By 2015, the world market for pet care will be worth a whopping $202.6 billion, and technology, or “pet tech,” will make up a big part of this. IDTechEx market study backs up this trend by saying that the global market for pet wearables will be worth $2.6 billion in 2019.

In fact, the GPS-based pet wearable market in the United States was worth $180 in 2015, and that number is only going up as we talk.

Wakefield Research found that 69% of millennials are likely to use technology to watch their pets. Also, more and more people use apps and wearables to keep track of their pet’s health, activity level, nutrition, playtime, immunization routine, vet appointments, and other daily needs.

As you can see, there is a big market right here for good app developers to join. There is no question that making apps for pet care can bring in a lot of money. This doesn’t mean that there’s no competition for the chance, though. Already, big companies are putting out smart new apps to help pets and their owners live better lives. But there is still a lot of room for growth and change.

Because pets like stability, this is a good way to make money. If you can make an app that really fills a need in pet care and helps pet owners find long-term value in your app, you’re likely to have a large base of loyal users. This is because once people and their pets get used to your app, they’re very likely to stick around.

But you do need to be very clever and helpful. You need to find a real problem and then come up with a better way to solve it than anyone else. If you’re up for the task, here are some basic steps and best practices that will help you create a pet care app that makes money and makes your customers and their pets happy.

Let’s take a look at the things this blog talks about:

Find a real problem and come up with a new way to fix it

If you own a pet, you probably already have enough homework notes on this topic. If you aren’t, spending a lot of time with a friend who is would help.  There’s always social media, market research, polls, and expert advice that could give you your big idea, but it’s always good to have some good first-hand experience.

There are a few different kinds of apps that can be made: apps for pet owners, apps for veterinarians, and apps for companies that sell pet supplies.

The goal of pet owner apps could be to offer services that make taking care of pets easy. These apps could be:

Help them find the best veterinarian in their area.

Help them remember when the pet needs to be vaccinated, when it needs to see the vet, when it needs to be groomed, etc.

Help them find pet sitters, dog walkers, and other volunteer-based services.

Help them connect to smart devices so they can keep an eye on their pets, find out where they are, give them treats, or even talk to them while they are away.

Apps for vets and companies that deal with pets could be:

Branded apps that vets or companies could use to get pet owners interested in their services, keep them engaged, and teach them more about them.

There are apps that vets can use to keep track of their patients’ health information and send reminders to their owners, which helps the owners stay loyal to the vet.

Apps that help businesses that offer pet care services like pet supplies, boarding, grooming, and other services better handle their customers and improve customer loyalty. They could do this with apps like scheduled pet food delivery, scheduled grooming appointment management, notes and confirmations, apps for better marketing, and a lot more.

There are lots of other ideas you could come up with on your own, but the ones above are a good place to start. Think about what you can do to make your app better. There are some very creative apps out there, like Puppr, which helps you teach your dog new tricks no matter how old it is, and Finding Rover, which is a new kind of pet finder app that uses high-quality face recognition for pets. It lets you post a photo of a lost pet and search for a match in the lost and found database to find your pet.

The trick is to find a problem, which isn’t hard because there are a lot of them, and use all your imagination to think of ways to solve that problem with new technology.

Pay like no other Care for the Details

It’s important to remember that the same people who will use the pet care app you create also use Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, and other popular apps every day. So, in terms of the experience you can give the user, you are really competing with every other app that the user uses every day.  It might sound like comparing apples and oranges, but that’s just how high user standards are.

So pay close attention to how you make your app and don’t settle for anything less than the best. Design thought is an important part of the success of every app. When it comes to pet care apps, users can be a little more emotional, and their desire to spoil their pets can lead to very well-designed apps, since they wouldn’t settle for anything less than the nicest. So make sure your apps have colors that pets like, lots of cute pictures, easy access, and a smooth layout. Make sure that every time a person uses the app, she feels like she’s doing something good for her pets.


There are a lot of ways that pet care apps and our own apps are alike. Just like us, pets need to eat healthy food, get plenty of exercise, and get lots of love. But that still doesn’t put a “Tinder for Pets” app anywhere near the top of the list. (Is that true?)  

It does, however, show how important it is to find new ways to meet the unique needs of pet parents. Pet care is the best place to grow your business in 2019 for more than one reason. So, if you are a creative thinker who wants to make a difference with technology, a pet care app that is super useful, interactive, and creative might be just what you need.

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