How US Companies Can Find The Best Remote Workers In 2024

How US Companies Can Find The Best Remote Workers In 2024

How US Companies Can Find The Best Remote Workers In 2024

In the dynamic world of 2024, there has been a huge evolution in the way we work, and remote work is now more than just a fad—it is a fundamental change in the way businesses run. The need for U.S. corporations to identify the best remote workers has increased as the world continues to adjust to these developments. We’ll look at methods and approaches in this blog that might assist your company in locating and luring top remote talent in 2024. We’ll reveal the essential stages to creating a distant dream team that can propel your business’s success from anywhere in the globe, from utilizing cutting-edge hiring platforms to cultivating an inclusive remote work culture.

Why do US-based businesses search for freelance software developers?

Over the past year, the majority of organizations globally have shifted to remote work; this is becoming the new normal rather than a unique working paradigm. Companies began to see major advantages from working with remote teams and talent from other countries after a period of acclimatization.

Furthermore, there is a growing lack of tech talent in the US. For instance, up to a million IT security jobs go unfilled annually, according to government reports. Surprisingly, though, the US tech sector has the lowest unemployment rate of any industry—just 2.1%—as well. Finding fresh, competent tech workers in the area is therefore harder and takes longer.

For US corporations involved in open tech projects, it appears that outsourcing software development to foreign nations is the most advantageous choice. Hiring remote developers also has a lot of wonderful benefits.

Top tech talent worldwide: Employers looking to hire remote software developers have access to a pool of highly skilled engineers from throughout the globe, rather than just candidates in their local area.

Flexible team: Employers who outsource development have a team that can adapt to their changing demands. To circumvent protracted hiring procedures and the necessity to fire internal staff when they’re no longer needed, they can temporarily hire software developers and grow the team as needed.

Less time: employing an external IT team is quicker than employing one internally. Additionally, businesses may finish projects and release goods far more quickly when they grow an outsourced crew to accommodate project requirements.

Reduced costs: Because US developers are more expensive, firms can outsource workers with the same skill sets for less money because they have access to the global IT market.

Remote software developers: what’s the benchmark?

In the US, there is always a great demand for IT specialists. Regretfully, companies are finding it more difficult to find qualified full-time programmers. This is partially due to the fact that the number of specialists is not increasing quickly enough to meet the demand.

The continuous and quick transition to employing newer technologies is another element. Because of this, software engineers find it extremely challenging to keep up with the rate of change.

The largest tech hub in the US, the Northwest, is currently experiencing the worst skills deficit. The following emerging fields have the worst skill shortages:

  • Online safety
  • Analysis of data
  • cloud-based software
  • Computer learning

In addition to more conventional tech positions like:

  • software development
  • Web creation
  • Salesforce knowledge is one of the most in-demand auxiliary talents.

Finding competent software engineers is becoming harder for recruiters and HR managers as in-demand professions becoming more sophisticated. Furthermore, it is more challenging to persuade software developers to accept an offer in these days of intense competition for IT talent.

Make a list of the criteria for the job and create an informational packet detailing the benefits and advantages of the project to streamline the process and locate a software developer that suits your demands.

It’s interesting to observe that 74% of US IT organizations intend to move their staff members to entirely remote employment. This is presumably a way for businesses to offer even better working circumstances to talented software workers. The greatest talent in the local market is no longer drawn to offices with spectacular views and enormous compensation packages.

Where to find remote software developers

Product and software development firms will need to search for remote workers from offshore and nearshore destinations as these skill shortages and HR difficulties worsen. They should also think about other employment choices. Employers should research the top nations for outsourcing tech talent and software developer salaries for 2022 before deciding to hire remote software engineers. For instance, the following shows the typical hourly prices for developers in well-known outsourcing locations:

North America Western Europe Eastern Europe Latin America Asia (Appic Softwares) Africa
$90 $67 $55 $52 $15 $28


Select the most appropriate recruiting model for your project after knowing more about the IT market:

Option 4: Platforms for hiring individuals and teams of developers

Option 1. Traditional outsourcing

The classic outsourcing strategy is among the most important options that most recruiting managers consider.

Numerous software development and outsourcing firms maintain onshore sales offices and partners in the United States. Before outsourcing services or in the event that a project has problems, they might personally meet with clients. A team of frontend and backend developers led by a dedicated project manager is what the majority of outsourced software development companies have to offer.

Option 2. Sourcing high-quality freelancers

Other than outsourcing, looking through freelancing networks like UpWork and TopTal, which provide a large pool of freelancers, is the next apparent step in finding software engineers.

Nonetheless, there are a number of dangers and drawbacks, as people with experience hiring freelancers know.

  • The possibility that independent contractors will work on several projects concurrently.
  • the challenge of leading them, especially if you’re building a remote team from the ground up.
  • Freelancers’ communication abilities might not be sufficient for a remote position.
  • caliber of the job.
  • meeting the due date.

Option 3. Remote contracting sites

The quantity of websites, or so-called job boards, where developers can post applications for remote work has skyrocketed in recent years.

These websites frequently offer:

  • access to resumes of developers looking for remote job.
  • Customers have the capacity to post remote-suitable tasks.

Here are a few of the most well-known websites along with the deals they now have:

  • This week, Cybercoders has 41 remote development positions available.
  • For people who would prefer to work remotely, RemoteOK provides contract job alternatives.
  • Employers may directly access a variety of local marketplaces in offshore locations using Indeed.

Option 3 is considered to be a better option than Option 2. This is due to the fact that contractors will only serve one or two clients at a time while under contract. This indicates that these developers have access to a level of concentration that independent contractors frequently do not.

Reflecting on the above three options

Please note that there can be some variation in all three of the aforementioned possibilities when it comes to:

  • How long does it take to find and hire talent using these channels?
  • The caliber of the ability
  • The degree of remote service these people can offer

Option 4: Platforms for hiring individuals and teams of developers

Hire platforms like ModernWeb, VenturePact, and Appic Softwares provide carefully screened software engineers. Finding a remote software developer or remote software development team might be facilitated by using this method.

Only the best performers are listed, as companies and developers go through a rigorous screening procedure. 

Appic Softwares evaluates a developer’s soft skills as part of the screening procedure. It enables customers to locate a software developer according to experience, programming language proficiency, and a few other criteria.

Comparing the costs of recruiting platforms and remote software developers in the United States

Software engineers in the US who work remotely are paid the same as those who work in-person. In actuality, though, the company spends less as they don’t have to pay for overhead associated with having an office or rent space.

In the US, a software engineer typically makes between $110,000 and $210,000 a year. Compared to recruiting through platforms like Appic Softwares , where firms can hire software professionals for an average hourly rate of $56, this is thirty percent more expensive. For instance, based on our data, these are the pay rates for JavaScript programmers in India (Rates Of Appic Softwares):

Per Hour Per Year
Junior software engineer $15 $31,000
Middle software engineer $20 $42,240
Senior software engineer $35 $74,000

In addition, the caliber of the work is equivalent to that in the US.


Where can I locate remote programmers?

There are basically four primary alternatives available when it comes to hiring remote software developers for US assignments. Using local development shops in conjunction with the typical outsourcing approach to hire software engineers is one of the most obvious options. Another choice is to look for top-notch IT specialists through remote contracting websites and freelance marketplaces. Hiring developers through tech talent marketplaces like Appic Softwares, VenturePact, and ModernWeb is preferred by certain US firms. For example, Appic softwares provides a wide range of carefully selected engineers with expertise in practically all programming languages and frameworks, such as Python, Java, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Angular, and PHP. Additionally, web developers with experience in quickly developing fields like banking or e-commerce are available.

How are software engineers screened?

Employers should assess a remote software developer’s technical abilities and talk to them about their soft skills before hiring them to determine whether or not they would make a successful remote team member.

Employers can verify the tech capabilities and experience of remote software engineers by using our advice. We’ve also put out a checklist to assess outsourcing providers.

When conducting tech interviews with qualified applicants for Python, JavaScript, Node.js, React Native, and Vue.js engineers, follow our guidelines.

How should remote software engineers be managed?

There are numerous examples of excellent products that were developed fully or in part by remote team members, despite significant hazards. Nonetheless, reevaluating the conventional in-person work environment is necessary for productive cooperation with distant colleagues. To guarantee that the firm and the remote team are constantly in agreement, for instance, while working with remote engineers, think about incorporating additional online communication tools. You can also read here about the fundamental leadership abilities needed by managers overseeing a remote team or business.


Through adherence to these tactics and adjustment to the changing nature of employment in 2024, American businesses may establish a robust and varied remote workforce that propels achievement and creativity.

You can choose an accomplished full-stack developer from Appic Softwares to work on your project. Our full-stack engineers have extensive experience working on projects all over the world and are exceptionally competent in soft skills.

If you decide to work with them, you may provide your project with excellent development professionals.

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