The recently launched “Twitter Killer” by Meta, Instagram’s Threads app, has swept the world by storm with over 30 million sign-ups in just 16 hours of its introduction. Threads is a dynamic social networking program that promotes interesting conversations and active communities, according to the official app store description.

With Threads, users can connect with others who share their interests and follow the creators they enjoy most. Threads were created to accommodate a variety of interests and popular themes. Threads give you the ability to express your thoughts, opinions, and creativity while cultivating a devoted following of others who share your interests, whether you want to participate in discussions about current events or discover forthcoming trends.

Using your existing Instagram login information, Threads offers a seamless sign-up experience. You will automatically follow the same profiles you already follow on Instagram as soon as new accounts join Threads. You can share posts up to 500 characters long with Threads, as well as eye-catching photos, animated gifs, and movies up to five minutes long.

The platform’s user interface is reminiscent of Twitter and includes choices for liking and reposting along with condensed text-based content. Users can also cite a thread, which is similar to how retweets work. The greatest elements of many social networking platforms are combined in Threads to provide a distinctive and engaging user experience. With such strong features, questions about how much such a platform would cost to construct are frequently raised. To give you a general sense, the price to create a text-based platform like Threads can range from $45,000 to $300,000 depending on a number of aspects that will be covered later.

Several internet firms have attempted to profit from the current Twitter difficulties. But with Meta’s strong support and the huge user base of Instagram, which has more than two billion monthly active users worldwide, Threads has a distinct advantage.

You can learn how to create a text-based application like Threads by reading this blog. We will examine Threads’ development costs and the elements that determine them in addition to understanding its features and development methodology.

Now let’s first grasp why creating a social networking app like Threads is the smart decision for Meta that will solidify its position in the business before going into the costing specifics and the development process.

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 Why is it profitable to jump right into the Social Media Text-Based Apps Industry?

Recall the recent cage match between Mark and Elon, which is scheduled to happen soon. Regardless of whether or not that occurs, Meta has taken the initiative and introduced the Threads messaging app, a direct rival to Twitter.

Musk’s brief “rate limit” on Twitter reduced the number of tweets users could view, which had a negative impact on the user experience and raised concerns from the general public. This gave Meta the chance to take advantage of the social media ecosystem and debut Threads a bit earlier than expected by showcasing it as a more engaging and user-friendly platform. The purpose of Meta is to solve Twitter’s shortcomings and draw people by providing a compelling substitute in the rapidly evolving social media landscape.

In order to maximize its resources and produce a smooth and enhanced social networking experience, Meta decided to integrate Threads into its current setup and user base. The Threads app has the power to transform online communication, build engaging communities, and facilitate connections between users and their favorite creators and like-minded individuals. The software will further improve Meta’s platforms as it develops popularity and give consumers a better social networking experience.

Threads, a text-based service, was able to launch early thanks to Twitter’s problems, and BlueSky, another Twitter competitor, benefited from the recent gimmicks Musk used to drive unexpectedly large traffic, as well.

In 2030, the social media ecosystem is predicted to have a market share of $310.3 billion, according to recent projections. The expanding popularity of social media apps among users can be blamed for the growth in the size of the app market. So, this is the ideal time to use social messaging software like Threads to take advantage of the expanding market.

How Can I Create A Text-Based App Similar To Threads?

Hiring a specialized app development company like Appic Softwares, which has prior experience in producing comparable products, is essential to creating a text-based app like Threads. The entire Threads app development procedure that must be followed for creating a comparable social networking app is listed below:

Analysis of Requirements

Start by thoroughly understanding the demands and goals of the app. The target market, as well as the features and functionalities that will be included in the app, must be precisely defined during this stage of text-based app development.

Market Analysis

In-depth research is required to evaluate the market environment, discover rivals, and learn about customer preferences and trends. It will be essential for improving the app’s general idea and social media positioning.

User Interface Design

It’s time to start developing the app’s wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in order to visualize its interface and user experience once the aforementioned functionalities have been laid out. A user-friendly and visually appealing design that complements the entire tone of the business will go a long way toward helping an app comparable to Threads establish immediate momentum.

Architectural Engineering

Define the infrastructure and technological stack required for the creation of the text-based app during this phase of development. Additionally, carefully consider the scalability, performance, and compatibility needs before choosing frameworks and programming languages.

Development of the backend and frontend

The backend infrastructure, which consists of servers, databases, APIs, and other essential components, is developed during this phase. It is crucial to implement strong security measures to safeguard user data and guarantee data privacy. The screens, interactive elements, and user interface elements for the app will next be created. The focus will be on responsiveness, usability, and easy navigation across many devices and platforms while developing Threads like social media apps.

Tests and Quality Control

Thorough testing is necessary throughout this stage of the Threads app development process in order to find and fix any bugs, flaws, or usability problems. To guarantee a flawless and error-free user experience, functional, compatibility, and user acceptance testing will be performed.

Deployment and upkeep

To ensure seamless operation across all platforms, it is essential to continuously evaluate the app’s performance, collect user input, and make the required changes and enhancements after it has been released in the relevant app stores.

Features For Creating Apps Using Thread

Due to its unique qualities and concentration on establishing relationships between people, Thread is a platform that distinguishes out. Through its innovative approach to online interactions, Threads gives users the chance to create communities around common interests. When creating a text-based application like Threads, the following major characteristics can be implemented right away:

  • Seamless Integration: 

Users can sign up for Threads using an existing Instagram account, making it simple for them to connect with Instagram friends and followers inside the app.

  • Automatically Follow Accounts: 

When you’re on Threads, you can set the app to automatically follow all of the accounts you already follow on Instagram as soon as they sign up. On the home page, you can look for additional accounts to follow and browse their posts and material.

  • Enhanced Messaging: 

You can share texts, quotes with a maximum of 500 characters, images, links, and videos that are up to five minutes long with Threads. You can link your Threads account to other apps while using the app to share your material on Instagram stories.

  • Thread:

The app’s user interface is recognizable and resembles that of Twitter. It features brief text-based content, like and repost buttons, and a thread-quoting feature that works like retweeting but with quotes.

  • Communities: 

Thread is a platform that aims to create active communities where users may have meaningful conversations and meet others who have similar interests to their own. Users of social networking apps can gain a devoted following and communicate their thoughts, opinions, and creativity to a global audience.

  • Tune Out the Noise: 

The “Turn Out the Noise” function in Threads gives users the ability to take command of their chats. One of the most popular aspects of the Threads app lets users personalize their experience by choosing who can mention or reply to them, filtering out comments that contain certain terms, and managing profiles by unfollowing, blocking, restricting, or reporting. Additionally, any accounts blocked on Instagram will also be instantly blocked on Threads, ensuring that users only engage in constructive and targeted conversations.

  • Interoperability with Interoperable Networks: 

The ActivityPub protocol, an open social networking standard created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), will be supported by Threads. Because of this compatibility, Threads will be able to connect to other applications that use the ActivityPub protocol, such as Mastodon and WordPress. Threads create additional opportunities for connections and conversations that are normally not possible on most social apps thanks to their interoperability. As a result, users will be able to interact with a larger network across many platforms, promoting a more inclusive and expanding social experience. Having interoperability across several networks is essential for developing apps similar to Threads.

Now that you are aware of the many elements and features that influence Threads app development costs, let’s examine the various distinctions between the freshly introduced Threads and its main rival, Twitter.

How does Twitter compare to or contrast with Threads?

Analyzing their unique qualities and capabilities is crucial when contrasting Twitter and Threads. These two well-known digital platforms offer channels for expression and communication, but they also have distinctive qualities that cater to different user interests. Some details differentiate Twitter and Threads in the social app ecosystem, such as character restrictions and video lengths, as well as content discovery and threading experiences.

  • The character limit for threads is 500, whereas the character limit for unverified Twitter users is 280. The character count on Twitter can be increased to 25,000 for a fee.
  • Users must have an Instagram account to utilize Threads, which makes it simple to import followers and bio information from an existing Instagram profile.
  • Users can post movies up to five minutes long in threads, whereas non-verified Twitter users are limited to two minutes and 20 seconds.
  • While Threads largely uses the home feed for content discovery, Twitter’s site features hot topics and personalized recommendations.
  • Unlike Twitter, where users can save draughts of their messages, threads presently do not have a draft-saving feature.
  • On Twitter, you can start a thread by just clicking the plus sign, however, starting a thread on Threads involves pressing the enter key three times.
  • Unlike Twitter, which offers this choice, threads do not have a dedicated tab for viewing the likes of other profiles.
  • In addition to offering capabilities for barring and muting accounts, Threads adheres to the same content guidelines as Instagram.
  • Similar to Mastodon and other decentralized social media apps, Threads is built on the ActivityPub social networking protocol and enables users to communicate with a larger community outside of Instagram.

Analyzing The Cost Of Development For The Threads App

An app like Threads can be created for somewhere between $45,000 and $300,000, to give you a rough idea. The general complexity of the app, the location of the chosen app development studio, the features built into the social networking app, the tech stack used, aesthetics, etc., can all affect how much it will ultimately cost to construct an app. The cost of an app typically increases with the app’s total complexity.

App Type Threads App Development Cost Estimation Time Frame
Simple $45,000 to $90,000 3 to 6 Months
Medium Complex $100,000 to $200,000 7 to 9 Months
Most Complex $220,000 to $300,000 9+ Months

Although it can be challenging to estimate the exact cost of developing a text-based app, a specialized app development company like Appic Softwares can provide you with a precise budget depending on your unique requirements.

A Text-Based App Like Threads’ Development Cost Depends on a Few Different Things

The price to construct a text-based application like Threads might vary depending on a number of factors. Let’s examine the Threads app development cost analysis and the elements that determine it in detail below, including everything from integrated feature lists, UI/UX designs, wireframes, and the location of the development company:

  • Designing UI/UX

A successful UI/UX strategy is crucial to a mobile app’s overall success. It is essential for improving user engagement and raising user retention rates. The cost of developing the Threads app is directly impacted by the use of numerous testing techniques to customize the app to particular requirements.

  • Android Platform

The cost of developing text-based software is significantly influenced by the platform choice. Depending on a number of variables, the cost of using the iOS or Android platforms or a cross-platform strategy varies. Starting with a single platform is typically advised, and if it achieves popularity, switching to cross-platform software, to ensure an optimized budget in the early stages.

  • Group Size

The cost to develop an app like Thread directly depends on the size of the app development team that the organization hires. The selection process may entail deciding between independent contractors, an internal team, or a specialized company to handle the app development project. Every solution has unique benefits and drawbacks that must be carefully considered.

  • Encryption of Data

For the protection of user data and to guarantee its secrecy, strong data encryption measures must be implemented. It’s crucial to remember that putting these procedures in place might increase the price of creating text-based apps. It is essential to carefully deploy encryption techniques and secure data transfer methods in order to adequately protect sensitive information.

  • Identity Verification and Authorization

For user accounts to be protected and unauthorized access to be prevented, a strong authentication and authorization system must be developed. Additional development effort may be required to incorporate advanced security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) or biometric authentication, which could increase the overall cost to create a text-based service like Threads.

  • Where the App Development Agency is Located

The cost of developing the Threads app is also influenced by the app development company’s location. For instance, compared to the UAE, UK, or US, hourly development rates are often lower in Asia.

Rates for developing apps by region:

Eastern Europe: $60 – $70

Asia: $40 – $50

America: $100 – $120

Africa: $20 – $40

  • Maintenance

For a mobile app to succeed in the quickly changing social media ecosystem, proper maintenance is essential. It is crucial to put policies in place to guarantee optimal performance across all platforms. Maintenance costs include not only the cost of a bug-free app but also the cost of app updates and the adoption of new technologies to meet market expectations.

  • IT Stack

The success of a mobile app depends on a solid tech stack integrated into a well-designed app. To differentiate oneself from the competition, a text messaging software like Threads must be created using the most recent tools and technologies. However, depending on the many technologies that will be used to add various functionalities, the price of developing a Threads app may change.

How Can an App Like Threads Earn Money?

In this quickly expanding social media landscape, text-based messaging apps like Threads and Twitter are becoming more and more popular, earning millions of dollars just hours after their releases. But how can you monetize a platform like Twitter or Threads? Let’s move on to it now:

As of Threads’ launch, Meta is not currently monetizing the service. Here are some of the several monetization options you can explore if you want to release a text-based social networking app:

  • Advertising: Using the app’s targeted adverts, sponsored content, and paid collaborations with businesses, you may make money right away.
  • Premium features, exclusive material, etc. can be made available to users as in-app purchases.
  • The premium model allows you to provide a free basic version of an app that is similar to Threads while charging a monthly fee for premium features like verified tagging and expanded functionality.
  • Collaborations with Influencers and Sponsored Content: Work with businesses or influencers to promote content on the app through sponsored postings.

How Can You Dominate the Text-Based Social Media App Market With the Aid of Appicsoftwares?

By addressing users’ needs for improved personal relationships, private chat, and transient material, Mark Zuckerberg’s introduction of Threads made a significant contribution to the social media environment.

You now know that it can cost anywhere between $45,000 and $300,000 to create text-based software like Threads, so it’s time to join the bandwagon and take advantage of the expanding social networking market.

The specialist social media app development business Appic Softwares has more than eight years of experience in the industry and has assisted numerous clients in utilizing the social media ecosystem across a variety of genres.

For instance, we just created the social networking app Vyrb, which enables users to send audio messages designed for Bluetooth devices.

The program enables speech posting via Bluetooth glasses on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The app has garnered over $1 million in investment and more than 50K downloads.


In conclusion, creating an app similar to Threads is a complex task and requires high knowledge of creating similar software. Moreover creating an app similar to Threads require substantial requirements, time, and expertise. 

However, if you are looking for a company that can help you create an app similar to Thread then you should have a look at Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of developers that have previously created several social media apps by working across various technologies such as Flutter, React, Angular, and more.

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