regulatory problems. RegTech apps are so popular because they help automate a lot of tasks, such as reporting and tracking transactions, verifying identities, sending in reports, and putting them all together.

Also, these RegTech apps help find risks, keep track of new and changed laws, and check for compliance to avoid any kind of fine. People say that these apps are the best way to start a financial business because they keep a close eye on data security.

According to the figures, the size of the global RegTech market in 2019 was estimated to be around USD 5.31 Billion. And it is expected to hit around USD 33.1 Billion by 2026. IBM, Accuity, Thomson Reuters, and other companies are some of the most important ones in this field.

Apps for managing your own money

Personal finance management is one of the best app ideas for financial businesses to think about if they want to get into the Fintech app development market. After the outbreak, people all over the world are now more aware of how to balance their income and savings.

Personal finance management solutions like these are in high demand in the finance market because it is a big market and more and more businesses want to make money from it.

People who want to organize and keep track of their incomes and spending in an effective way are now using these apps as their main tool. These apps help you keep track of your money by automatically linking to your bank credit and debit cards and sending you payment alerts.

These apps also help people plan their budgets and keep their info safe. Even the use of robot apps gives you regular advice on how to plan for a safe retirement and make better investments.

Apps for getting loans

One of the best Fintech app ideas for financial startups to think about is making a loan giving app, which has become very popular in the past few years. It’s also known as a peer-to-peer lending tool. Its main purpose is to connect people who want to borrow money with people who want to give money so that they can meet each other’s needs. When someone needs a loan, they go to the banker and talk to them about it. After that, the process goes quickly.

These loan-lending apps help check the customer’s past by looking at their credit history and how they handle their money. After getting acceptance, the person is able to get a loan. Several things, including the pandemic, have made people more likely to need loans. Since the market is growing quickly, this is one of the coolest ideas for a banking app in 2023.

Apps for Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding apps are the best way to help new start-ups because they help them find funders who might be interested in their ideas. Here, investors can get a full study of the different ideas and check out the predicted results for different start-ups based on market needs, statistics, the economy, and other things.

At the moment, this idea is more popular in the US market than anywhere else. However, in the next few years, it is likely to become very well-known and popular all over the world. Expert fintech app developers need to be hired to make these kinds of apps because they need to have a lot of advanced features. For example, users will want accurate data analysis, forecasting, and understanding of different fields so they can give investors good advice. So, it is one of the new Fintech startup ideas that businesses can use to make money in the near future.

Solutions for P2P Payments

It is a FinTech app idea that is similar to digital banking in some ways, but the main focus here is on sending money from one person to another. It’s how to get people to use digital money. Here, people can link their bank accounts to their phones so they can pay with them. It is also safe and secure because it uses technologies like voice and face recognition, fingerprint sensors, one-time passwords (OTPs), and more. With these P2P apps, you can also check your account amount in real time.

The cost of making a fintech app like a peer-to-peer app might be a little higher than usual because it needs to use modern technology and have security procedures that are strong enough to protect the users’ private information.

Robots that give advice

Robo-advising is without a question one of the most interesting and successful finance app ideas for a startup. These apps offer financial help that is focused on the user’s future and is tailored to their needs at a reasonable price. It also helps users figure out how to make the most of their investments and spending so they can get more money back after taxes. Because of this, it is seen as a great place to invest in the fintech app development business.

Apps for Buying Insurance

Having insurance is important right now, but the risk is too high because you can’t tell if the policy is right or if the person you’re talking to is trying to help the insurance company or if he or she is really trying to help you find a good policy. To solve all of these problems, there are apps for buying insurance, apps for buying insurance, and Insurtech apps.

These apps not only help you find the best policy for you, but they also compare the different policies that are on the market right now. With just a few taps, you can get all the information you need about the scheme or policy from these apps. Due to the high demand for these apps around the world, a large number of companies are investing a lot of money in this area.

Even if you hire a mobile app development business, they will walk you through the whole process of making an insurance app so you know how it will work, how it will make money, what features it will have, etc. Also, customers can have a great experience with these insurance apps because they use technologies like machine learning, AI, IoT, and so on.

Apps that remind you to pay your bills

People are so busy that they often forget to pay their bills on time and have to pay late fees because of it. But the FinTech revolution has made things easier for them by giving them apps that tell them to pay their bills. With this kind of app, people can pay their credit card, phone, water, power, and other bills. You can also link these apps to your e-wallet to make things easy. Apps like Prism Bills, Due, and others help users remember to pay their bills on time.

Fintech apps need a certain tech stack

For their app solutions, many businesses use the same set of technologies. But if the right set of technologies are used for FinTech app creation, the results are better. Here is the tech stack that most developers think of when they think about how to make a FinTech app:

  • Python, Java, and Ruby are all programming languages.
  • Ruby on Rails, Django, and Spring are all frameworks.
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB are databases.


If you want to invest in FinTech businesses, the above picks could be good for you because they are the most popular ideas for FinTech apps. But before you make the final decision, you need to know everything there is to know about how to build a fintech app, how much it costs to make a fintech app, and many other things that can help your business grow. The finance industry is very competitive, and if you want to build a scalable and reliable app, you need to work with a well-known mobile app creation company.

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