Fitness app development and its costs?

How to Create a Fitness App and How Much Does it Cost?

Essentials of making fitness apps from scratch


As you are reading this that means you are looking to create a fitness application. But there is one question bothering you, where to start from? How do you build a solid application that will provide an incredible user experience? Don’t worry here I’m today to help you start.

    Here are 7, basic points You should take into account before making your own application:



      A wide selection of workout apps can be found, including home workout apps, personal trainer apps, activity tracking apps, Diet and Nutrition apps, yoga apps, etc.



      Are you planning to develop a fitness application for a few particular operating systems, let’s take iOS for example? Or do you want to launch a cross-platform compatible application, which is compatible with all devices?



      Depending on your purpose if you are looking to generate great revenue by reaching both iOS and Android users, there are two options to choose from: cross-platform development and native development. Choosing the best to create a mobile fitness app that uses a single code base that works on both platforms. And choosing the other way needs to write different code bases for both iOS and Android. A cross-platform approach allows for reducing costs, While native solutions provide a better user experience.



      A wide range of complex and rich functionality results in a higher cost of development of an application and also increases development time. It’s easy to determine what features will satisfy customers when you create user stories and use feature prioritization techniques.



      This is another considerable thing you should acknowledge while creating a fitness app. There are plenty of monetization strategies, these strategies will help you in achieving large revenue. Freemium (where the user receives limited features and has to pay to upgrade to the PRO version) and in-app purchases are additional features that helps you earn more revenue.



      Despite developing a formidable fitness trainer app, that’s not enough. To attract millions of users and generate revenue you will have to prepare an incredible yet fascinating advertisement campaign to promote your application. There are various channels that can be used such as social networks, press releases, user reviews, application ratings, influencers, etc.
      Considering all the above-stated factors, you can develop a magnificent Fitness application.


      The following stages should be considered for the
      development process: 



        Since there are many fitness mobile apps on the market from different providers, you need some unique features for your app. Get a closer look at your competitors, products, designs, platforms, user reviews and more. By researching customer feedback for competing applications on a given platform, you can develop a great competitive strategy. Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses will help you understand how to differentiate yourself from them.



        Analyzing competitors will help you see what issues and preferences does the target audience have. You find your audience in social networks, groups, forums, etc. Reading all their relative posts and comments, communicating with them will help you to clarify their needs. Create a user persona based on factors such as age, country, and goals, such as getting fit, tracking physical activity, forming habits, or living a healthy lifestyle.



        You should consider the value your mobile fitness app will add to users, how it should appear and behave, how users will interact with it, and what tasks users can accomplish through it. If you are facing any difficulties doing all this research, a Fitness the app development company will always be there to help you or Hire fitness app developers working freelance.



        The fitness app industry is a very vast industry, to succeed in the industry, you will have to build a chain of many loyal customers. An unattractive layout and slow content speed will repulse most people. So, it is essential for your mobile fitness application to have an appealing user interface that provides an amazing user experience.



        An MVP, or at least a viable product, is a solution that requires at least one set of features to run. MVP is not required, but we recommend using this method as it has many benefits. First, it reduces the cost of developing fitness programs. Second, it reduces access time a bit. Third, it helps you attract early adopters and collect feedback on your software. By analyzing customer feedback, you get a clear idea of what improvements and changes are needed in your software. By building the necessary capacity, Avoid high costs and attract an audience. Read more about this in our MVP start-up development article.



        QA engineers verify compliance with the requirements along with checking for any bugs or errors in the mobile fitness application. Then, software developers fix all the issues. This is also why you should select the best workout app development provider with a great team for your application.



        Once it’s ready, publish it to Google Play and/or the Apple Store, publish it to these stores. At this stage, you need to take care of things like ASO (Apple Store Optimization), product image, display, and description. As you read everything above you might already have a brief overview of how to create a fitness application. Now move on to choosing the IT service vendor you will work with.


        Is an IT outsourcing company a better choice for making a fitness app?

        Choosing a trusted Workout App Development Service is very essential as it can affect the quality of fitness apps, development time, and budget.


        The following are just a few of the tasks an experienced and reliable App Development Company will help you with:

          1) Formation of user stories, empathy mapping, impact mapping, etc.
          2) Effective market research
          3) Budget estimation
          4) defining the functionality of a mobile fitness app
          5) Development time estimation
          6) Forming software requirements document i.e., feature list, wireframe, flow diagram, etc.
          7) Forming a roadmap for a smooth development process
          8) choosing the best tech stack that suits your application the most


          So, why should you outsource your project?
          Recently, we all have witnessed a huge increase in IT outsourcing. Outsourcing an overseas company for development can be cheaper or even better in terms of quality.


              A study by Clutch found that businesses in the USA choose this method for its ability to boost efficiency, access expertise specific to the field, and relieve employees from software-related tasks. While you do that, you cut your expenses by 30-60% based on the location you selected for your project development.


              Design of a mobile fitness application

              Designing your fitness mobile app is one of the most important phases of project development. If users don’t like the look, they probably won’t install it, especially when there are many competitors in the market.
              You should focus on creating a quality design: first, visualize the structure of the program using wireframes, then create a clickable prototype to see it in action.
              Do not overload our product with too many elements, as this will disrupt the user experience and make it difficult to find the necessary buttons, information, etc. Make sure your solution looks good and works well on all screens and mobile devices.


              Top 8 must-have features for fitness application

              The number and complexity of features are one of the main factors influencing the cost of the final product. Before building a mobile fitness app, determine what it needs to do to meet your budget and user needs. For example, consider an exercise program that provides a series of exercises that track the user’s activity. There are 8 basic functions that can develop.
                  1. User account and login 
                  2. Wearable connectivity and activity tracking
                  3. Goal setting
                  4. Workouts
                  5. Calorie counting
                  6. Geolocation
                  7. Educational content
                  8. Push notifications


              The cherry on the cake features for your mobile fitness application

              More than 75% of users open their health or fitness programs at least twice a week, while 25% of loyal customers open them more than 10 times a week. But how can a product with better statistics be offered? Check out the features that will help you attract an audience and increase your revenue.
                  1. Social Media Integration
                  2. Gamification


              How much burden does developing a fitness application will reduce from your pockets?

              Depending on a number of factors, Fitness app development costs can range from $15000 to $200000, a few out of them are as follows:
                  • A number of functions.
                  • The complexity of functions.
                  • Customize a visual design.
                  • Platform (iOS or Android, or both, or cross-platform development).
                  • The rights of the programmer or country to which you are sending the development of the fitness program.


              Closing thoughts

              So, why should you outsource your project?
              Recently, we all have witnessed a huge increase in IT outsourcing. Outsourcing an overseas company for development can be cheaper or even better in terms of quality.
              Although the market is very competitive, there are secrets that can help you create a successful solution. Before building a mobile fitness app, analyze your competitors, identify your target audience, and learn about user needs and preferences. This gives a clear picture of the performance of your product.
              Start your project with MVP to improve marketing time, reduce costs, experiment with ideas, collect customer feedback, and develop your product accordingly.
              Contact an experienced iOS and Android Development Vendor to build a high-quality fitness app and earn real money from it. You can find it through reliable B2B review and ranking platforms like Clutch, Good firm, Appfutura, or TechReviewer.
              For free advice on how to create great fitness programs, give us a line through the sales form or email us at Appic Softwares.

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