How To A/B Test A Drupal Website? With Must Have Drupal Modules

How To A/B Test A Drupal Website? With Must Have Drupal Modules


The most sought-after objective for businesses and their websites is conversions. Although marketers put in a lot of effort to increase traffic to their website, enabling conversions is the most difficult aspect of their job. You’re doing pretty well if your average conversion rate is 2.35%. 

Instead than just clicking the “Add to Bag” button, I’d probably hit the “BUY NOW!” button. Although I may have my own justifications, the latter has just lost a client due of a single innocuous button! Today’s user experience has that result. A/B testing comes to the rescue when trying to figure out what user experience works best for your website. The importance of A/B testing will be covered in more detail in this post, along with some of the best Drupal 8 and 9 modules for A/B testing implementation.

Benefits of using A/B test for drupal website

A/B testing has numerous advantages. It is already fantastic that you are aware of the marketing strategies that are effective for your company and are supported by the necessary data. You may significantly increase your conversion rate by making a few modest adjustments to your landing pages utilizing the information obtained from A B testing. You will be able to: When conducting A/B split testing on your Drupal website.

  • Select the most effective marketing tactics for your brand and company.
  • Reduce your risks by analyzing consumer behavior.
  • Determine which of your business promotions are effective.
  • Provide a positive user experience for your guests.
  • Lower the bounce rates.
  • Boost your conversion rate and sales.
  • Manage a highly profitable website.

All parts of your website, such as the headers, paragraphs, CTA buttons, CTA text, images, links, etc., are candidates for A/B testing.

Industry leading modules and tools for Drupal websites 

The first company to use A/B testing to determine the precise number of search results that should be shown on a page was none other than our very own, most adored Google. Despite failing on their initial attempt due to a slow load time, they successfully conducted more than 7000 A/B tests after 2011. (source:Wiki)

Let’s take a look at some of the best Drupal 8 and 9 A/B testing plugins.

Google Optimize


Your Drupal site and the Google Optimize tool are integrated through the Drupal Google Optimize module. Both Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 are compatible with it. A/B testing software called Google Optimize enables you to design customized experiences and conduct tests. It is integrated with your website’s Google Analytics. Therefore, for this module to function, you must have the Drupal Google Analytics module installed.

You must first register for a free Google Optimize account here and create a container or containers for your experiment. After that, you can edit the module’s settings.

Additionally, you can utilize the Drupal Google Optimize Hide Page module, which enables the addition of a JavaScript code snippet, to conceal the pages until the Optimize container has fully loaded and the experiment is ready.

A/B Test UI

You can test different iterations of your website with this Drupal A/B testing module. You must produce the various versions and establish various internal URLs. A single base URL will be used to cycle these URLs. Depending on the test cases specified, users will be routed to either the base URL or the variations.

To determine which version performed better for you in terms of session length, bounce rate, etc., use Google Analytics. Both Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 are supported by this Drupal module.



By including the tracking code in the head of your pages, the Drupal Optimizely Module enables you to link your website with Optimizely. With the help of the A/B testing tool Optimizely, you can run tests on various components of your Drupal website by altering the HTML and CSS of your website. It then gives you results so you can see which component for your website functioned the best.

Crazy Egg Integration


This straightforward module combines the Crazy Egg heatmap service with your Drupal website and runs A/B or split testing on various parts to test numerous iterations of a page. Additionally, it enables you to view and monitor user scrolling and mouse movements. 

You must first register for a CrazyEgg account before installing and configuring the module’s Drupal integration. To save the configuration, you must input your Crazy Egg account number. Drupal 9 also supports the module!

A/B Test JS

You may run A/B and multivariate testing with this Drupal module by adding JavaScript code snippets to your Drupal website. Instead of using an external script, the UI and testing functions are directly integrated into Drupal. However, as it lacks an integrated functionality for doing so, you will require an analytics platform, such as Google Analytics.

Install the Drupal A/B Test JS module, then customize it to meet your needs. Then you can add your circumstances and experiences to the test.

When it comes to user experience, there really is no right or wrong answer. Testing is the only method to determine if we are moving in the right direction. By providing you with strong supporting data, A/B testing enables you to reduce the risks associated with making important decisions for your marketing initiatives. Specbee is a Drupal development company, and we provide you with unmatched services that will guide your company in the proper way and increase sales.


Finally, we hope that this guide has helped you learn how to run A/B tests on Drupal websites. However, you should check out Appic Softwares if you’re seeking for a Drupal development Company

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